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What Is Content Marketing For Small Business

Have you wondered what is content marketing and how can you use it in your business to grow your company audience, and all this good stuff. Well hello everyone and welcome to this episode of virtual entrepreneur.

If you're new to this podcast, a very warm welcome. I am your host, Herbert innocent and this is the go to podcast for entrepreneurs and small business owners who see their vehicle for change, a day in their lives in their community, or just for their families.

Look, I bring you the tips, the tricks and the big secrets, the success stories, and the how tos success, knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe. And in this episode we're gonna be talking about content marketing and how you can use it, and leverage it for your business.

But before we jump into that, on our previous episode we talked about how to market your small business, and should you be marketing a small business, and I wanted to the steps and details in how to think about marketing for your business, so that you can approach it the right way, look if you approach it the wrong way, then you'll be doing something that doesn't get your results, but you definitely should be doing marketing for your business, go and listen to a previous episode to find out why. And if you want to note from that episode, go to Herbert marketing

To find out more, that is h e r b e r t

Let's jump into today's episode, and an episode of today we're going to talk about content marketing, and if you don't know what content marketing is, essentially, to give you a very simple breakdown.

Content marketing is essentially the creation or curation of content and sharing it with the aim to drive leads and prospect back to you, of all website.

Now, if you're wondering how do you use this to drive leads and prospects to your offer on your website.

The best thing I can say is.

So when you create content, you're going to talk about what your business does you're going to talk about your team and all the expertise they have their story you're going to talk about how you companies solutions can help your ideal customers, you're also going to talk about all these other benefits that your solutions have, and you can even talk about the problem that your customers have so that you can help your customers identify themselves as they read the content, they're like, oh my gosh,

that is me, and then they make that transition into content, contacting you, so you can do all these things including having guests come and share their personal story, or you can share your previous customer's testimonials as part of your content marketing, this really a tonne of things you can do the sky's the limit as is, as I say, and even then you can still break through the sky really it's not the limit. The idea here is you can use information content either created by you or created by customers, clients, or your team.

And then you can share that you can even curate it, and share you can also share other people's content, and to help boost your credibility. And one of the best way to do that is if you want to start leveraging relationships.

Right, so you can share that content and you can find content that isn't necessarily promoting a specific product but maybe raises awareness or talks about a topic that will interest your ideal client because there are people with hopes and dreams, right, and the best way to go about that is to find a company that has content that complements what you do.

So for example, I am in the business of marketing, but just all kinds of marketing, but in the business of creating pages opt-in pages and lead pages for companies, and so in order for me to leverage curation content at best step might be to add a tag, get a marketing company, who does something else, like create for example content for clients. And so, by leveraging them with me.

The first step could be that they can create content, so for exemplified my clients, I will tell my clients look I create lead pages and this company helps you get the leads right and so that becomes a very beautiful, powerful partnership because I can offer my valued services, and also promote or maybe suggest someone with that hurting my business. Right. And so that becomes a very good way of leveraging curated content while building partnership, not just with other businesses but also credibility with your clients cause competition competing, having that mindset doesn't benefit. Either you even your clients don't really benefit much when you compete.

They benefit more when you're building additional value, because when you cooperate, even with, you know other businesses, you increase the value that you can deliver to your customers, and we will not go too much into those, you're probably wondering how do you go about doing this content marketing thing. Right. And the best step, I'll teach you the way it was taught to me the best step is this, you need to consider your skills, essentially, assess your ability and your strength in either creating videos, audios, or writing content, depending on what kind of person you you see yourself to enjoy one of these, that is going to be the best place to start.

Because if you try to do all of them at once, the chances are you will struggle, and you will not enjoy the process very much but if you start with the one that you really enjoy doing. For example, I enjoy doing audio very very much video I don't mind. But it takes me a little bit longer to prepare for video than it does to prepare for audio just write out my script outline and I'm done. For some people who video they can do that.

And then in terms of writing. Writing is not my strongest it takes me much longer. When I write, I can ride but it takes me much longer so I assess yourself in terms of your skills which of these, I really, really, not necessarily good at but you really, really enjoy doing, cause that matters, it's a long game called marketing, content marketing is a long game, it's not.

It's essentially an infinity game we're going to keep doing this for as long as your business exists. You may employ other people later on, but you still want to set up the pace, and set up the expectation for what kind of content when you hire people later on and the best way to do that is to have created the content yourself so that you get the feel for it. Right. So, video, audio, or written. And once you've mastered one of those you can always leverage to create other types of content.

So decide which of those platforms you're gonna use if it's video, YouTube is def audio this podcast, you can use anchor, and if it's writing you can use blogs on your website or you can use to, you can go to and then you can start writing for them they're sharing while putting links back to your website or something like that. And you're going to learn as you go so don't stress out and exactly how to do it, but just pick a platform and start the next thing you're probably wondering well okay so I've picked up one of these, what do I do next.

Well, the goal of this content marketing is very very simple to drive back leads to your website, or to your offer, and if that is your goal, then the information you create in your content is going to be really about either educating your ideal customers about your product, your services, or you're going to be sharing, maybe all this content on a platform so that you're helping them discover the benefits they can get from your product or services. So what do I mean by this.

When the prospects are looking for solutions they're looking for the benefits they're looking for the payoffs. They're looking for the results. Right. And so, your content should address the benefits the payoff and the result, your content should address any questions that they may have. Right. A lot of customers tend to have questions, how does this work, will it work for me if I have a family of four or five, and will it work in this kind of a house, depending on the solution, and we need to work on the weekends.

And what's the guarantee what you can expect this. Oh, these questions and your content is to provide the information for your ideal customers so that all these questions are answered by the time they get to your website. All these questions are answered. Right. And by writing this content positions you as an expert who knows what they're doing. Because you can educate your customer on a problem that they have.

Right. And so each piece of content, your goal is simply to drive and lead back to business, but also to pre frame. Right.

So for example, one customer may come to your website, thinking about a particular problem, while another customer may come to your website, thinking about a particular benefit or another customer may come to your website, wondering what do you even do in first place. Right.

All these are potential customers and your ability to capture them will depend on the content that you use to bring them to your website, and how well you breached them from a curious customer who wants to learn more, to a customer who wants to now make a purchase, and become a customer to go and get that result. Right. And the best way to approach this is to start with the platform you're very familiar with, either in video, audio, or writing.

Start with the platform that you're comfortable with. And then from there on, creating content consistently until you have content that is generating you all these ideal leads back to your website. Now with that said, once you're getting all these leads then the goal becomes to convert the leads into clients and how we do that, that's what I do on as part of my services which is creating a lead capture process so that you're not just capturing the leads but you're also, you know, educating them you're continually educating them into how your offers your products and services can best benefit them. See the chances is regardless where you're selling, there's a high chance that your clients don't know why they should buy your product or service, and if they show, they don't know why they should buy from you have someone else. Right.

Even if you're selling water, they may know why they may not know why they should buy water from you, instead of just drinking the water from the top. Now, if you think your water and the water from the top is not any different. Then you have lost the customer, the chances of you convincing them to buy from you is not going to work right if you can't explain why there is much more value in benefit in your product or service, then the customer simply one buy. So the best way to go about doing that is content marketing, which you want to use as your method of educating them into making a purchase.

Now with that said, I think we're gonna leave it from there. I hope you got value from this The aim of this was to show you that content marketing is very useful, but also, it's a very good place to start. And another thing to consider about this is this content marketing helps you reach out to prospects in volume because it's going to continue to bring you to prospect continually on autopilot. It's gonna always drive back, it may take a while to build up but it's gonna always drive.

So while you're doing your content marketing. You also want a strategy for getting clients faster, right, and this is going to be a razor, a laser-focused pinpoint strategy for getting all these clients so that you're continually building a business while also growing you're automated, you know, content, attracting pieces of information, which is content marketing, right.

So you're building all these pieces of content that are gonna continue to attract and educate clients over and over and over. With that said, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode I hope you got value from it, and that will help you in growing and getting more clients for your business. Aside from that, I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur. And as always,

Have a wonderful evening.

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