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You May Be Sabotaging Your Small Business Marketing Success

Have you ever wondered what small business marketing tools do you need to get you started in Marketing your Small Business?

Well, thank you for joining me on this episode, because on this episode we are going to be covering how to use these three small business marketing tools to get in front of high quality buyers who are already interested in your product or services, or sell your programmes product, services, and events, while you are asleep. And third is position yourself as a knowledgeable expert in your field.

By grow by as well as well as growing your market share.

So hello everyone and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur I am your host Herbert innocent and today, my friends, we're talking about how we are talking about how to use these three marketing tools for your small business to grow your small business and to get started. And if you're new to this podcast, a very warm welcome. As I said, I am Herbert innocent, and on this show.

This is the go to show the go to podcast for entrepreneurs, who see their business as a vehicle for change, and I bring you the tips, the tricks, and the big secrets, the how-tos and the success stories,

The Success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe.

And thank you so much for tuning in if you're new to this podcast you may have missed our last podcast episode, which was on how to go about using the small business marketing systems to help you succeed in your marketing efforts. So if you didn't get a chance to go and listen to that I want you to stop.

Go back to that episode, and listen to that episode because it's going to give you a tonne of value and help you get started implementing systems and strategies for your small business, also you find the notes to that episode on our website which is a Herbet marketing And that is h e r v e, RT marketing

With that said, let's jump into today's episode, where we're going to be showing you how to use small business marketing tools to get in front of high quality buyers were interested in buying your product or service. Sell your programmes product and events, your sleep, as well as position yourself as an expert in your field, and grow your market share, simultaneously, and by growing your market share, I just mean carve yourself, a very large enough market in your industry. With that said, let's jump with the first two.

The first two is gonna be a lead capturing to a to that you're capable of using it but also allows you to capture lead efficiently you should be able to do a tonne of stuff, including Spirit testing and all this good stuff and this reason you want a lead capture tool is so that you can essentially turn every single web visitors who are just visiting your website from all these random places because turning them into interested prospect interested leads who have, you know they're curious about what you do, so maybe they see some kind of value that you haven't yet explained fully, but since you have captured them, you get the opportunity to explain to them how you can benefit them, their business, their lives by helping you know, by helping them with your products and services. And so that's the first step which is, you know, getting using lead capture tools to turn web visitors into interested prospects, as well as interested leads.

Next thing is using Lead Capture to build a base of interested qualified prospects, what do I mean by this.

Well, once you've captured them you can keep them into an email list right and this becomes your go to pool of interested prospects so you don't have to go into the social media and all of these platforms that you have no control over and try to buy ads are try and create more new content just to drive them back to your website, because now you have a less now you have this pool of all these interested buyers, guess what, you can reach out to them at any time, you can just send out an email and tell them about your new product, tell them about your new content. Tell them about your new programme, you can tell them about all these things that you think they can benefit them.

And you can do them at your convenience, which is such a powerful way for you to get leverage and start building that base because these are going to be your raving fans, and if they have questions they know they can access, you because they now have your email and you have their email, you essentially have the most fundamental tool in business, which is a connection to build a strong relationship upon. Right. So, that is that essentially which is using lead capture tools to build, you know, a base for interest in qualified prospects, right.

And then the third part of this is using a lead capture tool to deliver consistent exceptional experience to your prospects, right. See, the thing is, with our lives, is the first one we call this the first impression, always is the key impression, right, and in business, as in life. That doesn't change. And some days we are energetic and some days you're not energetic, but by having consistent, a process that delivers a consistent experience means that all your leads will be exposed to the same first time. Excellent. First time in impression. Right. And what this will essentially do is it will allow them to see you.

From a much higher perceived level of standard. So even though some days you just out of it you're sick, you're tired, you know, maybe your child has been nagging you or they, you know, maybe you know your family, all these things happen in life, we are human beings, but your processes, you know your tools will continue to deliver the same experience, because you've just made them you build them that way and this is so powerful, because for them, your new clients, your new prospect, as they engage with you. All they see is you deliver exceptional value you deliver an exceptional experience, right. And so, this becomes the key powerful tool to for that as well. So, using your lead capture to turn visitors into buyers, build the best interests of qualified buyers, as well as deliver a consistent exceptional experience for your prospect, right.

That's cool isn't it. So with that said, let's jump into the next point which is using autoresponders, these are known as email autoresponders, essentially, and the reason why you want to use these is the first key point is you and I use an autoresponder to sell more of your products or services in a day right without any needed effort, so you can sell a lot more without ever needing to hire all these sales people right without having to do it manually yourself, because it goes back into that idea of creating a consistent exceptional experience, and then deliver it on autopilot, which is such a powerful tool for small business owner.

As a small business owner, you can't afford to, you know, spend all this money because you don't have it yet.

Right, you're in that process of growth. So utilising every tool and using it very well gives you the power to deliver, and to do business, just as well as a very big corporate, and that's the power of this year. So the idea here is to use an autoresponder to sell more of your products or services in a day without working any extra, so you work once you programming and start improving all this, and this becomes a very useful way again of delivering that exceptional experience. With that said the next point of this year becomes using autoresponders and all these programmes for sending emails to your ideal prospects right to build a rapport. So what do I mean by this, right, as I mentioned before, Tony Robbins talked about this idea of repo, and he said repo is power. Right.

And so, what do I mean here is very, very simple, right, when the UI deal with visitors when your leads, first meet you right when they first come in and interact with your content, the chances are they're a little bit sceptical they've tried all these solutions they haven't worked, right.

They've tried all these a solution they've tried talking to XYZ. So, you don't know what experience I've had so they may be sceptical, they may be unsure, but some information is missing, so they need always to answer all these questions, concerns, and objections, in order to make a purchase.

And these may not be from you it may be from their past experience, a lot of us are affected, severely in making decisions, our past experiences affect us a lot in making decisions and how we deal with the present and the future. And so for you to be able to continually communicate with your leads, despite the fact that they haven't made a purchase means you every day you are giving yourself an opportunity to try and make that report, right, and the more you try, the better you get at it until one day, you just nailed it.

And they come buy from you and become a raving fan they become a client they become a customer, and it all takes that one, you know, answering that one key objection that is holding them back, and so on and so forth. So this essentially just means using an autoresponder to take is to make, you know, to reach out to your prospect as much as often as possible so that you can build rapport and allow them to overcome any of their past fears objections, or any of their past concerns to make a purchase, so that you, my friend can get a new client, and a new business with that sale.

So that's that. And then the next part of this is using an autoresponder, to keep you event programmes, webinars, and all, and all these scheduled maybe group coaching or services that you plan to provide online to keep them through.

So what do I mean by this. Well, when you have events coming up, you want a lot of prospects, and sometimes it takes a while for you to get them filled up but if you have a process that is automatically, you know, talking about it to all lists which have been spending a lot of time building, and everyone who comes in gets told about this cool exciting event that is coming up, then the chances are, some of them may take a while before they can remember to opt in, but after a while they opt into it, and then they are ready to attend your event, and all this cool stuff, right.

So, in order to keep those fools you want to be consistent in your messaging and be consistent and persistent in, you know, reaching out to your leads and the best way to do that without overworking yourself.

And, you know, taking that quiet time from family and putting it into work. So without doing all this is to have a process that allows you to set it once, and just read it run for you, and then every once in a while you come back and manage it and make sure it works, but also you want to test it as well, so that you're always keeping up with it. That makes sense. So there is that there, so that will be using an autoresponder to keep your event programmes, webinars and all these other maybe group coaching sessions all always fool with clients.

With that said we're going to go into a third and last two for this episode, and that is going to be a content creation to write. And now when it comes to content creation to your goal here is essentially to position yourself as an expert in your field and start increasing your, your space in your niche right start capturing more of that niche, and the best and the first step of how you're gonna go about doing that is by being consistent, right, by having tools that allows you to create a very consistent message means that each time you put a piece of content out there. Your content is not conflicting with the previous content, it's building upon itself, right.

And the goal of having consistency so that when the visitors come to your website. They're not conflicted they don't, You know, they know where they are is the right place, because the last thing you want is to confuse them. One thing I've learned from a lot of entrepreneurs and mentors were considered really really great mentors is that a confused mind never buys. Right. And so you want to make sure that your message is consistent, and in helping them reach their goal.

So that's how you'd go about using content creation to to return consistent, and the next thing you want to do is use a content creation to to reach more prospects. Now what do I mean by this. As a small business owner you always have to keep growing and the best way to do that is more content each time. Right, having a content creation tools, or to allow you to essentially create either one content and leverage it, or to continue to create more content, right, it allows you to have that room for productivity. Right, it allows you to take all the knowledge you have in expertise, and share it with ease. Right.

And so that becomes a goal of heavy content creation, too. And I'm going to share in a bit, in, in a bit here why or some example of what you could go about using this in some of these examples, but for now, let's keep going. So that's how you go about creating a using content creation tool for your small business.

To get to more prospects. And the last part that you want to do is you want to use your content creation to to be for your small business especially to position yourself as a knowledgeable credible expert. What do I mean by this.

Well, it's similar to consistency, but in this case is if it is poorly designed, they are going to see through that and they're gonna realise you tried to do everything, and it puts you in a position where you are untrustworthy, or you are a beginner, even though he may have expert level in terms of your knowledge in what you do and provide, but because you made this little mistake here and it made you look like a beginner, that's how your ideal clients and prospect may perceive you. They may perceive you as a beginner who doesn't know what they're doing.

Right, so you want to make sure that you have, you're using that to build your credibility, right. And the best way to do that is to outsource the parts that you don't know how to do, because that means you're getting the best of the talent that you do not have. Right. And then you are showcasing the best of everything, even those things that you do not have Baba is helping you put in putting you in the right spot. Right. So with that said, you may be wondering, I talked about all these things but I didn't mention one, two, at all.

Well one thing I'd like to say before I mentioned any tool is this. Pick the tool you're comfortable to use.

Right. In the old days, I would have told you use this tool use this tool use this tool use this too. And one thing that I've come to learn is this. The tool itself isn't important, while you're using it is very important and so pick the tools you're comfortable in using. And if you're not try and then when you find the two that you're comfortable in using, you can then use that to reach out to more of your prospect.

I personally use several tools, a combination of several tools for lead capture I'd use something like get response. And then for auto risk, sorry for lead capture I'll use something like, either click funnels, or use something like weeks or I'll use something like lead pages, and then for autoresponder, how to use something like get response, which allows me to my manuals and then for content creation tool might use something like Canva. And then I may also outsource a lot of the work that I don't know how to do.

Right. And then, those are just some examples that are be used there in the future may build the list, but I don't believe in using the tools just because someone else says it's good, I'll use a tool because I am good at it. I've tried the road where I'll just pick the tool or someone else said, and I've come to realise, just because it's good for them, it doesn't mean it's good for me. And so I wouldn't recommend this tools, because I don't know what you like, but if you are like me and you are into the details, you are into, you know you a little bit of a perfectionist, maybe some of this will help you.

But in either case, your goal is to be a business owner, your goal is not to play around with this tool, it goes to building a profitable business, I recommend pick the tools you can use the sooner the better. As long as it gets a result, go on with it. If you can't do it, outsource it. So that's my mentality on there.

Thank you so much for tuning in. On this episode, the notes for this episode can be found at Herbet marketing That is H e r b e r t marketing And aside from that, I will talk to you in our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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