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Trust: How to build Trust with your Affiliate Marketing Customers.

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Ways to build trust with your affiliate marketing customers.

Today we are talking about how to build trust with your affiliate marketing customers.

Now, before we jump into that, if you're new to this episode, we have been talking about affiliate marketing in our past few episodes, and we touched on profitable niches.

So we talked about how you can go into the three core markets and carve yourself a very high profitable niche that you can start promoting affiliate marketing products to. And then we talked about fast selling products. And we mentioned how you can find your competition, and use your competition to your advantage to generate those Commissions faster.

And then we also talked about fast hot traffic.

We mentioned how you could go and find the traffic of buyers who wants to buy your favourite products from you right now.

And then we used to talk about several of the things we talked about, about how to get more sales, more clicks, more customers for your affiliate marketing, so if you missed any of those episodes. I want you to go back and listen to those episodes, and then come back and listen to this episode, and everything will make sense because we are building upon every episode as we go. And the goal is to give you as much information about affiliate marketing, before you jump into it, or even if you've already jumped into it, it'll help you understand the overall of how everything is working.

So now that's it.

Let's jump right in.

Why do you want to build trust with your affiliate marketing customers?

Well, when it comes. I think the question there should be, what should you build trust with your affiliate marketing customers. And it comes down to three things. The first thing is affiliate marketing is in a leadership role, right,

you are going to your ideal customers wherever they are sitting on their social media platforms on YouTube on Google and Pinterest, on all these platforms where they're engaging friends and families and searching for answers to their questions in everyday life.

And the truth is in life we have all sorts of problems and questions that we want answers to, whether it's spiritual questions, or whether it's just general, day to day questions let's say about how I don't know you fix how to fix your window panes, or how to where to get new bed night bed stand, lamps, whatever it is.

We have a tonne of questions every single day. And as an affiliate marketer you.

Your aim is to lead people from where they are to the products that they want, right. So, being able to build that trust means that they can follow you back and listen to your words and advice, and so that's very important. The next thing is you want to inspire them to educate them, some problems, and some questions are not very easily explained.

So what do you want to be able to do is, You are able to educate them on those things. So

for example

if you're promoting products in the health and relationships markets. You want to be able to provide really useful and trustworthy information because if you don't, then you could really damage someone else's life, or relationships and or parenting, you know, your, your information could have a devastating effect on someone else.

And so you want to be able to inspire and educate and use the right information because they're putting trust in you in trying to make that purchase.

And the other thing why you should build trust with your affiliate marketing is because you want them to commit to something.

So for example

if you look in the health or dieting niche that's going to be committed, even in the relationships, and in, in the wealth niche, it takes time to build momentum to build those, those resources to start getting results. And so it's going to be acquiring a commitment and as an affiliate marketer, you're asking someone not just to make a purchase but to commit to a specific plan for a specific period of time, so they can get the results they want. And

so being able to build their trust means that you can get them to start doing the things that will benefit them.

Now that we've talked about why you should build trust with your affiliate marketing, customers.

The next thing we want to talk about is how you, how do you go about building trust with your affiliate marketing customers.

The best way to do that is to start by gently being professional. And what we mean by that is using professional we'll email address, and using professional website landing pages, you know, creating con content. And here what I mean is, if you are addressing your affiliate marketing customers you want to appear in a professional manner you want to be a thought leader you want to be the person that they can go to for expert information.

And so by using professional email address by using the professional website, professional website address means that you are serious about what you're doing in helping your affiliate marketing customers go from where the to the solutions that they want.

Also, you need to create content that has value to your affiliate marketing customers. Because at the end of the day, affiliate marketing isn't about you as a person, it's more about your affiliate marketing customers and how you are helping them to go from point A, which is where they are, where they understand where they're struggling with a problem and questions and roadblocks to the result that they want on the other side. And so creating content that has the value that educates but also inspires about the problems and the questions and the roadblocks that they have on their mind becomes something that only an expert will do.


And so you doing that for your affiliate marketing customers puts you as an expert.

So the next thing is leadership is great in many senses but leadership by example is the best kind of leadership and so using testimonials and showing them how they can get the results they want using very concrete step by step tutorials for graphic, ebooks, there's a lot of resources, but being able to use examples, means that you can really gain that trust from your audience because they can see how you arrive at the result. And that means being truthful about the information that you are sharing with them.

So you can see there is a lot of ways to start getting trust with your affiliate marketing customers.

The final thought is not to misuse that trust because there is a lot of people in these markets that want to make a quick sale and will say and do anything, just to make the sales because they don't care what happens after.

But the truth is, you are talking to another person you are helping them reach you, they will go and if you are going to promote something that's unethical, then you're doing a disservice to anyone to yourself and anyone else in the future because the more mistrust, there is the harder it becomes to generate those sales but also to be able to help your ideal prospect go from A to B, which is where they want to be. And so it's something that is harmful, not just in the short term but also in the long term.

And most of you that programme programmes will actually remove you for that which is really good because you're doing a disservice to everyone. There is no benefit in taking shortcuts.

Now, especially if they are unethical. And so they've put trust in you. the last thing you can do is break that.

Right before I ramble on. Thank you so much for tuning in on this episode, and we'll talk together on our next episode, good evening.



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