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The Secret of Getting Endless Content Marketing Ideas

Have you ever wondered where and how to go about getting content marketing inspirations for your small business?

Well, on this episode we're going to be showing you how to get endless inspiration so you can position yourself as the go-to trusted and knowledgeable expert in your industry in your maker space, so that, as well as that, so that you can put yourself as the first option, right, and that way you can help your ideal clients make purchases, make purchasing decisions, as well as, you know, be able to present your business in a way that is, you know, the best out of all the alternatives. And what I mean here is really differentiate yourself, not just by product features and benefits, but really set your business, far apart from the average, and the media query in the industry space.

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of the virtual engineering, join me on this podcast I am your host Herbert innocent, and today we are talking about ways that you can position yourself as the go-to trusted knowledgeable expert, and as a means of essentially getting inspirations, as well as using those chords and inspiration to position yourself in a better place. And if you're new to this podcast, a very warm welcome. I am your host, habit, innocent, and that just repeated myself there. And on this episode, as I said we'll be covering that. If you're new to this podcast.

Essentially this is the go-to podcast for entrepreneurs who see their business as a vehicle for change. And my job is to bring you the tips the tricks in the big secrets, the how-tos and the success stories, the success stories from entrepreneurs around the globe. And on our previous episode. One of the things that we talked about was small business marketing tools to put you in front of your qualified interested buyers, and if you didn't get a chance to listen to that episode, I want you to stop.

Go back to that episode. Listen to it you'll get a tonne of value, and you can find notes from that episode at Herbet marketing And when done you can come back and we'll be right here. And that is, Herbert marketing h e r b e r t marketing Right. And when you're done with will be right here.

And what you're gonna get out of this episode is essentially how to get undiscovered inspiration to position yourself as a trusted knowledgeable expert, right, as the best option in your go to market, while helping your ideal clients make a purchase, and positioning your business, as the best out of the alternatives, right, and that is the key there is a difference, differentiating your business out of all the alternatives. So you are not just playing the game of the me to business.

With that said, let's jump with our first key point of takeaway. So, the first key thing here is going to be able to address the problems. If you can address the problems, you can come up with endless content right so what problem is solving. What kind of problems, or how do your ideal clients describe it, what kind of, how do they describe how many problems they have, Because by talking about those. You can advise your cold traffic, what we mean by cold traffic. So these are web visitors who just Googling, you know, about problems that they have on Google, they don't even know what solution to look for, so they just type in the problem in Google, right, how to lose weight in five weeks.

Oh, my back hurts. Or my kettle isn't turning on, like, the list is endless. What is the problem that your ideal prospects like Google, by using that you can find hundreds of topics you can talk about. Right. And by addressing those topics you are talking to cold traffic, what do I mean by cold traffic. I mean, web visitors who know what problem they have but they don't know what solution they need and they don't know who has the solution they need so they don't know who you are, and they don't know what to do, and they won't care what you do, who you are until you talk about the problem first.

That's the only thing they will understand as far as they're concerned, anyone who can answer that problem is irrelevant in regards to that niche and market space, Right, so that's how you go about talking about problem to address cold traffic. Then the next step is. You can also talk about problems, to educate the prospect so you. The first part is you're addressing you know this problem so search queries, but the next thing is you addressing them taking them from problem to solution discovery, right.

And one of the things that you'd see in the maker space is in the places like coaching or a lot of consultancies, they'll, they'll use the word discovery call, simply because that's an opportunity for them to assess the needs analysis of the prospect to understand where they are at, to understand what problems they're facing because they may not even know exactly that they need that service in the first place. And for a lot of businesses operate with the mindset that the, the prospects know what probe their problem and their needs, is but the truth is most cases the prospects don't even know what their needs are, you need to show them that this is a problem.

And even this is true even for business owners, they don't know that their problems, their businesses have a problem until someone comes and tell them you know, there's a better way to do this. Oh, this bit here is costing you tonnes and tonnes of money, right, like not having a lead generation process in place is costing you a lot of, you know, lost clients, and it's stopping slowing down your business from growing up from scaling up.

So that's how you go about creating content in regards to problem that educate the prospect there right, so you're not just answering the search queries that they're searching but also talking about, you know, educating them, taking them from showing them how the solution, alleviate these problems creating that build that bridge from problem to solution in their mind, and the next thing here is to build a rapport, right, because by addressing this problem you appear like this lifesaver. And I think that's a really powerful position to be because you have to realize searching for this problem can be quite frustrating in the, in the internet and modern world where there are tonnes of search queries, and all of them just reading us in circles and circles and not really taking us anywhere meaningful.

And so you want to position yourself as the expert who's going to build the report so you now that you've addressed the key problems, you want to take them to the next step, what should they do next, right, and that's how you go about building the repo, you want to be the understanding expert. And that's how you go about doing that, so that you position yourself with a trusted knowledgeable, but also someone that they can connect with. Because at the end of the day, there's a phrase that says if you can't explain it to five-year-olds you don't, you don't know how to do it. So we know this big fancy words.

But if the five-year-old doesn't know what you're saying, then you've lost them. And the best way to think of a client, I remember reading this a while back, it's that you need to think of it, you need to think of clients as a 10th grader. Right, somebody who only understand all the concepts after 10th grade, and even maybe low and the reason is that not everybody's an expert in your area or in your field. So using those technical words.

They one reason they don't always resonate, right, so you're gonna use language that is accessible to everyone and using the basics of language, assuming the basics is always the best approach because it makes things simpler, don't make you know you don't want to make them feel like they don't know anything but you do want to explain in a simple way that it just clicks and it makes sense, right. So now that you see that you can go about creating content or gets problem, to build a stronger report, then the question could just find out 10 problems at Google, or 10 ways of the talk about that problem, and then make each of those a content piece.

The next one becomes questions, your ideal prospects are going to have tonnes and tonnes of questions, and these could be the frequently asked questions, or other questions that they may have specifically about your business services, and creating content around your questions will eliminate any future objections, especially if your price is high. This could be an opportunity for you to eliminate to differentiate yourself again from the rest of the pack, right. This course will be the opportunity for you to position yourself as the expert because you're not just talking about the problems but now, even their questions are being addressed right, you're helping them get the result. So even after they've purchased, you can always talk about the problem to help them get the result. So you can, you know, create emails, addressing several questions that they may have.

And the idea here is to put yourself, as you know the go-to option because, you know, all these things right and the best part of this is you can put your client's fears, worries and concerns to rest right by addressing all the questions you can put all their fears, worries and concerns to rest, because a lot of the problems that our clients are going to have that have nothing to do our products are going to be the questions that are going to bring up their fears of taking that initial risk of making a purchase, right, because nobody wants to buy something and say now I feel stupid for buying it. Right, so that's the goal there. With that said, so that's how you go about to go find another several questions and just addressing them.

Then from there on, the next step will be to talk about the roadblocks, right, and this is where you go about addressing the barriers that prevents them from making a purchase. So if you have, if you already have clients you can ask them, Well, what were your biggest barrier before you made a purchase, but if you don't have any.

Try and think why don't we do something that will prevent that from making that purchase.

If it's price then it's not a barrier, but there's something else this information lacking, to help them understand why your price is high.

Right, so your price is never really high, it's just your price is not addressing the key important aspects and so it appears high, right. So if the price doesn't address the solution, or if the price doesn't address the results properly, then it can appear high because we don't see the value in the results. The value that we see that we perceive doesn't seem to match up with the number that you present that makes sense. so the goal is to address those things so that every your communication is consistent, and it matches it makes sense, right, and then the next part of that would be to use to you know to address the roadblock so that you can eliminate any inconveniences, right.

So, even though the bot you want to make sure that they can also use the product with ease. Right. They don't want to be buying this and then realising they need this thing to feel angry, that's how we get a refund. By addressing these means, when they're thinking of these questions, or these roadblocks before they make a purchase. You've already eliminated any of those, making you the best option, differentiating you further. Right. Now that you have the done, the big in the last part will be addressing the result. And by this, just mean, addressing the value.

And then, addressing the benefits and addressing what does all this mean for them, addressing the meaning what does all these value and benefits mean to them. Right. How does it help them in terms of reducing or eliminating their fears, supporting their hopes and dreams, as well as, you know, how they're gonna go about making their lives better.

So, that's that on this piece of content for today. I hope you're getting some value on how to go about essentially positioning yourself as a trusted knowledgeable expert, so that you are the number one go to business, in your marketplace.

So, because you're helping, eliminating any of barriers to entry, and helping your clients make that purchase, as well as positioning yourself as the bet the business, and you are not competing with price, or you are not in a me to business you also provide this. Right, so you're not reducing yourself to a commodity, that's the word I'm looking for there.

So hope you got value from that if you did, you can find the notes for this at Herbet marketing If you need help getting started with creating content strategy, or just content themselves. Go ahead, marketing, You can reach out to me at habit at contact at habit. Marketing And aside from that, thank you so much for tuning in. We'll talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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