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Time: How to Start Affiliate Marketing even if you don't have Time

Today we are talking about time management and motivation. More importantly, how to do your affiliate marketing. If you don't have enough time or you don't find the motivation to do it.

So there's a lot in terms of time management and motivation is a lot of content out there. But what I wanted to focus on here was in relation to affiliate marketing.

In the past few episodes we've been we've been talking a lot about affiliate marketing, we've talked about the profitable niches and we went in and talked about the three core markets and how you can go into the three core markets and carve yourself as a particular niche that you have interested in.

Then we also talk about finding fast selling products and how to use your competition to your advantage, so that you can find those high converting products for paid marketing. We also talked about hot fast traffic.

And what we meant by that was how to go and find the hot buyers who want to buy from your product who wants to buy your product right now. Then we also talked about skills and tools, and what to do if you don't have a lot of those, so you do not stuck, all the time there is many, many options.

Then last but not least in the past few to three episodes we talked about more clicks, more sales, and more customers for you, affiliate marketing,

So if you haven't heard of any of those episodes, I urge you to go back. Listen to those and then come back, we'll still be here, and this will make very much a lot more sense. So, today we are talking about how to do affiliate marketing if you don't have time or if you have time but are finding yourself in a position where you're not very motivated.

Now, when it comes to mastering affiliate marketing, time management, there's really only three big things to be thinking about. The first thing is your goal. When it comes to affiliate marketing your goal is very very simple it is to find a stream of endless buyers who want to buy your product. And if you can automate the process of finding those buyers, then all the work becomes really really easy.

Now the problem is, it takes time before you can automate everything. That is the beginning there's a lot of work, building up everything, all the systems before you can automate them. And the next thing is when you're doing affiliate marketing, time management, there's usually two processes that you can go about the first process is, do it yourself, DIY, right, that is you try to build all the landing pages that is you try to write all the emails.

You try to connect all your funnel systems, your say your affiliate links with your messages, all this stuff. And usually, when you're doing that, it can be tedious because some steps are not necessary because someone else may have already done that. So you don't have to do that if they want to see if someone already did that for you. Right. And it can get quite tedious as a result.

And the next process will be done for you.


And the done for you process is simple, that's when you find someone else who has done a lot of what you're trying to do. And then you use the system and just adjust and adjust and adjust it, or

tweak it to fit what you're trying to do. Sorry, there has been a long day. So, when you do things that way, it means you can get a lot more done faster without getting tired. And as the days go on, you can improve, and you end up with a complete system that is tailored to you and your audience without ever having had to do everything at the beginning by yourself. Because the biggest challenge that we face is not that the workload is too much or is too hard. It's that at the beginning it can feel like a lot, too much too fast, too soon. And so what you want to do is you want to just put the necessary processes in place, and then whatever else is left to do it later.

And I'll give you an example here.

I was once reading blogs, trying to understand how other people are writing blogs, trying to find, easy ways to get my content out there. And one of the things I read about was how someone else said they publish their blogs before editing, and I thought that was really cool. I didn't go and read the entire blog, I wasn't very much into it but I skimmed through the book and the gist was that the gist of it was that if, for some of us we are perfectionist, if we tried to edit we try to do so much and it ended up taking, taking a lot of time.

And that is true for me as well. So what I did was ever since that day I decided I'm just gonna correct the spelling's after reading it, and then publish and then as the days go by. Then after editing it, right. And the reason why I think that's a really good strategy is that it takes few days for Google to start ranking up your blogs anyway. And so in those few days, while you're waiting, you might as well keep on creating other content.

Then whenever the time is coming in, editing, improving it as you go, because it's not a one-shot, get it all hit or miss. Right. It's an incremental thing it takes time, and gradually improved as you go.

So, that aside.

Now that we've talked about affiliate marketing, time management.

The next thing I want to talk about is how to stay motivated in your affiliate marketing.

Now the best thing that I've learned about staying motivated ie affiliate marketing is having the right reasons, if you're doing it for the right reasons that go beyond the Commission's, then it will help you in the long term strategic thinking, but it also helps you see the benefits, even before you start seeing the sales sometimes.

Because usually, if your goal is to help people then if you help one person that is motivating but if your goal is to make money if you just get one sale. It may not be as motivating as helping one person. And so having the right mindset, really, really helps.

The other thing is being result-oriented, right, measuring and testing the results, so that you're always improving them because of one thing.

I've come to learn about affiliate marketing is that you are doing marketing, and the best way to make the most out of it is to make sure that with every effort you put in, you know exactly what you're getting out. And the best way to do that is if you can measure your traffic. If you can measure conversions if you can measure all your results from your efforts. Even in buying ads as well. Right.

So that would be the other thing there. And then the last thing is passion. If you're doing for passion, it definitely goes a long way. I've seen a lot, it does go a long way.

Simply from building several businesses in the past I've learned that if it's passion, you are willing to crank in those 18 hours just to get things done, and that makes a big difference because, at the beginning, it can be quite a lot of work now with affiliate marketing, the beginning that can be very little work especially if you using the done for you systems or other people already use like partner with Anthony live this system already done for you, you get your lead pages already done the emails already written for you.

And all you have to do is just connect them and it's very very simple. And there is no you have to connect them as because you will essentially be directing them to affiliate links, So it makes sense that you connect them.

Aside from that, that is really it from today's episode. Thanks so much for tuning in and I'll talk to you on our next episode. Good evening.



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