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So what's working in the world of business today for small business owners solid entrepreneurs mom-preneurs dad-preneurs, virtual entrepreneurs hey if you're an entrepreneur or any kind of preneur person.

This is what I've been learning and this is what is working in the business today. Hello everyone, and join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur, I am innocent and today we are talking about my key findings so far to date on what is working in the world of businesses building your business online business or offline business, and scaling it up online.

Now, if you're new to this podcast, a very warm welcome. And on our last episode we had an interview with Danna Olivo, and we talked about growth strategies we gave she gave tips tricks and secrets that small business owners can go and use those to scale their businesses so if you want to go and learn more about that, go to our last episode, and listen to that and by the way, she dropped a few key takeaways and very good analogies to help you understand some concepts in business, so you should be able to get a tonne of value from that.

Now, that said, today we're going to focus on the next thing, the next follow up thing. And before I jump into that one thing that I want to talk to you about is that when we first started this adventure, going on this journey where I go and learn what's working in business, how successful businesses are built, and then I come and deliver to you what my findings are. And my goal has been to do that in every opportunity I had with every guest that we've had, and I would go read books, research, you know, buy materials, and I have actually used a lot of content to get us to where we are today, but we are not there yet.

We are always going to be growing, we're always going to be getting new information, but so far, this is what I am seeing, and I'm learning that is working in the world of business in terms of growing your business, and it's going to surprise you, so stick through it to the end because you want to know exactly, just how much you might be needing this small piece of element. Now, that's the first thing that I've seen, first and foremost. Why did you guess the most important thing to really help you scale your business successfully.

It's your mindset. Now I know this sounds like, oh yeah, I knew that. But it's not just any kind of mindset it's 10x mindset.

Grant Cardone talks about this idea that, you need a 10x mindset right to 10x your goals to 10x or deadlines and 10x your persistence and your passion for growing your business. And essentially what this means for us is if your goal was to get 10 new customers a day, you need to scale it up to 100 new customers a day. And the logic behind this mindset is that if you miss your target of 100 customers, then you would have gotten at least 30,40 or 50. Right, if you did really really bad you'd have gotten 11,12.

But if you had a goal of 10 at 10 customers, and you miss that goal, then you have two or three, or one or zero. And that my friend is the difference right. The difference is you overachieve on your initial goal. And so the 10x months at the end if your deadline was to do something in three, four months, then you need to reduce that into one month or even 234 weeks. And the goal here is to go hard to go fast and to go big, right, as I say is going as the phrase goes, go big or go home.

And 10x persistence, or 10x obsession. And essentially what the mindset behind this that I've been learning here is that we need to really let ourselves go when it comes to what we want to do, well how we want to go about doing it, and the results we want. Right. We need to let ourselves go we've been constrained by all these things we have set so many limitations that prevent us from getting where we want, and it's time to let ourself. Just do it.

And I, I personally can relate to this coming down from high school, I used to set goals that were so big and then something along the line changed, but something along the lines changed and if I'm honest, because I was being told you're working too hard, as Bill told you over controlling. I was being told all these things and having taken all those things. I reduced my goals. I reduced my ideas of what my, you know, all my ideal goals that I wanted to achieve, and what I learned was how to set SMART goals, write specific measurable you know those nuts and stuff. And while that is ideal that is, but it's called that is ideal. It's not ambitious and it doesn't feel your passion for growing your business.

Right, remember your business is an ambitious thing. It's a very delicate and for is to survive, it needs all the attention. All the energy, and all the enthusiasm and momentum it can get right, if I haven't been able to do much, it's because I had not had the momentum the persistence, the enthusiasm to take it to the next level. Right, building one of our apps that we built for last business was an app that has so much element of technology, futuristic technology that was groundbreaking even at the time when we were doing it. And, but it took a lot of enthusiasm, and we couldn't have built what we built without the enthusiasm without the persistence without going really, really big, right, we were aiming for goals. We wanted to have so many technological advancement in the tech that we end up using some of the forefront of technology. I'm talking augmented reality, I'm talking machine learning. Right. I'm talking Virtual Reality combination of all these together into one tiny little product, right at the beginning when all these were still very new. So, persistence, and 10x, right.

The next thing that I've learned is you need.

Now before going to the next thing, one thing that I wanted to mention here is we can't find new ways a new solution by sticking to the same level that we've been doing everything right. If you have the same result you've had every singles we have been doing everything on the same level with the same mindset, with the same goals with the same objective, and even enthusiasm for them right now.

The next thing that I believe we learn, is we need to tell better stories, and what I mean by this is one thing that I've noticed with people who have continually grow the business so well. We've continually gain that momentum and success inspired teams in really accelerated to success is that they got really good at telling a story, a story was relatable. Right. So these are the stories about our products, stories about our service stories about our businesses, and more importantly stories about us using examples that makes us relatable to our ideal clients our ideal customer, and even potential partners who could want to work with us in our businesses in the future.

Right. Why are we doing the thing we're doing, Simon Sinek talks about the idea of starting with why.

Right, and sales people that have been learning from us saying, you know, people buy with emotions and then justified with logic, and the whole idea is the emotional element is the story element, the element that ultimately decides if your clients will buy if your partners will buy into business.

Right. And this is not just in business even in life. So this is the other key thing that I've been learning. Aside from that, the other thing that I'm really seeing here is we need to become really good at selling. Now there are different. And the reason why I'm separating becoming good at storytelling and becoming good at selling is because selling has one objective. And that is, it allows our idea to gain more momentum, more people and more votes, right, and buy more, and even our product to get a vote in our product get voted for with a credit card, right. And so the idea here is very very simple. Being able to sell ideas music and get the right partners for business to grow, start, grow and scale our businesses right, we can sell a product to customers, and that means you can give them a good customer experience. One thing I've noticed, which is very very interesting in counter intuitive to what the society in the community is teaching us is this customer experience is very important.

However, you can't have good customer experience without a customer in the first place, and therefore to have a good customer experience, you must first sell them so well that they buy, because that is the first impression, and that is the first customer experience. So without sales, you do not have good customer experience, whatever else you're focusing on is pure, tiny lies, dedicated to really holding you back and making you procrastinate on getting the result that you could have been getting, and that is what I'm learning. Right, so it could get very good at selling social selling. Selling via video selling by sales letter copywriting or selling in person, and by getting good at that skill, it guarantee that our business will not only consistently have customers, but survive and thrive through triumph times.

Now with that said, the next thing that I've been learning is.

We need to protect and develop our business assets, and what I mean by this is your skills may need upgrading your skills may need refining your skills may need, you know, polishing, so that they're really good at delivering the consistent results over and over and over, but better each time. Right. And one of the biggest thing that I've noticed is, I've always learned from books in the past that you did under promise and over deliver. But the more I'm learning the really, really successful businesses, and, you know, entrepreneurs and what they're saying is, over promise and over deliver, believe in your product in your services, believe in your business, believe in your mission. Why are you doing this is your results, the best, the client can get and if it's not, then make it the best, because if it is the best becomes easier to sell, and it becomes easier to convince the other person, that this is the best results for them. Right. And so, we need to protect.

You know our business assets as well as develop them, right, and business assets. These could be simple things as skills as the tools, how we acquire customer how we convert customers, how we, You know, take a complete stranger just looking air with a real curiosity and turn them into a raving fan for product services, as well as our mission. Right. And so, this could mean having the right mentality like the technical mentality. Right. And, as well as that it could also mean developing our teams, whether remotely, or in person, and building a community around our product guarantees that there is enough energy coming from many directions to feel our passion to feel our team and to inspire them to keep going because it's gonna get challenging, it's gonna get tough, but having those right support networks in place, ensures that there is enough fuel to keep going even when the road gets bumpy. So, that is what I'm seeing in the world of business.

That is what I am learning in the world of business. And so far, it really resonates with me, and I think it's a very good place to start 10x setting your goals so big, and it's a matter that I've always believed, and I always had until somewhere when I got in college, something there just stopped it and seeing it being taught by the likes of Grant Cardone, and all these other big leaders in their industries. You know, it's something that is really, really positive to see you're being encouraged to go all in to aim bigger than you've ever dreamed possible. And to just go for it.

So with that said, I hope you got value from this episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

If you did, you can find the notes for this episode on Herbert marketing And if you need help with getting more clients, and turning more of your website visitors as well as your listeners into raving customers and fan, good habit marketing help calm, leave me a message there and I'll get connected, we'll get started. Aside from that, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual intrapreneur, have a good value. I will talk to you in our next episode, And as always,

have a wonderful evening.



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