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Repeat Sale: How to Generate Affiliate Marketing Repeat Sales

Join me on this episode of the marketer's secret lighthouse.

If you're new to this channel, I am hyper innocent, and today we are talking about affiliate marketing, repeat sales. More importantly, we are talking about how to generate repeat sales in your affiliate marketing.

0:22 So if you're new to this channel we have been talking a lot about affiliate marketing we touched a lot of concepts in there and a lot of questions and answers. We talked about niches, how to find yourself a profitable niche in the affiliate marketing, from the three core markets we talked about how fast selling products and how to find yourself.

0:50 Highly converting products, so they can promoting affiliate marketing. We also talked about hot fast traffic. So how to go and find hot buyers who are ready to buy from you today. Then we also talk about how to get more clicks more sales and more customers for you affiliate marketing. We talked about a tonne more. And if you haven't heard any of those things, and if those episodes, I want you to go back and listen to those and then come back and then we'll continue on. It'll make much more sense because we're just building upon what we've been talking on.

1:25 Now that said, today we are talking about how to generate repeat sales in your affiliate marketing, and I'm really excited about that. And before we jump into exactly how to do that, I want to mention one thing in affiliate marketing, we are essentially marketers. Right.

1:44 What that means is there are things that we control our job, our goal is to control the flow of traffic. So, we are taking prospects from one place, taking them to another place, so they can become customers.

2:04 And that is what affiliate marketing is in a nutshell. And it also means that you can also control how much traffic, we're sending over to one place, right, depending on what techniques and what tactics you're using. You can control the volume of traffic and we can track it down to a single click, right, and our ability to track these things down, allows us to be more effective as affiliate marketers, again I've talked a lot about this stuff. So if you go back in the past episode you hear them.

2:38 Now, with that said, with that in mind. There are three ways to generate affiliate marketing repeat sales. There are actually more but I'm going to just cover three ways in these, in this episode. So the first way to generate affiliate marketing repeat sale is to promote subscription product. This is a very common way. You'll hear a lot of affiliate marketers talk about subscription products. And the reason why this is very common, and it's very good, it's because you're essentially promoting one product, but the product is paid on a subscription basis. And that means that every time your customer, whom you promote it to renew their subscription, every month, you get a commission, usually it's about 2030 or 40%, depending on the product, sometimes it's 50%, which is really good. So what that means there is you promote once, and you continue to reap the benefits for as long as the customers using the product, which is really really good.

3:55 Now the second way to promote or to generate affiliate marketing repeat sales is to promote is to promote products that have a back end, offer.

4:09 So usually what this will be like would be, you'll be promoting one product, and they will, they will also tell you that the product has a one time offer on the back end. So when the customer buys the first product that they see. They will also be given the option to buy the one time offer on something else that helps them with the lead the next part of the sale of that product. And if you're promoting products that have back end offers. Usually this is really good because it also allows you to generate repeat sales faster because usually, these back this back this back end, offer or one time offers are usually given on the limited time. And usually, the customer will just purchase this at the same time as they're purchasing the first product, right, because it's a limited time, and it's only available usually only when you're buying.

5:08 And the reason why this is also very good because you get the commission faster. Right.

5:15 Not all customers will buy this it's a choice, but it's a good way to you to get those repeat sales and usually the one time offer may be much more expensive products may make much more than the first product that they bought, right. So that's another way.

5:35 And the third way to generate affiliate marketing repeat sales is to build an email list. Now I've talked about building email lists a lot in this episode. And one thing I said was, the money's in the list, and this is what I learned, this is what I've been taught and this is what I see and this is what, when I'm doing my field. Marketing is what I also see, to be quite the case, right. And what this means is, you essentially build a list of prospects, and that means that when the customers, click your links to purchase. You can also promote them other product which may be back end, But that offered by different affiliate programmes. Right, so somebody bought, I don't know, a car, they may want services. And so, you may promote services that come after the purchase that car. Right. And so that becomes the back end and that means you already have the customer you're just promoting the back end. And also you can promote a lot of other products and so.

6:44 Well this means you are doing the emails, sending emails to your prospect, but it also is as simple as just writing a simple email, sending it, and depending on how many have on your email list, and if the offer is relevant to them, usually go by, so that those are the three key ways there are more as I said, and you can use one of those, or two of those, or combine all three of them to get the most out of your affiliate marketing efforts. But the idea is essentially the same. Right. The idea is that you acquire a customer, and through some sort of strategy, either implemented by you or by the company that you're doing affiliate for affiliate marketing for you will get a repeat in sales or commission for yourself. So, that is me on this episode of the affiliate marketing, thank you so much for tuning in and I'll talk to you on our next episode. Good evening.



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