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Why Can't I Get More New Clients?

Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur, then go to podcast for business owners, small business owners, entrepreneurs. So entrepreneurs mompreneurs and virtual entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses online.

I am your host, Herbert, Innocent, and today we are talking about. One thing that I've been observing, in terms of conversions for landing pages and generating leads. Right, so lead pages and, more specifically, like business owners are doing, and it's a wonder mistake or misconception that if could be overcome. It could lead to a tonne of generations of clients.

Lots and lots of clients that could, you know potentially grow the business and help business owners scale up. Now before we jump right into that. I want to touch about our previous episode so on our previous episode one of the things that we talked about was what was happening in the world of business in terms of scaling, business, and I gave tips on what I had been learning. So if you didn't get the chance to listen to that episode, I want you to go back because you're going to get a tonne of value. There was a lot of things that I covered in that topic and it was really condensed and they refer to some books that may also help you get started. One such book is the tax rule by Grant Gadon, and there's just reading that book along with a very good step. But the book itself will recommend you to other next steps so rather than me just spewing all these things that I think are going to be beneficial.

I will let you get started with that and listening to that episode. With that said, let's jump into today's episode which is about conversions landing pages conversions. And, you know, turning those prospects and curious website visitors or podcast listeners, into buyers into clients. And one thing that I've been seeing happening, that I believe is a mistake but could turn into opportunity for businesses, is, is this thing where, once a business owner has set up the business, you know, they've done all this work, you know, they've built the landing pages, they've built the website, they've built the funnels, they've got the copy down they've gotten emails done and they've all the offers and everything instruction, please. They take a deep breath, ah, you know, it's all done. And then they got to do what they want to do. Right. So for example, it may be a coaching business, it may be a business.

It could be an SEO business it could be any business, that is, you know, providing services for others companies for other entrepreneurs for other customers and clients. And one thing I've noticed is that business building and business and the business providing and serving customers and clients are two different things. And an example of this is if you're a photographer. Your business is the business of photography, the service you provide is photography, but your business and photography are two different things. Photography is the service, it's the product that you give the client yet right, you go and take photos for them to help them create that visual image.

However, the other thing that is very little known to most photographers as business owner, is that you need to also do the business of building the business for photography, right, so this is getting your photography clients booked in, right, getting your in a building of this prospect, building those emails for onboarding and nurturing your photography client leads, promoting an offer or courses that you're providing for your photography.

Right, and all these other activities including building systems in place should you want to scale and bring assistants and virtual assistants on board, and this is true for coaching, it's true for photography it's true for many aspects of businesses, small and big, but what I'm noticing is in small businesses, the business owner tends to focus on what they do, rather than the business. And in this case is if they're coaching the main focus on the coaching rather than business of building the business, right.

The business of coaching, which is, you know, building that actual business. And if it's photography, it may focus on taking the photos, and the cameras, all these things that they're really good and professional that they've spent time and invested money to become good at, but don't neglect the business side of things, which is really bad because it results in them losing clients and when you lose clients you don't have a business, because you can't support your business expenses without clients to pay for those expenses. And so, this is become a we'll have new business owners, struggling, and I know it's a struggle because I was once a first time business owner too.

And one of the things that I noticed was.

I was glad to have new clients and everybody kept talking in the photography business people kept talking you know you have to focus on your business and your photography portfolio. And that's good, but that's not an actual way to generate photography leads right to generate clients potential clients for photography. Right. Having that portfolio is there as a credible sources to show your talents, having your website showcases your professionalism, but it doesn't take your prospects and turn them into clients.

Those are two different objectives website shows cases, you as a professional, and then you need something as a lead page to turn those prospects into clients. Right. And this is a very small area but is really overlooked so many times over. And even if a small business owner or an entrepreneur does be build a lead page.

They almost always never tested.

And that is something that I'm noticing that they don't test it, which is quite unfortunate because the copy was the initial draft.

And as you know but copy have tested to get the wording just right so that it converts higher, right, and it converts higher for specific traffic once he change the traffic source.

The conversion also change.

So this subject becomes a very technical subject, but the idea in the you know the top view is that there isn't enough testing right there's no testing because it's technical, it takes a lot of mental energy to write those copy and testing is time consuming, expensive and tedious for a lot of entrepreneurs. Right. And so this becomes a really painful problem that is put to the side and let alone, quietly, as it sucks the last flight out of businesses, and then sooner or later they realise they do not have enough leads.

They do not have enough clients to keep going.

And this becomes a problem, especially since most businesses don't even try and encourage resales with existing clients. So I'm noticing this pattern, and it's something that is quite painful and requires a level of an educational element to explain to the new business owner that you know your business is, you have built this into providing these services, but you are in the business of building, not just the services and providing them but also building the business itself, and providing the entire business with additional clients each time. And so the workload there builds up.

So I saw this here in the soul, there lies an opportunity to prove it to present services to business owners who can't have a sales and marketing team to do just that. Because it is an important element for business. And it's not, it's not just an important, it is an essential it is crucial to the survival of a business, getting those new clients and converting them into leads testing copies of that their conversions efficiently so that you're saving money with each effort to promote your business, you're getting more clients than the work you're putting in.

Right. And so I thought this was a very important topic. Now whether it's going to resonate with a business owner that's another thing, because it's a very dry topic, but it's a very essential. A lot of business owners don't like to talk about sales, and they don't like to talk about, you know they had conversions they had parts of businesses which are, you know, you have to face the fact that you are in a business which is to make money.

Right. And so regardless of your perception of money, you still have to understand that when you provide the services. The intention is to make money so you can keep providing those services, otherwise you're doing a disservice to your customer to your clients, because you're neglect you are neglecting the one thing that allows you to keep providing them a service, which is to be profitable. And to be efficient, and to provide a very good customer experience and the best way to do that is obviously to test the copy to test what's working, what the clients are responding to. Right, and to get more clients so you can get more of your services to more clients not getting more clients means they'll end up somewhere else where they may not get the best quality of services, and therefore disappointed.

So that's another way of looking at it. So that is me. On this episode of the virtual entrepreneur I hope you got value in that and if you're stuck in that and you want to help, I can help. It's one of the few services I want to start.

I could be of service to others, I have a lot of talent to that and I've built a lot of services around the area, but one key thing that particularly felt challenging was, how do you find work that you really believe in and resonates with you, to the very core of yourself regardless of your talent, and being able to consistently bring those customers convert them those clients. I think there is nothing more, better than that because helping them find the solution they're looking for, will ultimately lead to them, finding better results in their lives, right. It takes us one battle good opportunity to get us to the position where we can transform our actions, our lives and ultimately better our lives relationships and maintain and get a successful life on the back end. So that is me on this episode. Thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual intrapreneur. I hope you got value from that.

I will talk to you. If you've been a question. Good. How about marketing, and you can email me there and then we can get in touch. Aside from that, I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur. And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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