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So have you ever wondered what is your goal in your marketing?

What exactly are you Why exactly are you doing this well in this episode we're going to be covering how to essentially dominate and how to be the dominant credible and to be a reliable source of, essentially, your services and products in your marketplace as well as how to increase the value of your business, and to grow your business, so that you can leave a legacy and I think these all come down to how you do your small business marketing, how you set the goals for small business marketing so that you can get that good outcome.

Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur I am your host, Herbert, innocent, and to on this episode what we are talking about is answering the question, what is your goal in doing marketing why exactly you are doing this if you're wondering why should you do marketing, then we are answering that question by talking about, you know how to place yourself as a dominant credible, reliable source of service, as well as solutions in your industry, how to increase the value of your business and how to grow your business to leave a legacy behind. In our previous episode. And before I go into talking about a previous episode. If you're new to this podcast a very warm welcome. This is the go to podcast for entrepreneurs who see their business as a vehicle for change and I Myself bring you the tips, the tricks, and the big secrets, the how tos and the success stories. Success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe, and I'm going to talk to you a little bit about our previous episode if you're new to this podcast you probably missed our previous episode, which was on content marketing influence on sales and revenue. So if you want to know how that works, how content marketing influences your sales then we want you to stop listening to this episode and go to our last episode and listen to that. And then when you're done just come back and we'll be right here, you can pick off where you left off. And if you're also wondering with the notes for the previous episodes, or just go to Herbert marketing that is h e r b e RT marketing help, and you find all the notes and all the good stuff down there. Now let's jump into today's episode so we can talk about how to place yourself as a deep as the dominant credible, reliable source of service and solution in your marketplace, how to increase the value of your business as well as how to grow your business to leave a legacy behind. And with that said, the first thing you want to think about is exposure so if you're wondering why am I going to do marketing, what's my outcome you might be thinking about exposure. Why, because when you go about increasing exposure, what are the biggest outcomes you get from that is more new business more new clients more new prospect, more new business partner opportunities and a lot more things coming in your way. Right. And so, from there on, all these opportunities and all these doors, that's opening up, and that might be one reason why one business owner might decide to start marketing to see what other opportunities are there, because as soon as you're getting more clients or suddenly have all this money, or suddenly have all these resources and often you have all these access to all, a lot more people.

With that said, the next thing may be, you want more exposure to solidify your reputation in the marketplace in this is usually what big giant companies go about, they go about solidifying their reputation in the marketplace and one of the things that I'm noticing and I'm learning now. This is not my opinion yet, but as I'm learning I'm noticing, two things. You are either acquiring more or you're trying to solidify your place that you've acquired or you're shrinking, there's only those three states, whether you're expanding. Either you've stopped, and as soon as you stop you shrink. So if your goal is to is to solidify your reputation in the marketplace, then the chances are, your next step will be to shrink, And the reason why I say that is because it's not just enough to capture you know, I think an example from Grant Cardone was like, no, just enough to capture the land, you must also be able to maintain it and keep it so it's not just enough to grow your company at one size you must be able to be able to maintain that size but the thing is if you stop growing, you shrink. Right, you can't stay the same size. Right, you can't stay the same size so you have to keep growing so solidifying your petition may seem like a very nice outcome to go for. However, it has an A little known although spoken about side effect, which is your next step after solidifying and staying in one place, is essentially to shrink, right. So, with that said, the next thing that might be your go outcome your goal or outcome you're looking for in terms of getting exposure might be that you just want to essentially penetrate into new customer segments, right, so this is maybe different demographics, right. So you know, you may have first targeted a very specific demographic and now you want to try a different demographic with the same product. So you're selling the same product but maybe open a different website section for a new type of for a different demographic. And when you're doing that essentially creating a new avatar persona, you're essentially creating a new, you know, selling identity of your product so that you can sell it for example some products are best when you sell them first to women with one particular identity and then focus on selling to men with another particular identity, simply because it works better that way. And so this may be that kind of situation here, and an example I can think about that maybe, you know the men's shaving laser braid. Laser blades that they use for shaving the beard. Now when you're selling those to man you selling for one reason, but if you're selling a similar product that your company could actually manufacture for women. We know, for like, you know, the legs and everything, then you're selling a different, it's the same product but you must sell it differently because it's a different use, and it's a very different need when you're selling to a different customer segments so you may not want to put them together at one website because then you're just going to get very poor results but if you contrast that and you put them with focus, you know, to each person individually, then you may bet, you may get much better conversions because someone coming to that place maybe they understand that that particular product is for them the message, speaks to them without me jumping too much into this. So that may be one reason right, getting more exposure so it can penetrate new customer segments.

And this could mean new ages old or younger, it wasn't mean gender, or just culturals as well, right. So, with that said, The next reason why you might want to, you know, what outcome you might want from your business from a, from a small business marketing, maybe to increase revenue so that you can launch new products and new services, right, so these may be other services that besides the services that you have. So you may start marketing those. So if you're thinking about those you may start marketing earlier before you even launch to get your name, and to warm up any past clients that you have, you know, letting them know that you have this new cool product coming out soon, so they should check it out for that. So that might be one another reason.

And you go this just increase revenue but also to launch a new product or to launch a new franchise of that business, and then the next part might be to serve a larger population right now. This may be the same segment but to serve a much larger population. So you may be going to different geographical locations, rather than targeting different demographics, right. So, rather than targeting older, younger, you may be targeting the same people by just going wider into finding them everywhere they may be available. So that might be another reason for that. And our third or last key point here may be, you know, for company expansion and what I mean by this is, you know, you want to grow your company to leave behind on legacy, and the best, and marketing maybe a tool that you want to use to get started doing that right you want to enter new markets, territories, and what I mean by this is so you have either new products, or you've either new demographics, or you have either new,

new geographical locations, but you may also want to enter new completely new market segments, so you may be providing these services, but now you want to enter a completely different industry altogether, but the same business and this has happened before with other different companies like how Apple entered into the music industry, and then the desktop and mobile industry as well as I think entertainment industry.

So, these are the kinds of things that as a business owner may be thinking about maybe you want to go into completely different new markets, new territories of their own. And then the next thing might be company expansion, access, where they assess the market for you know, new goods and new products so this is not to lunch, but just to see what are how they respond to new products and examples of this is when a company introduces a new product, a very small sample, and then quickly takes it out because they just wanted to see if it will work or not. So that could be another reason for marketing. But aside from that, I hope you get tonnes of value from there. So, if you want the notes for this episode, go to Herbert marketing help calm, and if you just want, you know, more leads, more sales and more profits from your marketing simply send me a quick email at contact at habit marketing that is h, er, the ER T marketing and I'll be happy to respond. Aside from that, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode, I will talk to you on our next episode. And as always, Have a wonderful evening.



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