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Three Powerful Tricks to Grow Your Business - No Practice Needed

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Beyond Getting Traffic - 3 Great Ways To Make More Sales And Grow The Business

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. I am your host Herbert innocent and today we'll be sharing with you three very powerful tricks to grow your traffic and business and no practice is needed.


So if you've ever thought about going beyond getting traffic, right, we're going to show you the three great ways not just to grow your traffic but also to make more sales and grow your business.

It always comes down to three, it always comes down to one, two, or three things that you do that really improve your love which conversions, whether it's SEO, whether it's organic traffic, or whether it's discovering those customers. It really always comes down to improving what you already have a strong foundation is how any big building any big house or Empire is really built.

It's a strong foundation.

So the number one thing that I'm going to share with you the first trick or the first secret is really it's not even a secret anymore.

It's the titles, write titles or headlines.

Now, you probably have heard this a million times but I'm going to try and go a little bit into details about why titles and why headlines in a moment. So the reason why it's titled A headline is the first thing anyone ever sees is going to be the title of something.

And the title will tell them either to keep going or just stop right there. This is not for them at any one moment.

And if you've ever driven on a highway, you know on the long drive you and then you realize after halfway there. You don't even remember what happened you're almost like you weren't even there. time just flew by because you weren't paying attention or you're basically driving on autopilot.

The majority of us are so focused or are so disconnected from the things that we do on a daily basis.

To the point where the majority of our time was spent on autopilot even when we are searching for something. We are on autopilot. We basically just have a search intent and then everything else is taken over by autopilot and then we are thinking you're wondering and all these ideas.

We're not even paying attention and your headline should be able to stop somebody should grab their attention, right?

Your headline should be able to address and grab the attention you need to address key core problems that your ideal customers are facing. It may be traffic in my case traffic. Maybe that conversion, maybe SEO may be getting new traffic to the website to increase the e-commerce business, right?

So whatever it is for you, you need to address those key questions, those key problems you need to address those key concerns you need to address those key results that your customers want in your headline, right?

And then you also need to address the key solution if possible. And the best simplest headline formula that I know of would be how to get x without y. Right? And what I mean by that is how to get this benefit without these headaches, right? Without this problem. Right?

So if you can use that it's a very simple, powerful way to basically talk about the benefits and the result that your ideal customers want, and then without the problems right now the benefit of using these headlines and very powerful titles, as I say it is you get someone's attention and you get someone to basically stop operating on autopilot and pay you attention because they are paying that is something they are paying.

It's a resource and it's limited, right because now they're not scheming anymore. They're giving you that attention. It's a very valuable resource. They're gonna give it to you.


And what that means for you then is you're able to build your authority in the market space, you're able to basically you're able to go to your customers in the marketplace and bring them back to your store, right?

You're able to get found more by your dream customers and you're able to speak directly to the hearts and minds because now you're talking about something that concerns them.

Right now, enough about the first thing that, and by the way, if you have questions about this, you can always email us at

Herbert marketing help goes to the website or but sorry, at the virtual intrapreneurs that's virtual dash intrapreneurs that comm is the email address that you can send us any questions and we'll try our best to address that.

Now secret number two, that you want to focus on secret or the trick.

The second trick is to qualify your ideal prospect.

What do I mean by this? I mean, ask them key questions. Yes, you may be writing content online, but you need to ask them key questions to qualify them about the problems about the solution.

And what this does is it basically gets them to engage with your content, because they have to realize that your content is static. You have to realize that they have a very small window of opportunity that has grabbed their attention next you need to get them to justify to themselves why they're paying and why they're making this payment of attention to you.


And the best way to do that there is to get them to engage with the content is to get them to take a small action of thinking about what you're talking about, and that is to qualify. Ask them about the problem. Ask them about the question. And so this basically gets the audience to justify themselves and pay that tension.

And what this means for you, essentially is you're getting an agreement from the audience to continue presenting more information to continue engaging and address them in this particular subject. It may be back pain. Have you been experiencing back pain? Right?

Have you tried this?

Have you tried that?

How long have you had this?

Now you're thinking you have tried this?

Right, you're continually leading them on to the next step, right?

And what this means for you is you're able to improve your conversion rate from your content, and you're able to improve the quality of leads or customers or audiences that are engaging with your content because only those who haven't really thought about that, who are qualified, will engage with your content, which will also eliminate no show appointments.

So if you're leading them to an appointment, which will eliminate those bouncing-off ratios.

And this will also basically save you a lot of time, money, and frustrations from working with customers who aren't ideal for who you want to be working with. That makes sense. So this is something that you really want to pay attention to. Because by qualifying them either in your content, you can improve the quality of SEO, you can improve the quality of content you put out there, you can improve the quality of traffic you're getting in.

You can also improve the quality of customers, you're getting in. Sometimes you want customers who are able and can afford to pay for the high-end products that you're producing, rather than the low-end product because, at the end of the day, it's the top line that's more important.

There's no you can't have a bottom line may be good but you know, without a top line, it's not going to work. Right.

So now the next thing that I want to share with you the next, a trick or secret that I want to share with you here is that you've grabbed their attention.

You have engaged them, you know by qualifying them.

The next thing is you want to quickly go to the call to action.

If you've done the first and the second part, right?

You want to go to the call to action you want a very simple, clear, simple call to action.

What do I mean by that? What's the next step?

What do you want them to do next to get the result?

Because they don't have time?

Nobody has time anymore.


So how can they justify getting to the next step?

And that will be the previous step that was your qualifying them so now you're asking them, you know, do you really want to increase your traffic SEO?

Do you really want to increase your sales online?

Do you really want to increase the volume of traffic coming to your website?

Do you really want to increase your conversion?

Do you really want to get more appointments booked?

Right, Do you really want higher-quality customers high-quality clients booking appointments? Right?

So the next step is all I need you to do is click here to get my One Step PDF or click here to get to read this blog post or click here to book an appointment.

Right book an appointment with your team so we can help you or whatever it is that the next step you're gonna have them take. But the idea here is you have a very clear, I didn't say it's easy, but I didn't say very clear, simple.

It has to be very simple to do. And it has to be very easy for them to understand that it's going to give them this result and this result and this results right. This is where you get the conversion This is where you get the appointments, and this is where you get the sales.


So that's the benefit of this is that you get the conversions, the appointments, and the sales the next day. And what this means to you is that you're able to promote your product profitably and you're able to make content that works better and you're able to basically save money on the creation because you're investing when you create this content, right?

When you create content when you put out ads, you invest money, right?

So you get you're able to get a better return on investment and so on and so forth.

So with that said, those are the three very powerful simple tricks or secrets to helping you really grow your business, get more traffic, get more sales and grow your business. So the number one thing is you need two really powerful titles, right? You that address the key problems and solutions.

Number two thing you need to qualify as quickly and as simple as and simple as possible. And number three is you need a very clear, simple call to action. With that said so if you're really serious about you know, getting more traffic, getting more sales on your website, getting more SEO, organic traffic conversion.

If you're really serious about that, what I really want you to do next, right now is go ahead and read my next blog post and if you have a question, send me an email and

I'll be happy to answer your question. Other than that, I want to thank you for your time for listening and tuning in to this episode.

I will see you on the next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.



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