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Updated: May 6, 2021

What Affiliate Marketing tools do you need to start affiliate marketing?

Hello everyone and today on the episode of The Virtual Entrepreneur.

We'll be talking about Affiliate Marketing tools. These Affiliate Marketing tools are very good for your business. And so they'll also be very useful for affiliate marketing.

If you're new to this episode of this channel, podcast, what we usually talk about is mostly marketing and how to get traffic. And in the past few episodes, we talked about the Affiliate Marketing niches how to go into the three core markets and carve yourself out a niche. We talked about Affiliate Marketing products.

How to find yourself affiliate marketing products and how to use your competition to your advantage. We also talked about how to find your perfect ideal customers who want to buy from you right now. And then we went on and talked about emailing list. How to build one and get more clicks more sales and more profits.

And then, in our last episode, we talked about skills, How to Start, even if you do not have affiliate marketing skills.

So, if you haven't heard any of those episodes.

Go back to the past few blogs or episodes of the podcast, and listen to those who read those, and when you're done you can come back and continue here because all you're doing is we are continuing, helping you understand more about affiliate marketing as a beginner, so you can jump in and get started today, because I believe that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start a business, with very little cost.

And especially since it's still very much growing as fast as it can, I suppose.

So with that said, let's jump right in.

So what is it that you are trying to do when you're doing affiliate marketing?

Well, the first thing that I need you to realize is that affiliate marketing is a business.

And it's a business of marketing to people accept, except you are not marketing your own product, your marketing, a product from other companies.

Excuse me there.

Yes, I'm drinking tea while I'm filming or recording this podcast.

So, if that is what affiliate marketing is about, then the create three very big things that we need to do in affiliate marketing is we need to educate our ideal customers.

We need essentially to find hot, warm, or cold traffic.

So for example,

if the traffic is very cold. What we mean is our ideal customers are so far behind on their journey, so they won't be able to make a purchase unless they know more, and what they need to know is they need to know what the problem they're facing is they need to know what the solution, they're facing is, and they need to know who has the solution.

Once they know all those three key things we can now consider them as hot traffic. And that means this traffic is ready to buy from you because they know how you can give them the result in the benefits that they are looking for. So educating your prospects, your ideal customers means that you can get them to take out their credit card and make a purchase, you need to inspire them.

So what do I mean here you have a solution that they want, but for most people. We still want to know how that solution will help us. Right, all we can think about is a problem that we have, maybe it's back pain, maybe, knee pain, all we can think about is the pain.

Being able to inspire us to create a message that shows us how we are going to get relief from this pain, right, taking us from, on the other side of the bridge where we are, which is where we are feeling all this pain to the side where we don't feel that pain anymore.

And depending on what you're selling, what you're promoting as an affiliate marketer, you may end up realizing that some things are easier to sell than others, some things are easier to promote than others and the reason is very very very simple.

Something things, we can see the benefits immediately like health, wealth and relationships, but sometimes some products are so specifically niched that you have to explain the benefits beyond just, you know, the general type of you know benefits. So for example, one example I once heard of is men's laser braid blades for shaving right.

So if you are selling or promoting men's laser blades for shaving,

then you need to consider what are the benefits beyond just improving health because most people have a beard and they feel healthy.

So why are they shaving and so knowing those reasons, be able to create that bridge that gaps from the problem to the solution? And in this case, most companies would use their message and create the bridge of relationship, right, shave so it can improve your relationships.

Right, attract more women, or something like that.

Now, the next thing that we need to look at. Affiliate marketing is the business of getting a response, what do I mean by that.

When you're marketing your goal is to get someone to take any action, whether it's to look at an ad or a website to click a link to make a phone call, wherever it is, but their goal is usually to do something, it's you don't just marketing for mattering sake your market so that people can take an action. And so because that is the reason why you market.

The second important thing that you need to realize is that you're going to need Affiliate Marketing tools that can show you the effect of your efforts if that makes sense. You need to be able to measure results.

So, with that said, some of the best Affiliate Marketing tools that you will need for your affiliate marketing. You will need Affiliate Marketing tools for creating videos and blogs. And when you're starting out, I recommend simple free tools like Canva. I use Canva, all the time. And it's free to use and you can create simple short videos. You can also create simple, short, images, editing them for your blogs, and then you may need a tool for writing your blogs. Right. And then the next thing you're gonna you're going to need is, you will need

Affiliate Marketing tools for allowing your ideal customer to take action. And these are tools, copywriting tools, right. So you need to understand, copywriting.

You don't need to master each night fully but you need to have the tools you need to help you learn it quicker. Right. And there's a copywriting book that I use personally, it really helps you understand your ideal customer so you can target them, so you can find them and so you can talk to them more effectively.

You'll also need email software so you can talk to your ideal customer. I use getresponse, and I have a link in the description if you want to get a free 30-day trial. And the reason why I really really love getresponse as opposed to other Affiliate Marketing tools that I've used before is that I can really see the metrics I can track.

People who have clicked, I can see it's quite an intuitive dashboard you can see a lot of things, and it helps you decide what to do next.

And then you also need a landing page builder. Now, a landing page builder is simply going to be a tool for building a landing page, a simple one-page website. And the

the reason, why you need a landing page builder instead of a website builder, is because a landing page builder allows you to test.

Remember I said about being able to getResponse, and being able to test to get results. Being able to test which of your landing pages is getting the best result is really, really important. And it saves you a lot of money because that's times, just changing the headline on the tofi landing page could dramatically increase your conversion rate. And if you're getting a 300% increase in conversion rate. You know you.

That's a lot of savings just from you as a marketer. So, when you're choosing Affiliate Marketing tools, choose them from a business point of view. Right. You want tools that are gonna last, or you're gonna use in a long term.

So you want reliable Affiliate Marketing tools.

If you're building a house you want to build a house on solid ground, right, and so you're starting affiliate marketing, use solid tools have a list of Affiliate Marketing...

That's it Thank you so much for joining me on this episode... I'll talk to you on our Next episode of the Virtual Entrepreneur.



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