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How to Find & Target your Perfect Customers (Who Want to Buy from You – NOW!)

Updated: May 6, 2021

How to Find your Perfect Customers for Your Website

Today we are talking about how to get more leads, more sales, and more Fans.

Join me on this episode of The Virtual Entrepreneur.

Now, one of the biggest things you may have known, is we have been talking about how to start affiliate marketing, online, and I have been going through a sequence of telling you exactly the steps that I’m involved in what to know so that you have a roadmap in your mind when you’re jumping into the affiliate marketing industry.

And today I’m talking about customers, and how to find the perfect customers for your affiliate marketing. So in the past few episodes, we talked about, first finding the niche.

And then we talked about finding the affiliate marketing product. And then, today we’re talking about finding the customers.

And so, we say that the three core markets, and if you haven’t listened to the past episodes, I want you to go back and we listen to them very carefully because I covered a lot of very important information that helped to get a bigger picture of what’s happening overall.

So We Mentioned That There 3 Core Markets

and we said that because these three core markets have so many businesses and industries within them.

We need to focus we need to dig deeper and we need to carve ourselves a small section of the market that we can really target to get effective results, and we said that we can think of this as a red ocean right is a lot of competitions, a lot of sharks in the red ocean, and we want to cover a small piece that is a blue ocean, so we can start targeting that.

and talked about how to find a highly profitable niche.

So if you consider the wealth market, right out of the three markets which are health, wealth, and relationships if you consider the wealth market. If you cover that a little bit you go into the E-business and E-marketing, but we need to cover that a little deeper again.

And when you do that you can go and something like Facebook ad copywriting for small fitness businesses. Now we’ve covered also a very, very specific niche that we can target.

When the goal here is to find people who are already in this market, and learn what they’re doing, so that we are not reinventing the wheel, we are not the first one because being the first one is very expensive.

You have to test a lot of things you have to make sure that the market is willing to buy the affiliate marketing product, and all these things and when you’re starting as an affiliate.

This is not a very profitable way for you to invest your money or time so you want to make sure that you’re picking an affiliate marketing product that people are promoting and has good reviews and things like that.

So the focus today is finding your competition, Your competition’s customer source.

The Art Of War, For Your Business

When you do that you’re going to discover a few things. And there are many ways to find where your competition is getting customers and one of them is just using the Web tools, such as


These two allow you to put a website, any website and then you’ll see where their customers are coming from. And the beautiful thing about this is if you can trace back where the customers are coming from.

You’re able to see the ads that are being run

and is used to drive customers to that website and you can model that strategy and get customers from the same place.

And the reason why this is very important is that we don’t need to create customers that already exist.

These are the people who are going to become our prospects, and we are going to convert them into our buyers, they’re going to become our lifelong customers, clients, and fans.

And so, they already exist online, they’re a social media platform on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube watching videos, these are people like you and me.

And so we don’t need to go around trying to create,

Hide and Seek, For Your Business

We just need to find where they are...

and drive them from where they are to our website to the clink to our affiliate link, which we are promoting.

And by the way, if you want more leads, more customers, and more fans.. then check this bad boy out

Moving on...

So if you take for example, if you go to Facebook, and if you wanted to see ads that are being run from Facebook, as simple as

an example, you can go to the Facebook Ads Manager, and then from there you can search your competition or anyone whose business you already know, and you’ll see what kind of ads they’re running to drive customers to their website.

You can also see what kind of words are being used.

This was called copywriting.

What kind of copy? they’re using ad copy, they’re using Facebook to drive customers back to their website.

And this is important for your research because it gives you a sense of what kind of visuals, the people in those niches are expecting, and are reacting to, and what kind of key phrases words, and keywords, are effective to those people.

You can use these same keywords in your copywriting and in your ads, and in your opt-in pages and to promote the content and the link so that you can get more sales.

Monkey See, Monkey Do, For Your Business

And so the goal here becomes to model, what your competition is doing.


So once you find all these ads what you can do is you can check how long they’ve been running. If it’s been running for a month, two months and you know it’s a profitable ad.

Because obviously, you know it’s effective, because it costs money to keep an ad running, and you wouldn’t keep it running if you were not getting anything for it.

If it’s not very efficient at generating any leads.

And so you can model those, and the best way to do it is simply if it’s a photo, you can find similar photos from stock photos, or you can just hire someone from if it’s a graphics, you can hire someone on Fiverr or freelancer to create something similar,

NOT the same!

but similar.

Then you can use similar words to start driving customers using the very very simple modeling techniques now.

One big challenge might be that you still need to target your audience using psychographics and demographics.

The best way to know more about this will be if we dig deeper into understanding where customers are right, but we’ll get into that in our next episode. For now, I want you to focus on modeling, now that we know what kind of ads are.

The Next Step is to Create Your Own Ads

So as I mentioned, you can hire somebody from Fiverr and you can create a similar copy by modeling what your competition is already doing, because it’s a good test that and they know that works, then you can start promoting your affiliate marketing product in the exact same place.

And if you offer a structured, right, you should be able to spend a lot more money, and still get a lot more results in return.

So this is why it’s important to make sure that you know about the affiliate marketing product that you’re using to promote on the back end, and the upsells.

That way you know how much you can spend on ads and still break even.

And so, I’m going to keep this episode short for today, and I’m going to explain that at the end of our next episode what we’re gonna do is we’re going to talk more about Facebook ads, as

an example, and places where you can go to learn more about your dream customer, so you can really drive them into your affiliate marketing product that we can really promote them that we can really know who you’re selling to.

So, that said, That is us on this episode.

If you want more clicks, more sales ad more profits… Follow me, learn how to build a successful online business, so you can live life on your own terms.

Thank you so much for tuning in. I hope you enjoy your day and I’ll see you in the next episode of The Virtual Entrepreneur.

Have a good evening.



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