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Your Mission and Purpose Define You

Do not be afraid to make a sudden and radical change if the opportunity is presented, and you feel after careful consideration that it is the right opportunity, but never take sudden or radical action, when in doubt as to the wisdom of doing so.

Hello, virtual entrepreneurs join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

If you're new to this podcast. Today we are continuing our reading of the book, The Science of Getting Rich. And if you're new to this podcast, we have been reading the book, The Science of Getting Rich, and we have been discussing how to use this book to apply it in our line of business, right.

And so what we are doing today is we're continuing that and on our last chapter, we read the chapter, which was on taking action. And by the end of the chapters.

What we usually do is discuss the notes from the book and the notes and the key takeaway from the chapter yesterday was that, you must do today's action today.

Right, you must do every single work that you're supposed to do today. So that today is a success. And if you do today's work today. That means that today you have succeeded. Right. And if we can get ourselves to succeed today, that means we give ourselves the opportunity to succeed, tomorrow.


"Succeeding today makes it easier to succeed tomorrow. That is the basis for success because success is cumulative. We become successful by succeeding each day as it comes."

We do not need to rush and try to do to tomorrow's work today, or all the week's work in a single day. We don't have to do that. We just have to do today's work really well, so that today the success. And then tomorrow. You have all the time in the world.

To do that tomorrow.

So that was the key takeaway from the chapter of the book, The Science of Getting Rich yesterday. And if you haven't heard that you can go back and listen to that and then come back, we'll still be here, but today we are reading chapter 13 of the science of getting rich by W.D. wattles, and by the way, if you can't tell, I am super excited.

And I'll tell you why in a minute...

Actually, I'll just tell you now... it because I'm now booking up guests who are going to be joining us and sharing their success and their journeys in entrepreneurship.

And one of my big goals for this podcast is that I want to be able to provide you with all the knowledge you need to build a business, I am learning tones, there's a lot of books in business, but the truth is, most of us just read and don't apply.

I'm giving us the opportunity to apply it, because

I believe if every one of us entrepreneurs can build a business that serves our community, then I think the world will just be a little bit better.

Our communities will be a little bit better, a little bit safer, a little bit healthier.

We'll have a world in which we are proud to live, with communities in which we are proud to belong.

And that is my goal.

So, chapter, 13

Getting into the Right Business

Success in any particular business depends for one thing, upon your possessing in the well-developed state, the facilities required in that business. Without good musical facility. No one can succeed as a teacher of music. Without well-developed mechanical facilities. No one can achieve great success in any for mechanical trades. Without tact and the commercial facilities. No one can succeed in the matching tile pursuit.

But to possess well-developed state facilities required in your particular vocation does not ensure getting rich. There are musicians who have remarkable talent, and who yet remain poor. They are blacksmiths and carpenters and who so and so, have excellent mechanical abilities, But do not get rich, and they are mentioned, who, with good facilities for dealing with men who nevertheless fail.

The different facilities or tools. It is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the right way.

One men can take a sharp. So, a square and a good plane.

And doing so can build a handsome article of furniture, and other men can take the same tools and set work to duplicate the article, but his production will be a botch.

He does not know how to use good tools in a successful way.

The various facilities of your mind are the tools with which you must do the work, in which is to make you rich. It will be easier for you to succeed.

If you get into the business, for which you are well equipped with mental tools.

Generally speaking, you will do best in that business which will use your strongest facilities, the one for which you are naturally best fitted. But there are limitations to this statement also no men should regard his vacation as being irrevocably fixed by the tendency, with which he was born.

You can get rich in any business, for if you have not the right talent for each, you can develop that talent. It's merely means that you have to make your tools, as you go along. Instead of confining yourself to the use of those of with which you were born,

which will be easier for you to succeed in a vacation, for which you already have the talent in a well-developed state, but you can succeed in any vocation for you can develop any rudimentary talent is not talent, of which you have not at least the rudiment.

You will get rich more easily in point of effort. If you do that for which you are best fitted, but you will get rich most satisfactory. If you do that which you want to do, doing what you want to do is life, there is no real satisfaction in leaving, if we are compelled to be forever doing something, which we do not like to do, and can never do what we want to do. And it is certainly it is certain that you can do what you want to do the desire to do is proof that you have within you the power, which can do it.

Desire is a Manifestation of power.

The desire to play music is the power which can play music, seeking expression and development, the desired embed mechanical devices use the mechanical talent, seeking expression and development, where these power either developed or undeveloped to do thing. They never. There is never any desire to do that thing.

And with a strong desire to do anything. It is proof that the power to do it is strong, and only requires to be developed and apply in the right way.

All things else being equal, it is best to select the business for which you have the best developer talent, but if you have a strong desire to engage in any particular line of work.

You should select that work as the ultimate end at which you aim.

You can do what you want to do. And it is right and privilege to follow in business or avocation in which you have the most congenial and pleasant.

You are not obliged to do what you do not like to do and should not do it, except as me as a means to bring you to the doing of the thing you want to do.

If the past mistakes have consequences, who's quite as if the past mistakes, whose consequences have placed you in an undesirable business or environment, you may be obliged for some time to do what you do not like to do, but you can make the thing of it, you can make the doing of the offbeat, pleasant, by knowing that it is making it possible for you to come to the doing of what you want.

If you feel that you are not on the right vacation.

Do not act too hastily in trying to get into the other one.

The best way generally to change business environment is by growth. Do not be afraid of making a sudden and radical change if the opportunity is presented, and you feel after careful consideration, that it is the right opportunity, but never take sudden or radical action. When you are in doubt as to the wisdom of doing so.

There is never any hurry on the creative plane, there is no lack of opportunity.

When we get out of the competitive mind, you will understand that you never need to act hastily.

No one else is going to beat you. And the thing you want to do. There is enough for all, and if one place is taken another one, a better one will be opened for you. A little further on.

There is plenty of time.

When you are in doubt, wait for back on the contemplation of your vision and creative faith and purpose. And by all means, in time of doubt and indecision, cultivate, gratitude, a day or two spent in contemplation, the vision of what you want. And in earnest, Thanksgiving, that you are getting it will bring your mind into such close relationship with the Supreme that you will make no mistake, when you do act.

The ease in mind which knows all the ease to know and can come into close unity with this mind, by faith and purpose to advance in life. If you have deep gratitude.

Mistakes come from acting hastily, or from acting in fear or doubt or in forgetfulness of the right motive, which is more life to all, and less to none.

As you go on in the same way, opportunities will come to you in increasing numbers, and you will need to be very steady in your face in your faith and purpose and to keep in close touch with all mined by real and real revelant gratitude, do all that you can do in a perfect manner every day, but do it without hastily worry or fear.

Go as fast as you can, but never hurry.

Remember that in the moment you begin to arrive to hurry you cease to be a creator and become a competitor. You drop back upon the old plane again.

Whenever you find yourself, hiring, call a halt. Fix your attention on the mental image of the thing you want, and begin to give things that you are getting it. The exercise of gratitude will never fail to strengthen your faith, and renew your purpose.

The End of Chapter, 13 of The Science of Getting Rich.

Now that chapter has a very, very powerful message for us intrapreneurs, small business owners, and everyone else who is inspiring getting into the world of online businesses.

Yes and aspiring intrapreneurs. And there are several messages but the one that I want to focus on here is the Renew, your purpose. Right. And the reason why I want to focus on this is,

as you will see on later in my notes, is that there is something to be said about knowing your purpose, and remembering it every single time, especially in times when you need to make decisions.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we are faced with decisions every single day.

Where to shape company who to partner with what customers to focus on. And depending on what decisions we make, we change, not just the face of the company, but the way in which we interact with the people who come into contact with our company.

One very example. With that, when a company has a very different mission and partner who's someone who also has a different mission. What they find is that because there is a conflict between the two parties involved.

Like trying to connect a water hose with a cable TV cable. Right. One of them has to do with water and the other one has to do with electricity, and it just doesn't fit. It may be the same size and even the same shape, and for a moment, it may convince you if the colours are the same, but it just doesn't fit.

And as a personal example here is, when I first started learning about businesses. One of my first few businesses that took off as a photography business in which I was a corporate photographer for a few years.

And when I started that business.

I didn't have full grasp of how businesses are being built. So I built it out of passion and wanting to learn the craft of photography. So some of my earliest clients were my friends and my co workers, and my family.

And what I learned from those being my client was, I was able to identify some of my co-workers, as some of my ideal customers because they needed photos, but I came to respect them, and to value them so much that any decision, I wanted to make in the photography business.

I imagine making my ideal customers happier.

And if the decision didn't make them happier. It felt so difficult to do it, that it was easier not to do it. It was easier to avoid the decision. Altogether, it was easier to forget and leave things as they were.

And that was the difference, but this is the biggest concept that if you go into the world today, into the world of business. It is one of the few first things that you will begin to learn, you'll begin to learn to create your customer, Avatar, you'll begin to learn to make every decision through the lens of your ideal customer.

Right. And so, If you have this ideal customer, there are things about them that will help you in the decision making.

First of all, is how much would you respect them. Right. How much do you value them?

If you care about them well enough to care about their well-being. Right. Do you want to see them happy, because a lot of businesses forget that it's all about the customer? It's all about increasing the happiness of the customer, if the customer is happy, they will bring the bring to you more customers than ever possible become the ambassador, they become the testimonial.

We all know how testimonial sells so well site like on sites like Amazon customers continually scroll down to the reviews before purchasing a product. Right. And so it's all about the customer and as a business owner, one of the biggest things that I've come to realize, which is the mindset shift is that we are getting into the right business is that

We are in the business of serving others people.

And if we, if we're there to serve them. If we serve them well. They will take care of us, even in times of most needs, or in the time where we need the most.

This is very evident in a lot of cases around the world, one very good example to see places where customers went overboard to help companies that were on the brink of shutting down a very good source material to read that will start with why by Simon Sinek.

That book has a tonne of content, inspiring for us entrepreneurs.

So that is what I got from this year. Right. It's the purpose, renewing our purpose reminding ourselves, our purpose. Right. And so, the call to action for today for you and for me is to decide to ask yourself, ask ourselves, who are we going to serve.

Who are We Going to Serve?

What are they like what they like, what is their lifestyle style, what is their lifestyle like, how does it make us feel to serve them. And how are we going to serve them?

Right. Knowing those questions brings us closer to be able to interact with the people will help us advance as we help them advance.

So that is it for this episode. Thank you so much for tuning in. I will talk to you on our next episode of The Virtual Entrepreneur.

Have a wonderful evening.

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