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Up Your Income and Impact, While Working Less Interview With Julia Baldwin Taylor

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. If you're new to this podcast welcome today's interview is how to get started with transforming your business with the power of manifestation, then interview with Julia Baldwin Taylor.

I am Herbert innocent and today I am talking with the expert, Julia Bowden Taylor on the subject of transforming your business with the power of manifestation. So Julia has been helping business experts transform their businesses and increase their impact when it comes to, you know, being productive and working less. So, welcome Julia Bolden Taylor, for having me here.

I'm glad that is the case.

So, today, Julia ball Intel is you know is an expert in the field of helping business owners from their business, the power of manifestation, and she has graciously consented to this interview, to share her extensive knowledge and experience, so that the entrepreneurs can understand how to work less than you've ever thought possible before.

So thank you again, Julia, and thank you for joining us on this interview, what I'm going to do is we're going to jump in, so you can get started on sharing with our audience and what they can learn and apply when it comes to helping them, transforming their businesses with the power of manifestation.

Awesome, awesome, awesome that's good, and what's gonna happen is my first set of questions are gonna be about your background and experience in the field of helping business owners transform their business with the power of manifestation so that the entrepreneurs in our audience can understand who you are, where you are coming from and how you got started, then we'll jump into your thoughts about how you do it again if you had to start all over again, or how, when it comes to helping business owners, transform their businesses with a powerful manifestation so that our audience can understand how they can apply what you've learned into their situation.

In today's world today resources and tools. Does that make sense?

Perfect, perfect. So could you tell us a little bit about yourself in terms of your background, education and experience when it comes to helping business owners transform their business, with the power of manifestation, Yeah, absolutely? So I'm gonna rewind a little bit before and talk a little bit about the story that led me down the path to discovering them

to share like what being an entrepreneur was like for me before, You know I discovered the station and before it really transformed my own business.

So I started an E-commerce business almost seven years ago, so it was 2014 I still have that today. And the first couple of years were really tough. I struggled to get business to a level that was making decent money. I was frustrated all the time, I was doing a lot of things in the business that I freakin hated, or were just like taking a tonne of work, and I was getting exhausted, I was on the brink of giving up I actually started applying for nine-five jobs I actually had like total interviews in that fall of 2016.

I even had some offers, but something kept nudging me to keep going a little bit. And then in January of 2017, I had a pretty crazy life experience. So my mom and I were actually both diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The same month. So I was very fortunate that mine was fairly safe the only treatment that I needed was surgery, but my mom's journey ended up being a lot more challenging, she ended up needing chemo and on top of a much more difficult surgery than what I had. So this was a really huge wake-up call for me as you can imagine it completely turned my world upside down, and I was totally freaked out.

I decided to take a couple of months off I'm really doing much of anything, business or career-wise I gave up my job search and I just did the bare minimum to keep my E-commerce business alive.

So after a couple of months of that, after my body healed through surgery, I was able to go out on a fat country, mountain biking tracks in a national park here in the state, somebody may have heard of it, Canyonlands in Utah, with my husband, and some friends, and really for the first time since my, my mom's diagnosis, And, really, for longer than that, I started to really feel like myself, just being out in nature being disconnected from the world, just soaking up the sunshine helped me to start feeling connected to myself again. I felt this alive this that I hadn't felt in a really long time.

I realized I've been taking life for granted. I've been hustling my face off and I've just been trying to make this business work so hard, and I was burning myself out in a process. So, a few weeks later, after that trip in the desert, I got to fly home to spend some time with my family as my mom was going through her chemo treatments, and one day I was sitting with her new vision clinic and

I realized, like this is what life is about. It's about spending time with the ones that you love.

This is about making the most of the time that you have together on the planet. And it's about going on adventures and being friends and making memories. So I started living my life a lot more deliberately, you started saying yes to only the things that felt good, and knows the things that weren't lining me up. So prior to my diagnosis I'd been printing and shipping all my own products, going to the post office every day which I hated.

And I quickly decided after all this that I had to let that go. I began outsourcing my printing and shipping, and so I could really focus on more of the things that I love hearing. I designed all of my own products, I got to spend more time doing that, but also outside my business to spending more time exploring the great outdoors, visiting my family more often you know things that really made me happy on a soul level.

So about a year later, I let go of the crap that wasn't serving and things that I wasn't enjoying doing in my business, I'd be pretty good progress, I was almost at the point of replacing my nine to five income, but it still wasn't where I wanted to be. I was also really conscious of this fear cycle that I had going on I had, like I was still really afraid of cancer, cancer coming back, like what was going to happen to my mom, and how it was really getting in the way, I really had this awareness, that it was not really, but it didn't know how to let it go.

I knew I mean a lot of positive changes in my life after this life altering experience, but I still felt like I needed to break out of the cycle.

In order to get where I wanted to be. So, It was then I decided to hire a coach to help me get there. And she happened to be a manifestation expert, and she taught me all about how our thoughts, our emotions and our energy affect our reality. She taught me all about law of attraction, but she made it really simple, really easy, really fun, really easy to learn. So I ended up working with her for about three months one on one and then later on I joined her through programs, but when I finished that pretty much felt unstoppable.

I disappear that we believe that both in life and in business, and my business is growing faster than ever. I spent that summer living on the road with my husband and our camper van and I've really barely worked at all.

Yet my business has doubled over the previous year, and I was about to hit the mark. So as you can see like a lot of transformations in a short period of time.

That actually sounds fascinating. It's a very, very heartfelt story I can I can relate, especially with a lot of Intrapreneurs at the beginning these, always. I think we all face this cycle of you have work, you're working to get rid of work but you feel like you need to work more to get rid of it but it's a, it's a visual snowball that just keeps getting bigger, you try to get rid of it by making it bigger, which is, it's just not illogical so I'm curious to understand how, you know your experience how it went from, you know, I have all this work.

And the solution is to get rid of it and I got rid of it because most of the time what you hear is I have all this work I'm gonna work harder to get rid of it. And it's not usually it's not such a very new approach to art I've heard before, and I'm gonna try and dig deeper into that to try and understand how you went about that, but my next question what I had for you which is really at the top of my head here is, can you explain to us a little bit more of the roadblock that you faced at the beginning, when you were trying to transform your business, how you went about that

talks about feeling like you have to do all the things and you just feel like you constantly have to be working, and on this hamster wheel, and, you know like I think it's just a mindset that is especially prevalent in Western culture, especially in the United States, where we just think we have to be working all the time it's part of our culture and then we, you know, a lot of us who are entrepreneurs, most of us start out as employees, and you know we're pressured to skip vacations or work on vacations or work 5060 hours a week to get that promotion or whatever and we carry that over into our businesses, and that mindset doesn't actually serve us. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I totally agree.

I suppose my question about what I was looking for was in your mind. So let's say there's an entrepreneur who is sitting there, but I take myself as an example, I'm sitting there and I'm listening to this and I'm wondering, gosh, I'm really inspired but what was her first step, what she, what did she do first, to really get herself on that process of beginning, you know, to get rid of all this excess work because we are in this game to get rid of work, not to be working forever.

So what was your first step towards getting rid of your roadblock, which was, you know, holding you back?

Well, I mean, obviously I mentioned before hiring a coach, but, you know, you don't have to have a coach to do this work although I do highly recommend it.

When it comes to the first step, it's really about getting aware of your thoughts, getting aware of what stories, you're telling yourself over and over again, so that you can change them so you know like a story that I carried around for a long time is that I have to be working, you know, 50 hours a week in my business, in order to get to my goal as fast as possible. But that's just a belief.

That's just the story it's not facts.

it's a belief that a lot of entrepreneurs have, but once you have cultivate that awareness around what's going on inside of your head. As far as the stories you're telling yourself, then you have the power to say, Wait a second, is this story, serving me or do I want to change it to something that pushes me towards my goal faster.

I think that makes a lot of sense I think being conscious actually makes a lot of sense. And I suppose what would be the sign that, You know a person is holding themselves back how would you, because the reason why I'm asking this is because I've had coaches and I've heard some stories from other coaches have also said, and I think as entrepreneurs, there is this thing where it's easy to see when you need a physical solution to your problem, but sometimes it's harder to know that you need a solution that involves changing your mindset, because you know that to go there, you need to know what that you are ignorant of something that you don't know something, and the person who has it has to, has to teach you to transform your mindset, right. And so, I suppose what I'm trying to ask you here is, what kind of thoughts, would you say.

So, for what kind of thoughts should entrepreneurs be looking at to try and acknowledge, these are the thoughts that are holding me back. Does that make sense.

Yeah I mean I think you asked is just paying attention to not only your thoughts but your your feelings, your emotions, I mean if you are feeling drained or you're feeling like fearful of what might happen. Are you going to lose all your money. Are you feeling anxious about what the next steps are if you're feeling lost if you're feeling unclear, like if you're, you're feeling anything that has a negative energy around it.

That's a pretty good sign that there's some inner work that you probably should be doing to get past a loss. And part of what I do with my clients is to help them, recognise these blocks, so that they can then transform them.

Okay, yeah, yeah, see, yeah I think that makes it really clarifies a lot, especially for a business owner, what to keep an eye out for so that they know you know.

Okay, maybe not theirs but I should find a better way to look at this solution.

So what I'm going to do here is I'm going to switch gears a little bit and move on into the present where you are, so that the audience of the entrepreneurs can understand, and you know how they can go about getting the kind of results that you've achieved which is less work and more living, you know, taking more from your business.

So what I'm going to ask is a series of questions about how you will do it, if you had to start all over again from scratch, and strive to duplicate your results that you've had. So my first question here is, if you had to start over again with helping entrepreneurs, transform their business through manifestation in today's world, today's tools, and today's time constraints and all these other factors that are really just, you know, they're really distracting us how would you go about doing that.

I mean, one thing that I would change on my own journey.

You know, I would just have started earlier with this inner work of this becoming aware of your thoughts, your emotions, your stories and your beliefs like I started with that from the very beginning when I started my first business in 2014, because it would have allowed me to progress, so much more quickly and have a better time, you know, just have a better day it's just not taking too seriously.

From the very beginning, versus, you know, having to wait two and a half, three years before, you know I had a pretty traumatic event in my life, that woke me up to the possibilities that were out there.

So, hopefully that answers your question and I would just I would start with this, this inner work earlier on, you know, versus waiting.

Okay, and so would you at what stage of a business let's say as a business owner at what stage should you really be considering thinking okay I need this, right, because sometimes it's best to know to start working earlier before you're even acknowledging your thoughts, but sometimes you forget the reason why I'm asking this is because as business owners, One of the things that I've noticed, I've noticed from some of the interviews that we've gotten is sometimes we have this thing where we tell ourselves you know what, I'm too small, I'm gonna wait until later.

And by the time you come to ask really you realise you should have gone sooner, right. Sometimes it's better safe than sorry. And so what I'm trying to ask you here is, at what stage of business would you say an entrepreneur should really be considering. And you know, trying these options of doing the inner work so that they're aligning themselves with their life goals and business goals

specific milestone or a specific amount of money that you've made or a goal you've achieved or anything like that, I think it's, you know it's personal. I think if you are feeling stuck. If you're feeling burned out. If you're just not getting where you want. Then, you know, it's never a bad time to do this work, but I do tend to attract clients that have maybe been added for six months a year or longer and they're still not getting the results that they want, And they're kind of there, they're frustrated, they're ready to help.

Have somebody, you know, help them hold their hand and give them a little bit of push that they need to get over that hump. So it's not a like super specific answer but hopefully that answered your question. No, I think it's, I think it does address it.

I think it makes sense from my point of view that you know, sometimes we really just go and seek out the solution once we know what the problem is. And so in that case that is it, but I suppose what I was looking for is if you had to give an advice to entrepreneurs who are sitting there, they have these businesses, because at the end of the day, knowing how to prevent some problems really does help, and it does go a long way into keeping, not just your mindset correct but the decisions that you make as well because fear can be very big driving factor, I think you talked a little bit about fear there.

And for a lot of people.

Once the fear sets in, really, the option number two becomes option number one, and then when that happens, it's, it can become quicker and easier to give up, and what I'm trying to, I suppose to ask you is, so you have all these stages of businesses, and from what I've learned is that, as a business owner, you do need help at some stage.

And, from your experience having coached all these people. If you had to give them one message no one at this stage of the business, I would have gone and seek help if I could go that again I will tell myself to do that.

That is the kind of phrasing I'm trying to get from you, so that if someone is listening, they're like, oh god I should consider this now, or maybe, you know, put it up on my calendar so that it's a to do list that I'm going to go.

You're feeling like super inspired, you're taking action, you're really excited you're really pumped your vision, then maybe you're okay for now.

But I would say if you're you've been at it for a while, you're feeling frustrated you're stuck, you're, you know you're not at the level of income that you want, or you're hustling, your face off, you're not getting to spend the time that you want with your family or travelling or whatever it is that you desire, and you know you've been, you've been trying, you've been at this for months or even years, then, you know, it's probably time to look inward, you know it's probably not something that you're doing in your strategy, or in your, your actions you know it's not in your business plan necessarily pi not something wrong with what you're doing, it's probably more something on inside and when it's time to consider getting somebody to coach you through that they can get the other side of that for an hour and just ditch that overwhelm and get to that place of inspiration and excitement for your business.

Okay, okay, that makes sense. So my other question here is, you may have touched a little bit but I want to emphasize on a few key areas that is where should enterpreneurs focus their effort if they want to succeed in both the long term and short term in terms of, you know, transforming the businesses with the power of manifestation.

I would really focus on letting your inspiration to be your guide.

So I tell my clients and I teach them that. I don't want them to be taking action just for the sake of taking action. I want set action to excite them, I want them to feel on fire for what they're doing. I want them to feel super pumped because that is the indicator that they are on the right path. That is a sign that they are headed in the right direction when they have that passion in their heart, and they're just so excited to take the next step that they can't not see it. Like, that is, that is what I want. For the people that I work with and for all entrepreneurs, because you're doing action for action see things are gonna move a lot more slowly.

Okay, that makes sense as well. So my other question is do you have any tips in terms of time management when it comes to helping them you know transform the business department frustation.

That's a really good question.

Certainly, I think the biggest thing is just working, you know, working in a way that is smarter, that moves the needle forward and focusing, focusing on the things that are going to see new traction and that's something that I do help clients, Discover is what's actually moving the needle, versus, you know, spending all this time on like tweaking your website or working on your logo or, you know, things that don't really move the business forward or review much.

So focusing on results, generating activity activities that are making you results that can free your time. Is that what you're saying.

Awesome, awesome.

Okay so that's that's a that's a no done man diary down there I mean that's, that it makes sense, right, it's a, you want results, You focus on those. Okay, so I have another question here which is essentially, I suppose, would you say it's easier for intrapreneurs to get started today than when you got started I mean it's not that long ago, but I'm wondering, what's your opinion or what's your experience on that.

I think that

it's all about how you view it, I mean, yes, the barrier of entry is lower, even than it was seven years ago when I started my E-commerce business. The barrier is lower to start a business, there's so many awesome tools to create websites like payments, etc. And some people will say because of that, because there's more competition now. That means it's harder to get into business. My philosophy is a little different and I say, you have a choice in what story you tell yourself, I personally believe that we live in an abundant universe, and there's more than enough for everyone to be successful doing the things that they love.

So I would ask you entrepreneurs, What story they tell yourself, are you telling yourself that it's going to be easy, or it's going to be hard to get your business off the ground. You get to create your own reality, with your stories so if you're telling yourself business is harder than it used to be, it's gonna be harder. If you're telling yourself it's easy and there's enough to go around for everybody, then that will be the truth.

That resonates with me I love that message, it makes a lot of sense. I mean, we are creating they shouldn't be last if you're creating more right, it makes so much sense. Yeah, thank you. Okay, I'm gonna ask you one of my final questions is, what final thoughts do you have to help intrapreneur motivate them towards, you know, getting started and take, you know, to help them transform the business with department PlayStation, to take it to the next level like you have done.

Yeah, absolutely. I mean I would really, you know, what we talked about before, we're really paying attention to your thoughts and the stories that you're telling yourself. I would really spend some time getting also clear on what it is that you want. What do you desire. In this picture, you know, whether that's, a year from now, five years 10 years 20 years down the road like, what do you want your life to look like.

What experiences do you want to have, like what kind of money do you want to be earning in your business like what is that money gonna allow you to have in your life.

Is it travel is this a second home. Is it helping, you know 1000 People, or 100,000 people or whatever it is we get super clear on what your desires are, because a lot of times we don't stop to do that, and then we end up creating something that we're not entirely happy with, but when you're very very clear, it's much easier to point your compass in that direction, and start moving in that direction.

Wow, very powerful you're really inspiring to you.

Thank you so much, Julia for this great interview, I am sure that entrepreneurs in our audience have learned a lot, based on what you've shared and how to get started with transforming their business with the power of manifestation and how they can use that to learn more and how they can use that in their own situations.

So thank you very very much on sharing your expertise and experience so kindly.

Can you tell us a little bit more about you and how our entrepreneurs can learn more about you? Where can we find out more about you?

So you can check out my website over at Julia

You can learn all about my signature program, which is called the effortless entrepreneur it's three months, private, one on one coaching programs. And I also have a really powerful visualization over at,

You can download that for free, and it will help you get clarity on that big business vision, and the vision for your life and you're going to feel inspired to take action that actually does move the needle, and you're going to feel more relaxed too this is a very peaceful, relaxing visualization.

Just going to help you drop into that heart space, connect with that higher version of yourself. And that's really the perfect way to manifest anything from, whether it's in your life or your business.

So, again, go check that out through

Yes, I would highly recommend that especially if you're in this business and you want to learn how to work less than you ever thought possible before because the goal of this game is to ditch work, and to go into the adventures that we are so inspired to go about, you know, because I actually love biking as well so

and so you love mountain biking,

I was like, yes, no, I really loved because I was in Canada, a few years ago and I did a few routes, backing up there and The experience is really thrilling the adventures, you know, traveling to countries, so I can understand that the passion of,

you know,

leaving the desk, and then going out and then coming back when you need to but not staying there and being stuck there.

So thank you so much for that positive message, and for the inspiring story as well.

And thank you to all the entrepreneurs on the audience for joining us on this amazing interview on how to get started transforming your business with the power of manifestation, from the expert Julia Baldwin Taylor,

again I recommend going and check out more on her website, especially the visual manifestation guide that has to offer. I'm sure myself quick I like cheat guides that take you to the, to the results faster.

So again, I am Herbert innocent, and thank you so much for joining us on this episode of The Virtual Entrepreneur, and I'd like to invite you to go and check out Julia's business, which is Julia Baldwin,, today, and so you can learn more about how to succeed on building and transforming your business, with the power of manifestation.

and as always, have a wonderful day.



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