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The Secret To Online Success

Do not wait for a change of environment before you act.

Get a change of environment, by action.

0:15 Join me on this episode of the virtual enterpreneurs. Hello, virtual entrepreneurs. I am your host, Herbert innocent, and today we are reading chapter, 11 of the book, The Science of Getting Rich by W D. Wattles. Now, if you are new to this podcast, we have been reading the book written in 1910 and we are using the concept and lessons from this book to build ourselves, businesses. Now, I have also managed to put together more resources for us to use. And I'll talk about that more later on, and I'll tell you how to go and get those resources, but yesterday we read chapter, 10, and we discussed about the two types of enterpreneurs. Right. And we say that there is product first intrapreneurs, and then the is customer first entrepreneurs or business owner.

1:25 And the reason why we created this comparison is very, very simple, right, depending on where you put your focus on, that's where you're going to get the result and enterpreneurs. The biggest place for us to put our focus on the very best place to focus our attention is where the money is not is where the customers are the customers are the people who need the solutions. They are the people who will give us the money for the solution, not the product. The product comes after.

2:05 Right. When the customer is happy, nothing else matters. Right. And so, as entrepreneurs and business owner, we want to be the customer first intrapreneurs because building a business with a focus on the customer first. Not only is it the best strategy, because it requires little or no investment, meaning that you'll get your returns not just faster, but with very little risk. Right.

2:32 So, today you're going to read chapter 11 of the science of getting rich.

2:40 Chapter 11 acting in a certain way.

2:46 Thought is the creative power, or the impelling force, which causes the creative power to act, thinking in a certain way will bring riches to you, but you must not rely upon thought alone, paying no attention to personal action.

3:05 That is the rock upon which many otherwise scientific metaphysics thinkers meet shipwreck. The failure to connect thought with personal action.

3:20 We have not yet reached the stage of development, even supposing such x stage to be possible in which man can create directly from this Formless Substance without nature's processes. All the work of human hands. Man must not only think, but he's personal action must supplement his thoughts by thought. You can cause the gold in the heart of the mountain to be impelled towards, but it will only, it will not mind itself, refine itself coil itself into double eagles and row come rolling along the road seeking its way into your pocket.

4:12 Under the impelling power of the Supreme Spirit men's affair, will be so ordered that someone will be led to mind the gold for you, or the men's business transactions will be so directed that the gold will be brought towards you, and you must so arrange your own business affairs, that you may be able to receive it. When it comes to you, your thoughts, makes all things, animate and inanimate work to bring you. What do you want, but your personal activity must be such that you can rightly receive what you want when it, when it reaches you.

5:01 You are not to take it as charity, not to steal it.

5:06 You must give every man more in use value than he gives you in Castro Valley.

5:15 The tap the scientific use of thoughts consists in forming a clear and distinct mental images of what you want it hold fast, have the PURPOSE to get what you want. And in realising with grateful faith that you do get what you want. Do not try to project your thoughts into any mysterious or occult way, with the idea of having to go out and do things for you. This is wasted effort, and will weaken your power to think with sanity.

5:53 The action of thought in getting rich is fully explained in the preceding chapters, your faith and purpose positively impresses your vision upon the Formless Substance, with which has the same desire for more life that you have.

6:15 And this vision, received from you said all creative forces at work. IN and THROUGH THEIR REGULAR CHANNELS OF ACTION, but directed towards you.

6:33 It is your part to guide. Oh, supervise, it is not your part to guide or supervise the creative process. All you have to do with that is to retain your vision, stick to your purpose and maintain your faith and gratitude.

6:51 But you must act in a similar way, so that you can, appropriate, what is yours.

7:02 When it comes to you so that you can meet the theme, you have in your picture and put them in their proper places as they arrive, you can readily see the truth of these. When things reach you, it will be in the hands of other men, and will who will ask an equivalent for them.

7:26 And you can only get what is yours by giving the other men. What is, is your pocket book is not going to transform into a fortunate, purse, which shall be always full of money without effort on your part.

7:46 This is the critical point in rich in the Science of Getting Rich radio with thoughts and personal action must be combined.

7:59 There are very many people who can choose wisely or unconsciously, set the creative forces into action by the strength and persistence of their desire, but who remain poor because they do not provoke provide for the reception of the things they want. When it comes

8:27 by thought. The thing you want is brought to you by action, you receive it.

8:35 Wherever your action is to be. It is evident that you must act now, You cannot act in the past. And it is essential to the clearness of your mental vision that you dismiss the past from your mind. You cannot act in the future for the future is not yet here, and you cannot tell how you will want to act in any contingency, until that contingency has arrived.

9:13 Because you are not in the right business, or the right environment now not think that you must postpone action until you get into the writing business or environment, and do not spend time in the present taking thought as the best cause of possible future emergencies. Have faith in your ability to meet any emergencies when you arrived.

9:43 If you act in the present with your mind on the future. Your present action will be the divided mind, and will not be effective, put your whole mind into present action, not eve, your creative impulse to Original Substance, and then sit down and wait for result. If you do, you will never get them act now.

10:14 There's never any time, but now they never will be any time. But now, if you are ever to begin to make ready for the reception of what you want, you must begin now.

10:30 In your action, whatever it is. Must most likely be in your present business or environment, it must be upon the persons and things in your present environment.

10:45 You cannot act where you are not, you cannot act where you have been, and you cannot act where you are going to be.

10:54 You can act only where you are.

10:58 Do not bother as to whatever yesterday's work was done well.

11:04 Or Ill done do today's work. Well, not try to do tomorrow's work now. There will be plenty of time to do that. When you get to it.

11:17 Do not try by a code or mystical means to act on people or things that are out of your reach, did not wait for a change of environment before you act.

11:30 Get a change of environment by action.

11:35 You can, so act upon the environment in which you are now as to cause yourself to be transferred to a better environment. Hold the faith and purpose, the vision of yourself in the better environment, but act upon the present environment, with all your heart and with all your strength and with all your mind.

11:59 Do not spend any time in daydreaming or custom building.

12:04 Hold to one vision of what you want, and act now.

12:10 You look, cast out about seeking some new thing to do, or some strange, unusual, or remarkable action to perform as the first step towards getting rich.

12:22 It is probable that direct action, at least for some time to come, will be those you have been performing for some time passed, but you are to begin now to perform those actions in the segment way, which will surely make you rich.

12:44 If you are engaged in some business, and feel that it is not the right one for you. Do not wait until you get into the right business before you begin to act.

12:54 Do not feel discouraged or sit down and lament because you are misplaced. No man was ever so misplaced, but that he could find the right place.

13:06 No man ever came so involved in the wrong business. But that he could get into the right business. Hold the vision of yourself in the right business with the purpose to get into it. And with the faith that you will get into it and getting into it, but act in your present business.

13:33 Use your present business as a means of getting a better one, and use the present environment as means for getting into better one. Your vision of your right business is held with faith and purpose. With the cause.

13:50 We will call the supreme to move with the right business towards you

13:59 and your action is performed in a certain way, will cause you to move towards the right business

14:09 will cause you to move towards the business.

14:14 If you are an employee or a wage and and feel that you must change place in order to get what you want. do not project your thoughts into space and rely upon it, to get you another job. It will probably fail to do so. All the vision of yourself in the job you want, while you ACT with faith and purpose on the job you have, You will suddenly get the job you want your vision, Faith will set the creative forces into motion to bring it towards you and your action will cause the forces in your own environment, to move you towards the place you want.

15:00 In closing this chapter, we'll add another statement to our syllabus.

15:06 That is thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state permits, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

15:18 A thought, in this substance, Produces the thing that is imagined by the thought. Man can form things in his thoughts, and, by impressing his thoughts upon the formless substance, can cause the thing things about to be created.

15:36 In order to do this. Men must pass from the competitive to the creative mind, he must form a clear mental picture of the things you want, and hold this picture in his thoughts with the fixed PURPOSE to get what he wants.

15:55 And the unwavering FAITH that he does get what he want, closing his mind, all that may be returned to shake his purpose and deem his vision, or quench his faith, that he may receive what he wants, when it comes to him.

16:18 Men must act now, upon the people and things in his present environment, and of chapter 11 The Science of Getting Rich.

16:36 No. Today's chapter was long. And there's a lot of powerful, powerful information, and a lot of powerful tips in there, but I'm gonna create a complete new episode with just the keynotes from this, because in the businesses that I've learned, the things that I've seen the quite a lot that connects to this specific chapter, and there's a lot. There's a lot of lessons that we can get from here, that if we apply you can start getting a tonne of results.

17:14 And so we shall finish this chapter, this episode, short and. Which brings me to my close to my closing. And I thought out add this to you here, which is, if you are interested, you know, in building business, if you're already in the business, and you've been building a business and you're finding this useful.

17:39 I'm grateful and I would like you to share that with other people so that they can also find some value in it. And by the way, there is a new released book, The eight figure funnel formula, which is on how to build an online business from scratch.

17:56 And you can grab your free copy of the book, and an online training that over 15,000 people have taken, and have used to launch their online businesses. All you have to do is go to, Herbert marketing and you will find the book then you can download it.

18:21 And I will also put the link to the book in the description of this episode. Like I said, I want to bring as much resources to you, and I want to share with you what I'm learning. What I've learned from the past so that together may build a better future. We believe our communities, no better place.

18:43 Thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual intrapreneur, and I'll talk to you. when our next episode.

18:52 Have a wonderful evening.



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