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Skills: What is Affiliate Marketing and what Affiliate Marketing Skills do you need.

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Here are the affiliate marketing skills you need to get started.

Today we are talking about affiliate marketing, and more importantly, we are talking about what affiliate marketing is and what affiliate marketing skills you need to get started.

If you’re new to this series, we have been doing series in affiliate marketing. And in the previous episode, we talked about the niches profitable niches and the three core markets and how to go in there and carve yourself space with just the right conditions to start promoting affiliate products and making Commissions.

Now, if you haven’t heard any of those episodes, want you to go back and listen to those and then come back and these, what I’m talking about today will make much more sense. We also talked about products, how to use your competition to your advantage.

How to find their products and use the option to their advantage. We talked about traffic, how to find the perfect traffic that wants to buy from you today. And you also talked about emailing my emailing list how to build your email list.

And, you know, to get, how to get more sales, more profits and more customer from your list that you already have, without having to spend any extra money, so if you haven’t listened to any of those extra episodes go back in the previous episodes and listen to those, and then come back and then we’ll continue there. So from that. Let’s join in on today’s topic which is what is affiliate marketing, and what skills do you need. So to answer the question, what is affiliate marketing.

So the best way to answer that is to think about marketing in general, right, what is marketing. Well, marketing is essentially building awareness building a culture around the product, cultivating a specific.

How do you say that in a specific environment around your product, through which you build a community of people that believe in your idea you can do marketing without sales.

That is what I’m trying to say there. And the best way to describe it is to use the example of golf. And I heard this a while back I can’t remember exactly who said it, but what they said was, if you are playing golf marketing will be essentially hitting a ball from where it is, and getting as close as possible to the cup that you’re trying to score in. And if that is marketing then sales will be tipping the bolts that it goes into the cup.

So that is what we mean by marketing, and in this sense, it is essentially promoting products to as many of our audiences as possible with the intent of getting a sale, with the intent of them making a purchase or building awareness or building an emailing list, or just building an acknowledgement that makes sense. So, if that is marketing. And if sales is getting a prospect to make a purchase. Then affiliate marketing is you going out and building awareness around your affiliate link around your favourite product that you’re promoting.

And so what you will find is most marketers, start doing blogs, they start doing YouTube videos, they start doing podcasts, they start talking about the affiliate products and affiliate Commission’s and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, everywhere, and what they are doing is they are promoting they’re building awareness they’re educating people around this new opportunity. And that is what affiliate marketing is, you are not selling anyone, but you are building awareness. Because once people that once people are aware that this new opportunity exists.

That means they’re more likely to make a purchase to fulfil their needs, people, in general, have needs, problems of questions and roadblock roadblocks, preventing them from reaching the goals they want in life.

And so there’s a lot of products existing out there, And what you’re doing is you’re building awareness around those products, educating people about those products. These allowing them to make a purchase.


So now that we know what affiliate marketing is so you’re probably wondering what affiliate marketing skills would you need to start off with marketing you actually may not need any affiliate marketing skills, if you pick the right affiliate marketing product, to promote some affiliate will actually teach you the whole process.

And one of them is a partner with Anthony so if you check the link in the description we will see that, but if you’re wondering what affiliate marketing skills you do need having social media skills will be very very beneficial because it means you can engage people and get them to not acknowledge this new opportunity you’re presenting them with. Right, having Creative Writing Skills means that you can write blog posts that educate people, building a bridge between the problem that they have to the solution that they seek.

Right, and then having speaking skills means that you can create something like YouTube videos and podcast where you can also educate people about these new opportunities that you want them to have a look at that can benefit them and having video editing skills, or just video filming skills could also help in creating those video tutorials on the product and software’s data you want to promote. So with that say, those are generally this building. As you can see there are no sales skills needed.

Now, it does help to have copywriting skills, what is copywriting is the ability to write and rearranging words in a format that creates the intent.

In the readers mind taking a specific action. Now, the words there may not be as precise as I need them to be. But what this means is when you create, when you write copywriting is different from other forms of writing because copywriting has a purpose and its purpose is to allow the reader to take a specific action.

So, an action may be subscribing, clicking a link.

It could be clicking a link to watch a video, it could be clicking a link to by clicking the Buy Now button. All those specific actions, or to read more. however, copywriting is writing specific words with the intent of that specific action, right, you may or may you may need to have lower knowledge of copywriting. And one of the best books, that is actually free as well. I’ve put a link in the description that you can access allows you to get a really good in-depth knowledge of copywriting and in my personal opinion. Having copywriting skills is one of the most beneficial things you can have, because of the ability to write words that sell.

There is nothing more powerful than that.

So, that is me. In this episode. Thank you so much for tuning in today, and we’ll talk to you on our next episode, good evening.



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