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Whose Fault When Virtual Entrepreneurs Don't Increase Revenue?

Have you ever wondered what am I missing from my small business marketing? Well, perhaps the better question is, do you feel you have the reliable process in place that gets you qualified interested clients consistently?

Well hello everyone, and in this episode, I'm gonna cover exactly how to get peace of mind, and freedom in terms of choice on who you want to work with. So how marketing can do that for you. I'm also gonna cover how to consistently get, you know, your classes, event, as well as your calendar of filled up with clients, appointments, and then the last bit that you're going to cover is how to get yourself positioned, how to position yourself as the go-to knowledgeable experts in your market place.

Well join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur if you're new to this podcast. A very warm welcome. I am your host, Herbert innocent and this is the go to podcast for enter printers, who see their business as a vehicle for change in their communities, their societies, as well as in the country.

With that said in a previous episode we talked about how to socially, how to be the dominant credible source of service provider as well as a solution provider, and how to increase your value of your business as well as how to get your business, how to grow your business so you can leave a legacy, right, and so if you didn't get a chance to listen to that episode I want you to stop.

Go back that episode, And listen to that because it's going to give you so much value it's going to really help you take your business to the next level, especially if you listen and then you take the action, and you can also find the notes at her bed marketing that is h e r b e r t marketing

And by the way if you want help with positioning yourself as the dominant credible source of service and solution in your marketplace, feel free to contact me to you know get bounce ideas or just get started. And you can just reach out to me and ask any question at contact at Herbet marketing,

and from there we'll see where to go next, right, and aside from that, let's jump into today's episode where I can show you. Essentially to get a peace of mind and freedom to choose and the freedom to choose who you want to work with, and then show you how to consistently get your classes, events, webinars, and calendar filled up with client appointments and position yourself as the go to knowledgeable expert in your marketplace. And with that say the first thing you want to do here is you're gonna focus on having a lead generation process now.

Before you think, Oh, I have a lead.

You know, I have you know, a lead page or something like that you need a process, not just a lead page you need a process, a full process and the difference between a process that I think the key word I'm trying to use yes strategy.

And if you have listened to my previous episode, you will know that when I say strategy, I mean recipe.

And why do I mean recipe. Well, most people use the word strategy and when they say strategy they just mean a roughly guided plan, right, and my definition of plan is it's a map, made up of words.

You can give a lot of people the same map, and they will, can all, some of them will get lost something will find the place, depending on if they're good at reading that map. But if you give all the people the recipe.

As long as it's a complete recipe they'll always create the exact same food. Right. They'll always create the exact same experience, right, even if they've never cooked before, if they just follow the recipe, they'll be able to create the exact same experience flavours, smell, taste, from that and so you need a lead generation process or strategy, or lead generation recipe.

Right. And the reason why I say recipe is because when your client or your leads come to you you're giving them the first experience and that is a taster or a teaser, right.

It's like when you go into a restaurant, and the chef bring a starter menu right, that is the first experience actually, before we even go into this the experience of the room. The experience of how it looks, the greetings the warm, you know that gesture, what do they say, how do they smile What are they wearing, what are the colours on the wall, you know the ceiling pilots, the lighting, everything creates a first experience, and that has been engineered, that is a process in place, right. So when the light bulbs go off, they don't just go and buy a different light bulb. That doesn't matter, the ones that are there, they try to buy the exact same one to keep the consistency. And that is a recipe itself. It's a process changing any one of those elements, the rooms that's changing the atmosphere the mood, the experience that changing, and so you need a lead generation recipe,

so that you're giving that you're getting yourself new leads who are interested in your business, but they're more interested in the experience that they're getting they're interested in how what they're expecting they're interested in all these things that your business, seems to be about because a lot of us just reduce our businesses into machines of trading products, we check our employees who are very valuable people, you know the people there these are people with their hopes and dreams and they redo, we reduce them into these little machines that do tasks.

Right. You know, I want this done and I understand that it's done and that's it.

That becomes the whole goal but the truth is, if you let them give their whole heart to deliver the experience what the believe experience is as long as your guide them that this is experience we want to deliver, then that becomes a really powerful way of going about delivering that experience.

And then the second thing here is you're gonna go into, you're gonna be able to sell more of your services,

Right, so by having a lead generation strategy process in place, you're able to sell more of your services. Because of that, because, you know, clients know what to expect and some of them will even buy the same thing twice.

I know I've bought one book twice. Actually I bought two books, two different books about both of them twice, and one of them.

And I'm both happy like I'm bad, so I won't go into that, but the idea is that sometimes the experience that you're getting from that is so pleasant. It's like watching the same movie twice. I'm sure you've once watch the same movie twice you've seen it, why would you watch it twice, because you know what you're expecting.

But you also feel like you don't remember everything exactly so there's also, there's going to be a sense of something new, as well as something familiar and certainty and that's what we want.

When it comes to generating these strategies and processes, right, the next thing you want is you want to drive up your business profit, right, and having a process allows you to see what's working, what's not working, allows you to see the full picture.

And this becomes the best way to see what's working, what's driving up your revenue, your business profits, right. So you can meet those targets in that way.

Right, so the next thing becomes, you need a lead nurturing process so the first one is the lead generation, then you need a nice lead nurturing process right and the lead nurturing process or recipe, becomes the thing that will save you money on ads when you're trying to sell you know your services and your products to people who are actually not interested because remember when you put your ads out there, people who have no interest see them. Now you're probably wondering if the same thing is if I put my contact my content.

And you're right, but the difference is this, when you putting your ads out there, you spend a tonne of money, and you spend a lot of energy in trying to push these to drive your Li, your leads but if you put your content out, you're actually educating people so even those who didn't, also the first time, but you're not sure, they kind of get a sense of who you are, where's your ads in a lot of cases you're gonna take them sooner or later, down, right, and it's not a reliable source for continuing because your content will only continue generating you leads because you don't have to take it out, you can always update them, but it also puts you as a credible person in your marketplace, right.

And for a lot of people, even if when they buy with ads.

That's not winning a loyal client that is getting a client to take an action, because of something that you know you pushed a little button there and you made them buy, but that's not a loyal client if you want to avoid your client you need to take them to an experiential process where they learn about the business where they develop all these, you know that you get answered their questions you get answered their concerns you get to address their roadblocks, right, that piece of art, just targets the hot buyers but sometimes they're just shopping on price.

Right. And so you, it may look like it's a gain on the short term, but the thing is, your business is probably going to pay for it in the long term in terms of, if they're not repeat business, or if they're not good clients, then you're struggling to keep up it's like it's lighting up this little fires in Detroit, and you're struggling to keep up even though it's generating revenue.

It doesn't mean it's Well, they say in business, not all money is made equal and not all customers are equal. And I think it's also to say the same thing as in ads and content on your website, are two different things, doesn't mean you shouldn't run ads.

It just means when you have a process in place. You know why you're running, and you know if you're profitable and you know, if you're sacrificing some key important elements in your business, right, because sometimes it's okay to make those little sacrifices, as long as you have a big picture but if you don't have a big pictures, then all you're doing is you're just damaging. A lot of those things, right. So, with that said that becomes the next point over there.

And the next thing is becomes, you can stop working with clients who are not interested. When you have a process in place. You can filter only the clients who meet specific requirements that you know you can benefit them. Because chances are if you feel you can't benefit a client, and then they start complaining, You're gonna take the toll on you, it'll just discourage you from all the work you're doing, it'll just sap your energy out of you. And it's not good for anybody right there.

The one thing you want is you want to work with clients who are super excited, energetic, they're ready to get started, they want to take action.

You want client that will resonate with your personality and your business and your brand, and so having a lead nurturing process means you can take clients through that you can turn leads interested, you can turn, you know, cold traffic or you can turn just website visitors into leads that are interested into being your client and you can do that consistently so that you can get your events classes, as well as webinar, and you're kind of filled up because you're getting so many people expressing interest and content does that, it allows you to get all these people.

Now it may not be all at once, but as the time goes it builds up.

And the last part of the, of the lead natural process is that you're able to position yourself as a reliable and inspiring business owner, and by reliable I mean, you know, people are very Miss trustee of ads they don't really see them as a good thing. In most cases, that's why they instal ad blockers and all these.

That's why they do all these things to avoid these ads right information. Information know this.

Now what that means for you is if you want to position yourself as a credible leader, you need a process of that even if you do ads, you know exactly what to expect if you don't have a process.

Regardless of which method you use, the chances are you will not have, you will know how well you're doing because you don't have a clear outcome, because the process allows you to see and to target a specific outcome that you want, right.

So without that he doesn't matter what you do. He doesn't get you the results that you're looking for. And the last and not least is your company exposure strategy or process, right. And I'm using company exposure to avoid getting tangled up with the idea of media because the word media, I think, is limited. Right. So, media, think radio, television, all these.

But when I say company exposure process. What I mean is, any opportunity to expose your company to more people, I think is an opportunity was taking, whereas the media exposure process just implies, you do not talk about your company to other people outside the media, like Facebook like Twitter or social media and things like that which I think is very limited as a business owner, you'll find that some businesses have actually grown really well.

By not starting with the media at all the stuff on the outside of the media with people, close friends and past clients and people who they already knew. And then you build it up from there.

Right, or they had very specific strategies for targeting very specific groups of people first, Not within social media anything that but within specific communities. That makes sense. So I think you'll need a company exposure strategy or process that will also save you time and effort in terms of marketing, so that you know your marketing campaigns actually getting you the results you want.

And then it will put your business in a position where you are getting the attention in your marketplace and that becomes one of the key objectives for that the key goals that you're looking for. And the idea is just to save on ads depending on how you go about this. You may either run your ads more profitable or you can save from ADS altogether.

If you process targets vary. You know mix leverage and make use of this concept that Grant Cardone calls your base, and that just means, you know, you've built a platform to start with and we talked about this in our previous last two episode platform to start with.

And if your love reading that, then you may never maybe need even to run ads because you're leveraging what you already have and you know what you already has works and it's guaranteed. It's a guaranteed approach, right.

So that's how you go about, you know, putting in place your company exposure process of strategy to get more potential clients looking at what you have to offer and position yourself as the top knowledgeable expert in your marketplace.

So I hope you got a tonne of value from this episode. That was my goal to deliver you a tonne of value.

And if you need help with. Essentially, you know, getting that peace of mind and freedom to choose who you want to work with and consistently getting your classes events, webinars, and a calendar filled up with clients as well as positioning yourself as an, knowledgeable expert in your field and feel free to contact me at contact at Hubbard marketing hub calm and the notes for this episode can be found at Herbet marketing

site from the thank you for tuning in and I will talk to you in our next episode, the virtual entrepreneur, As always, have a wonderful evening.



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