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Strategy: How to develop a Killer Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

So today we'll be talking about how to develop a killer affiliate marketing strategy.

So, before I jump right into that. I'm just gonna give you a preview of some of the content that we've been talking about in the past few episodes. So, in the last few episodes, we talked about our niches, how to carve yourself a niche within the three core markets. And then we talked about how to find yourself a killer product that is converting and selling like crazy, and then is promoting that.

And then we talked about clicks. So how to get more clicks, you know from prospects in the traffic online. And then we talked about sales, how to get sales faster and easier. In the last few episodes, and today we are talking about affiliate marketing strategy.

So, now, the first thing I want to talk about when it comes to affiliate marketing strategy is, I think there are three core affiliate marketing strategies, right, because as an affiliate marketer, your job is to do the marketing, not to do the sales, nothing else. But just do the marketing. And so the key is traffic, traffic strategies that I consider to be very, very important.

You need an affiliate marketing traffic strategy for essentially converting, redirecting people from wherever they are, whatever social platform they're using, with their loved redacting redirecting them to where your content is so you need a strategy for doing that effectively. So some platforms like Facebook, they won't allow you to just have links all over. You can have links but they don't work very effectively.

So having a strategy allows you to really navigate those properly.

Another thing is you need a current value strategy, right, because in order for prospects and customers to come towards you, and to essentially learn more about what it is that you're promoting, you need to give them value so they can be attracted to whatever you have to say, you need to educate them on the problems and the challenges that they're facing. So for some people, it's health for others, parenting if you're in the parenting niche health if you're in the health niche or exercise niche.

And so giving them value, showing them how they can get the results through your content you need a strategy for that. Then the next thing you need is you need an action strategy. And this is simply a way for you to really get those customers and to build up those sales to get those commissions on so this will make more sense as we go in, in-depth in a minute, but those are the three core strategies that I believe, as an affiliate marketer should have.

Now, storage, as I said.

So the first strategy is, you need an affiliate marketing traffic strategy. Right. And the goal of your affiliate marketing traffic strategy is to get more subscribers right turn, traffic that you don't own into traffic that you own, so there's traffic already, or do customers already online, you know, engaging with a lot of people, friends and family and Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest, in the browsing of their favorite things, and you want to turn them into traffic that you own in your email list.

And so you need to you need a strategy for how you're going to go about do that, right. So you're gonna go to search engines, you're going to find, you're gonna try and find a way to get traffic from search engines and social search engine based traffic and social-based traffic and the social-based traffic could be the things like Facebook, where you can do searches properly, and then the search engine will be like YouTube, Pinterest and Google.

And again, the whole goal here is to build an email list, right. Once you've taken them from where they are, and you've brought them replaced you can build an email list, or, or you brought them to your content, and you've done your job as with this strategy, right, then. The next strategy then is, you need an affiliate marketing value strategy.

What do I mean by this, you need a strategy that allows you to educate and inspire your ideal prospects, right, they have problems they have questions and roadblocks.

You know you will talk to them about these problems questions and roadblocks that they are facing. Show them how they can overcome these problems, and show them what steps they need to talk. And the best way to do that is by giving them content that shows them how they can overcome all these problems questions and roadblocks to get the results that they want in the real world this idea from crews are Jim Edwards, and so I think it would be one of the most valuable things you can do in terms of your content is focused on helping them overcome the questions, problems, roadblocks in how they can get to that result.

And the goal in doing that is to build rapport and also get your ideal prospects and customers to trust you. So that's why you want to focus on those things because they care about these problems.

These problems are affecting them. These challenges are affecting them and you and address those

last but not least, is your affiliate marketing action strategy.

The goal of this strategy is to get your prospects, and your customers to take a single action, right, in that action is going to be redirecting them somewhere towards making a sale, right.

So, when this affiliate marketing action strategy is most likely going to be in effect inside your email list, right, and the reason being is because once you have a strategy for taking people from your email list into the onto the sales page of your affiliate product, then you can really start making up those commissions.

And so what you want to do here is you want to nurture your leads you are going to be talking to them about all these problems questions and roadblocks and how to overcome them, but you're also going to be converting them from prospects into customers.

I learned a while back, someone taught me that a sale is made before the customer, even sees the sales page, and so your action strategy is basically going to be allowing them to make the decision that they need the product you're promoting or not. And so how you do that, it's going to depend on the value of the content you gave them, but also how you're taking them from you, from the content on the sales page.

Nobody wants to be sold but everybody wants to buy a solution that helps them.

So, that is me.

In today's episode, I hope you enjoyed that and it gave you some insights into what kind of strategies will really help you when you're starting out as an affiliate marketer. I think that you also do need to make sure that these strategies are scalable and will work long-term if that makes sense.

So you may be thinking, three months, six months 12 months ahead, Instead of just thinking making sales next week. You may start, we may be able to start making sales next week, but you will want to start being profitable in the long run. So these strategies.

What you're going to need to help you get there if that makes sense. So thanks so much for tuning in, and I will talk to you on our next episode. Good evening.



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