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To Virtual Entrepreneurs Who Want To Increase Revenue – but Can't Get Started

Have you ever wondered how does marketing drive up revenue for your small business?

Well in this episode we're gonna be covering how to use marketing for your small business to get in front of high quality, high paying clients interested, clients, and then it's going to be covering how to essentially sell your programs, your services, your products, as well as your event, while you sleep, all using marketing and the last piece we're going to cover is how to position yourself as a knowledgeable experts in your field, or using marketing.

With that said, let's jump right in. Hello everyone and welcome to this podcast of the virtual entrepreneur if you're new to this podcast Welcome. I am your host, Herbert innocent, and this is the go to podcast for entrepreneurs who see their business as a vehicle for change. Look, I bring you the tips this trick, the tricks and the big secrets, the how-tos and the success stories, the success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe. And on our previous episode, my friends, we covered a very big topic which is content marketing for small businesses to increase brand awareness. So if you didn't get a chance to listen to that episode, I want you to stop.

Go back to that episode, and listen on how to use content marketing for your small business to increase brand awareness and with that said, You'll also find the notes from a previous episode at the website Herbet marketing that is, h e r v e r t marketing

With that said, as I mentioned before. In this episode, we're going to be covering on how you can get in front of high quality, high paying clients interested, clients, we are going to be covering how to sell your product services, as well as events on autopilot how to sell them while you sleep. And then key points are going to touch on on this episode.

The last key point is going to be how to position yourself as a knowledgeable expert, all using marketing.

With that said, let's jump right in. So, when it comes to getting in front of your buyers one of the key things that we want to use here is usually a lead generation strategy. And what do I mean by this. So, essentially, by using and utilising a lead generation strategy what it means is we are able to qualify. All our ideal clients.

So what do I mean by qualified. So for example, imagine you have all these clients are coming to you and they want your services. Some of those clients you do not want to serve, simply because they may not be at the right stage for you to be able to serve them as well as you want to serve them. And some of them have different outcomes that they want and they may not fully understand that your product may not give them that outcome and if you serve this client you may do a very well.

Good job, a superb extraordinary job, but they may still not be happy with your services, not because you did something wrong, but simply because they didn't know what your service has to offer them.

And so, this becomes very very important to have a process through which you go about qualifying your ideal, you know, leads your ideal prospects so that by the time you're serving them, you're working with somebody who's enthusiastic who's excited who's going to use the results to benefit themselves, and take themselves to the next level. They want results and I give them. The next thing is the lead generation process here is and allow us to capture those type of clients and to put them in a very unique place, which you call an email list, essentially, we are taking all these people who are random, visitors at our website or at our content.

They're coming from a multitude of, you know, places, or they're coming from many many directions they may be coming from YouTube, it'd be coming from all these other platforms, some of them we don't even know they just stumbled into our content, and then we're converting them into, you know, a list of prospects, whoever, who have, essentially, they want an interest in what we have to do what we have to offer what we can do for them, and that becomes a key goal here.

And then the third part, which is essentially building credibility, right, we want to step ourselves as a person who can essentially help them as an expert who knows what you're doing. And the best way to do that is essentially not just talk or show or. So it's not just to just talk and claim make big claims without a backup, but actually, give them value with the first incident with the first chance we get. Because in an online world.

People's attentions are so difficult to maintain because there are so many things that are distracting them right at anyone at any one given day, people have so many tabs open. So by being able to give them value, instantly, we're able to establish that credibility and rapport and instantly start turning them into my ideal prospect so we use a lead generation process to get our ideal customer and clients into that stage. The next stage is we want to start selling our, you know, products, services, as well as events, and all these other things, even if it's books on autopilot, to sell them while you're sleeping.

To do that, we use a follow-up strategy, and to go about building this follow-up strategy, we need to understand something. We need to understand our ideal clients and our follow-ups, and the follow up solid allows us to do that to understand our clients what their objections are, what their questions are, what their roadblocks that they're facing, are, as well as what other solutions they possibly have tried because when a client comes to you, the chances are they've tried a lot of other things.

They've thought of this they've thought of that. And at some point it didn't work, they gave up, they realise you know this is not going to work so when they come to you they're fed up they've tried or they feel like they've tried it all, they probably haven't, but they feel like they've tried it all. And so, it is in your best interest as an expert to position yourself with a position that you understand them.

So you can help them through that. And the best way of doing that is using a follow up strategy and the next thing is you can also use this to build a report right by sharing content that allows you and them to connect maybe have similar interests, maybe they have something that will set a liking about you to trust you enough to make take that initial step of making a purchase, and that becomes a very powerful important step in your follow up strategy, right, because the last thing you want is, you know, to be selling product without any credibility, without any report because when people. I heard someone I had Tony Robbins says that report is power, because when you have report.

One of the things that happens is people start liking you and liking you, they trust you enough to take that risk and make a purchase. So that becomes the goal of having a report, and to do that you need a follow up strategy, because it takes some customers. If you follow up, to be able to essentially communicate with them and get a report and that's when we're in the third thing that you're really going to be utilising here is to be able to essentially go about filling your bands with audience because when you launch a new event, let's say it's a web class or it's a coaching class, or it's a group coaching, or it's just a webinar, right, this event, when only has one person, it doesn't feel like an event with people and a lot of, you know, entrepreneurs struggle with filling up events because they don't have the right process in place to be able to allow them to sell their events webinars, as well as services and products on autopilot, right. We feel like they have to be doing this all the time and it's difficult to do it one on one, but if you can have a process in place to do it automatically, even when you're asleep, especially in different time zones, then you wake up to an event that is full of people.

Right, and by the time you're ready to go about present all these audiences are excited and ready to hear about it, they all qualify, they're all interested in what you have to say they know exactly what they're walking into. And that's the powerful thing about this, which is being able to fill up your events programmes, as well as any webinars shows or seminars, if that's what you're hosting, and then the next thing is we have a way that you to position yourself as an expert and knowledgeable expert, right. And the best way to go about doing that is, first of all to bring a very build a very strong presence. Right. So building a very strong presence and in social media, or building a very strong presence on your website by showing that your content is more current, you know it's updated and the reason of this violation of some of the, you know, some of the GDPR.

Some of those rules they have for being on the internet or website. DP or sorry, the word is just not clicking. So, yeah, for several of those rules on the internet right, you know the privacy policy on all these things are up to date, right, but also, not just that but also your information, because you're gonna keep your content, easy to consume but also to navigate and to engage with, and the best way to do that. When you do that you build a very strong presence, credible presence because a lot of clients and customers will use your online website as their first source of credibility.

And then the next thing is, it becomes a source of, you know, getting more exposure right so you're building credibility. The next thing you want is more exposure, then how do you go about getting an exposure, right, and content marketing does that for you. Right. It gets you into more spaces into more places where your ideal clients can learn more about you, what you do and how you can help them.

Right, you can address their questions their problems, their roadblocks, as well as any of you know, dissatisfactions or concerns they may have with the previous product that they bought that may not have been from you, but they still have concerns that maybe your products are going to be similar. And that's one of the big things here that we can address with content strategy. And then the last thing that we want to cover with our content strategy is, how to automatically get clients who love your work, right, and because you've put all this strategy in place that communicates your message, consistently, professionally, and well integrated.

Then you are positioning yourself, where you're only attracting people who have an interest and actually love what you do, why you do it how you do it, it served them well on their mission it serves them well on what they want to do when they serve them work with what they want to achieve. So it addresses their questions.

Their roadblocks their problems, as well as the results that they want, and the best way to go about doing that is, as I said, to position yourself as a knowledgeable expert. Right, so that is it. On this episode on how does marketing, drive up your revenue for your small business, so if you want to get started or if you have any questions go to Herbet marketing help calm, where we'll be happy to get started on helping you drive up your revenue using marketing. With that said, you can find the notes of this episode at Herbert Mack, which is h e r b e r t marketing and I'll be happy to get started with that, thank you so much for tuning in. On this episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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