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The Secret To Making Your Landing Page Convert Like Crazy

So have you ever wondered how to make your landing pages and getting this client much much faster?

or have you ever wondered how do you go about essentially guaranteeing that you're off to a good start in your business as you start a new business?

Well join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur, I am your host Herbert innocent and today I am super excited to share with you, to share with you that time the thing that I've learned that you might want to think about before you start doing your face that building up your landing page.

So in our last episode we talked about landing page and how you can go about building a powerful simple landing page, even if you don't have a lead magnet. Remember, words, words are a product, my friends words, a product. In fact, some of the biggest businesses on this world. They sell us words, you have to remember that, for example relationships.

Right relationship and all these other businesses, information, education is a very big business right the universities, education, so information is a product. And so when you have a strategy when you have knowledge, you can always love it and if you don't go to listen to our episodes you can build a super powerful landing page in five or 10 minutes or less.

So you can go and listen to that episode and then you get a tonne of value, you can find the notes to that episode at Herbert's marketing I am super excited to share with you what I've learned today.

So let's jump right in so I can share with you how, what do you think about before you get started on building your powerful landing page. First thing first, you want to think about finding your buyers first. So before you even think about building your landing page, stop everything, don't do it don't build anything.

Go find your buyers, this is something that I'm seeing people who know how to build bins that scale, find buyers fast. First, why, because that is somebody who's gonna vote with their money. And one of the things that a lot of startups, a lot of entrepreneurs do is they build a nice powerful thing that they think people are going to love because they have a passion for it. Right. And that works a lot of times, sometimes not all outside sometimes it works.

But most of the time, it doesn't work and the reason why it doesn't work is first you build it, and then you start trying to figure out how to sell. And so what ends up happening is you end up fighting and competing on price.

Why, because you didn't solve the need, you're trying to force people to like it, in many cases you're trying to see if you can maybe if you can just tweak the words people will love it and buy it.

Right, and that's the wrong approach so the right approach is this, right, people have problems questions and roadblocks.

Those are the three things that always facing problems questions and roadblocks, right, maybe they're feeling a certain way and then a very short with their body then they wondering, Am I sick today see the doctor, they start doing the Google search, Right, that's a problem.

Right, they have a problem, and now they have a question they're wondering stuff and they start Googling right, and this is stopping them from doing what they need to do. Think of an executive if they get sick.

I guarantee they're willing to pay so much more money because for them not doing work means they're losing a tonne more, right, so even if it's a simple thing that made me sick. Oh, it's, it's something small in the way.

It's like if you think about a production plant right, if something stops the production plant for five minutes. That translates to millions. Right. And so what you need to realise this sometimes a small problem can be worth much much more.

I heard Tony Robbins tell a story once about, you know, a very big company one day, their production and manufacturing production, all these conveyor belts moving stops working right. So, it has been working very, very well but then it stopped working.

And so, you know it's not working for an hour, and so they're panicking the call this guy come in you know to come in because they're losing a tonne of money. They're losing a lot of money. So they call this guy was, what the guy, you know, the engineer to come and take a look at.

So the engineer comes around, then they, he looks at a production company, there, you know, their plant that's you know, the conveyor belts and everything that's moving, it goes in the ground, you know, you open this little box and then turns on a screw, you know, turns the screw around, and then everything starts working, you know, then they start thinking this engineer, you know, thank you so much you save us how much is going to be in it goes like, I think he goes something along the line of nine to $10,000.

I think that's what he's saying. Now the guy's like, what $10,000 To 10 screws is like can you get me that in writing, you know, so, you know, you want to break it down into why is it being that way. So I think the guy writes something like turning screw wonder, knowing which screw to turn 9999 Right.

And so, Tony Robbins tells the story much much better, but the key concept here is this, depending on the need that you want to satisfy, you'll find that if you're starting with the client first, they're willing to pay so much more. Now imagine you're an engineer in that story, I'm just telling the story.

Imagine if you're engineer and the job is, you know you're trying to pitch your ability 10 screws for people who are going to buy right now, I know this example sounds ridiculous but that's how we do in business every single day, we create something and then we try to force it on people.

But the thing that I'm seeing the successful entrepreneurs and business owner is they go and find the need for it, Find somebody who has the money and the problem, then go find the solution for them because the solutions are there you don't have to create them. The solutions are there just matching right and being an entrepreneur should be very good matchmaker. Right. It'd be a very good matchmaker, you're just matching you know, people's problem the best solution that's all you do.

And in fact there's an entire industry called affiliate marketing, which is just that right, and you're essentially just marketing, you know, the right product for the right people, and you get paid a tonne of money, because it does cost a lot of business, a lot of money to acquire those customers because they don't, they didn't think about this thing in the first place.

Right, so you need to think about that now. So that's the first thing that you need to add the other thing is you need to play to your strengths, this is something that I was thinking about then I was like wait a minute, my background is in engineering I love selling, and I can sell that to the, to my abilities and there are things that really motivate me and push me forward.

But I was thinking, what, why do they mean play to your strengths, and this is very simple. When you are playing to your strengths you lose momentum you try, you spend more time trying to figure out what works right. And the concept here is this, people already have the skills that you need, you already have the money, the money that you need. So it's important to know who has what you need, rather than knowing how to do it.

Because, how to do it is great, but it's going to take so much time and so much effort trying to build up that momentum of knowing how to good, how to do it well. And the strange thing is even if you do finally learn how to do it, you still want to be the best at doing it because somebody has been doing it for years and therefore much much better at doing it than you.

Right. And so, you must know your strengths and play to your strengths and then find the people who have other different strengths and skills to compliment you, right.

So, you might be thinking how, the why, where does this fit in terms of building a powerful landing page and getting those clients. Well you've built yourself a powerful landing page, right, you find yourself, it's a very good way of not even having to create the lead magnet, because if a strategy that you're going to share in the email. Now the next thing is.

Do you know how to put the thing, put the thing together using a software because if you don't find somebody who will do it, they'll do it for you much much faster, and you'll, and you'll get on Philae right?

Do you know how to write it in terms of copywriting Can you write the words that makes sense because the chances are, if you, if you write it poorly people can see you're going to repel people that have helped them.

Right, so find a copywriter who knows how to do because have been practicing they've been studying the polish their skills, and they're 10 times better than you, maybe 100 times better than you, so get them to do it, and then you focus on what you do best.

You're gonna pay them once a small fee, but guess what the majority a tonne tonnes of clients that didn't make you much more money, it's an investment, it's not a cost, and as an entrepreneur, one of the biggest things we need to do, we need to understand is the difference between an investment and a cost.

If something has the potential to get you much much more. It's an investment, it's not a cost, right, something is only cost and the liability if it will never make you any results.

So you need to think about that, but if it doesn't make your results, they're mostly directly, I think for this example, so that you are not really telling yourself stories because if you really push into stories you can say, well, it's going to make me money in the future. Let's get real. If it doesn't make you money directly then it's not really an asset, it's not worth your time because what you want is things that will bring you those results. Right.

So, you need to find ways to find buyers, right, very, very quickly, before you can even build a landing page, because if you find those buyers, you'll know the word they're using to describe their problems, and you'll have a much better value proposition, so that when you're saying, I will give you this.

There I hope, I really do want that, right, and if you find the right buyer then you realise that the price is not so much of a problem anymore, right, the right buyer will take your lead magnet will buy from you, and all those other good stuff.

So, being and the other thing that I've learned, which is very powerful is this business is a game of actually building contacts because contacts, turned into contracts and contracts, turned into money.

This is something that I wasn't sure, because it will force you to rethink Money money money. Yes, money, but the way business is a smart way of going about it and the first thing is to build contracts. Sorry contacts, right, build a huge database of contacts, build a relationship with those contacts.

Follow up. Follow up. Follow up, and those will lead to a tonne of money, because if you can solve those problems.

First you will have all the money you ever need for your business. So with that said, I've learned a lot, I could go like I have like a big two pages worth of notes in here I wish I could share all of it, but I thought I'll give you those two tips because they're very powerful and very fundamental to get you started.

So your landing page is a powerful tool because it will bring you contact and with contact, you start the opportunity to bring of building those contracts.

And as you know contract leads to cash. So, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. Have you got a tonne of value, and I will talk to you on the next episode of our next of our virtual entrepreneur.

Now, before we close off the notes for this episode can be found at Herbert maketing that is, h e r v e RT marketing

As always, have a wonderful evening.



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