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Want to Be a Beginner Affiliate Marketer ?

Hello and welcome to this episode of the marketer's secret lighthouse. And if you are new to this podcast, what we have been talking about a lot has to do with affiliate marketing.

And what we are talking about today is how to find the perfect affiliate marketing programme for you to get started as a beginner affiliate marketer.

When this is one of the series of episodes as I said in the past we've talked about affiliate marketing niches. So how to find a profitable niche in the affiliate marketing industry, we have talked about how to find those selling products. And then, how to also tell the difference between a product and an offer and how to choose the one that will convert the most. And we've also talked about how to get more sales and commissions, so if you haven't heard of those previous episodes, I want you to go and listen to them, and then come back to this episode, and we'll continue on.

1:17 And now that you're here.

1:19 Let's jump right into today's episode, which is about how to find the perfect affiliate marketing programme.

1:28 So when it comes down to choosing an affiliate programme. It really is similar to choosing an affiliate product.

1:38 The first thing you want to do is you want to choose a programme that is trusted, and the reason for this is very much self explanatory. When it comes to money, people online are willing to do a lot of things for money they're willing to lie, cheat, and steal. And so for you to just go and select a random programme with no backup history, or no proof of it, you know, professional existence means you're putting yourself at risk, and you're risking the livelihood of your prospects and your future customers because that's your reputation on the line. That's your name on the line, as well as your time being wasted over there. So choosing a programme you trust means you're getting off from a very good start. And the best way to choose a programme is that, is to find a programme that already has affiliates and is reputable and they spoken about a lot, it has positive testimonials, tutorials and reviews, and finding a programme like that means that when you are stuck, you'll also be able to find help, much, much easier than if you would pick a product that no one knows about and you're the only one promoting it, you run the risk of spending so much money, time and effort trying to make something work that has not been proven, if that makes sense.

3:16 Right, so you want to pick something that has been proven and tested, you're gonna pick a programme that has been proven and tested.

3:25 So that's about trust.

3:29 The next thing that you want to know about these affiliate programme is when will they pay you some affiliate programmes will pay you monthly some affiliate programmes will pay you by every two weeks, and some even much longer.

3:48 A yearly. Right, so you need to know when they'll pay you because the last thing you want is to work for months without seeing that paycheck coming in, right, you're putting in the work, for most of us like myself and other affiliates, we want to get that commission as fast as possible.

4:07 Right, so we don't want any delays.

4:11 So, knowing when to pay is important but also knowing how much they'll pay you, is very important, right. So, depending on the affiliate programme that you've joined in. It may be that you you want to be paid the full commission, maybe there is fees involved. Right. Or maybe these specific criterias set all different affiliate programmes are different and have different requirements so you want to look at these things. Right. And so, some businesses will join up with affiliate programmes, so that when you want to promote a product, you have to promote them through a programme that is quantify that business. So even though you may know the business, but you can't promote the product directly from the business, and this is simply for the RIDGID logistics point of view, right, being able to run overs, manage all those affiliate links and all those other back end stuff, so that could be one of the biggest reasons for that. But for us it's not that much important. What's important is knowing when they'll pay you, how much they'll pay you. And in what way they'll pay you. Right, so I feel programmes will send you checks, some will send you will deposit your payments into your PayPal account, and knowing how we turn works and how they work, some will do bank transfer, so you need to know how they work, so that you know that you're going to be able to get your payment. If you can't do checks, then no you can't do checks right, then select the ones that allow you to work with PayPal, and if you can't do PayPal, then try and find the ones that work with just something else that you are comfortable with.

6:03 And the next thing is you want to know what is the affiliate process, some affiliate marketing problems require that you have a website or blog, or you have an audience, or you have an email list so you need to make sure that you've checked what are the requirements, right. And then you also need to check what kind of offers are they promoting. Are they offers paid per click, or are they offers one time sale, or are they recurring offers, and all those other stuff like that. Right.

6:35 Then the other thing is you want to know the reputation of the programme. We've talked a little bit about that, but the idea here is, what is the refund rate. Right. Are they testimonials about these programmes, and are they good testimonials. Right.

6:50 And when was the last time someone made a sale in that programme. Right, if we can find out these details, these from their community, then it becomes much more trusting worthy of a programme to try, because otherwise you run the risk of being in a programme where they are there to make money from you, rather than to help you promote a product as an affiliate. So, I think I've covered the majority of the points over there.

7:22 With that said, That's me for today's episode. Thank you so much for tuning in and they'll talk to you on our next episode of the marketer's secret lighthouse.

7:31 Have a good evening.



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