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Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Small Business Marketing

Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of continually Marketing your Small Business?

Well, in this episode, I'm going to show you how continuing marketing your small business can essentially get you, you know, can get you to stop and can get people to stop and notice your products and services in your market.

That's kind of a given, and then it can also help you survive market shifts, and the economy collapse, which is essentially quite important, especially if your business is built on to leave a legacy.

And last but not least, I'll show you how continuing Marketing your Small Business will also help you save time and money down the line, so that you know you are not always building a business on ad content all the time you can you have a very strong baseline that will help you propel forward and not just focusing too much on ads alone because while ads are great sometimes ads don't always performance or adapt that read that say.

Hello everyone, and join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur I am your host, Herbet innocent, and today, my friends, we are talking about how continuing marketing your business can help you get people to notice the product and service, get you prepared so that you can survive any market shifts any economy collapse, and leave a legacy, as well as help you save money, time, down the line so that you, because you already have a strong baseline.

With that said, On this episode, this is the go to podcast for entrepreneurs who see their business as a vehicle for change, and I bring you the tips the tricks and the big secrets, how tos and success stories. Success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe. And on our last episode where we talked about was how to get inspirational ideas for your content marketing for your small business. And if you didn't get a chance to listen to that I want you to stop.

Go listen to that episode you'll get a tonne of value, we would create a tonne of content, position yourself as an expert knowledgeable trustworthy expert in your field, so that your audience, your prospects and your leads, can reach out for you to do business with you. And then when you're done listening to that, you can come back to this episode you can also find the notes in the previous episode at Herbet marketing, where all those notes will be there, and everything, all the good stuff.

That's h e r b e r t marketing With that said, let's jump to today's episode so we can get started on helping you put yourself in front of more people essentially get people to stop and notice, you know your products and services no notice your business as well as help you prepare for any uncertainty in the marketplace by essentially solidifying and continually marketing your business as well as help you put structures in place by continually marketing so that you have, you're able to save money when time down the road because you've built a strong baseline for acquiring new business. So the first one I wanted to cover when it comes to what's the biggest benefits for continuing marketing a business is so is to overcome obscurity.

Right, so the biggest point the first biggest point is to overcome up security. What do I mean by this. Well, security is where nobody knows much about us, right. So, visibility is the issue, and I heard grunter Don once talk about this idea if you throw a brick in the canyon, it doesn't make much difference. And so for a lot of us, entrepreneurs, create content online, hoping and thinking that, you know, everybody's gonna see our content but the truth is they want, you know, the internet is so vast and there is so much content be creating every day. Right.

There is so much content be created every day. And so for you to get in front of people, you must continually market your business because if it doesn't keep growing, it will shrink and die it's, it's like thinking of the huge forest, tall, big trees everywhere. And you're a small little blade of grass and lower blade of grass just piercing out of the ground.

Now, imagine if you think you're going to grow in a day to take over that forest, or to you know to stand up tall and reach the sun and the high skies with just one day or one week or one year of content marketing. It doesn't work that way right there is so much already out there that if you want to get noticed you need to be continually putting out content, because the content you put today is competing against the content that other people have put today but it's also competing against all the other content that has been put in the past.

Right. And it's competing for attention because you have to realise that each person, no matter how cool they are there, they're all looking at the content one at a time, right, you can get a lot of them to come at once but it's going to take a while they have to first find you, and for them to find you, they must know about you so security becomes the issue here, not so much that there's too much content but they have security, so you can never really market too much. In fact, you will always marketing to level, no matter how much marketing you're doing right.

The next thing that you want to do is, so you're overcome security by in building visibility, by creating a lot of marketing so that's the benefit of continuing marketing is to have account security. The next thing is you want to continually market so you can have common security but also so you can rise up your business, status, what do I mean by this. Well, if you're a small business and you don't have in the content to anything, you're essentially a business that is susceptible to, you know, in a very weak ground and annual shifts in the marketplace, your business will collapse on itself because there aren't any strong processes, holding your business structure up.

Because once people see their business as a building, or they see their business as the clients they serve, but the best way to think about it is, imagine you have this bridge, right, and this bridge is made out of metal beams, but it's also made out of these long.

What do you call these steel wires, right? But if you look at that it's an entire structure right, there's a structure for keeping the beam upright is a structure for making sure that it's not going to tip over. There's a structure for everything right and so you need to have all this structure keeping your you know your business up because you know you're getting all these clients coming in so you can serve them so there's a structure for getting clients, right, it's system for getting clients.

Right, there's a system for giving clients what they came to get in the first place. Right, there's a system for thanking clients and asking them to refer more clients, right, there's a system for what else, you know, how you taking the clients through that process to make a purchase, right, there's a system for getting more partners, right, there's a system for getting your business exposed in different new markets, right, there's a system for every single type of platform where your, your clients can be found.

And what I mean by this is not all your clients are going to be going around searching for the solution, but that doesn't mean that they don't need the solution they need your solution they need your service. Right, so you need to be the hero that can go out there into those communities and find your clients. Do you have a system for that, Right, so you need systems for all these things, just so you can bring your clients and notice, once you build the system, you know, there's a lot of structures, holding up your entire business. So if one system fails, like for example, Google changes the ranking system, your business doesn't go under and this has happened before. Right.

A lot of businesses lost business because Google changed their rankings, their, you know, ranking system SEO ranking system, and then Facebook came and did the same thing as Google did. So, do you have systems in place to keep your business up, even if all these two or three structures fail your business you're standing because you wanted to keep standing as tall as possible regardless of what happens and things are always gonna shift. Take a look at the current environment right businesses couldn't open their doors.

So for all the business that we're only depending on clients to walk into their buildings. A lot of those probably lost business unless they had some structures in place, and adapted quickly, and for businesses that had both online and offline method of delivering solutions, they'll find themselves, all they have to do is just focus on the other method now, and you know, wait out while everybody else is waiting out for the climate coder. So this is what continuous marketing could do if you have systems for marketing.

That's what I mean their system for marketing but also marketing, I don't think it just stops by getting clients I think it continues all the way to when you fulfilled the client, because I think, customer service and customer satisfaction, or, you know, customer retention, all this, and repeat business I owe this, they're part of marketing systems, right. If they're not, I've made it there. They're part of marketing systems in my dictionary, right, so if you want, you can build your own dictionary if they're not part of your marketing dictionary but the reason why I say that here is very simple, right.

If you have this systems in place they benefit your business, and that's my goal. They benefit your business. With that said, the next thing is overcoming obscurity, by, essentially, you know, being able to build that publicity, right. So, with these systems here. The first one is increasing visibility, right, you could increase visibility as soon as social media channel, but also locally, right.

You can also raise your business status by putting yourself in a position where the voice of your business matters, the branding matters. And the best way to do that is perhaps awarded. If there's a word that your business can contribute into, but by creating more content I think is the best way to go because creating more content means the people with questions will automatically look up to you for the answers to those questions. And that means you don't have to wait for anybody else to tell you what to say or what to do. Because going to these competitions means somebody else decides who's the winner but if you create your own content.

That means that you know the customer who the person who actually matters in your business can vote for you by just saying you know I had a question you answered me, that was great so I came to you to do business. And that's what I mean. So when I say publicity here. You can also include publicity such as being on other platforms that makes sure that not only did the customer who read your content, read it but they can also see you in other platforms.

Further, you know, establishing your credibility but also solidifying your position as the person who knows what they're doing, and because they can teach it, they can talk about it. Right, so that's what I want to cover in that.

So with that said let's just jump to the next point, which is building a strong foundation for essentially attracting business, right. So that's the second benefit for continuing marketing your small business which is to build a strong foundation for continually attracting new business. And the idea here is to be able to adapt to change, which I covered a little bit to adapt to change in the marketplace, right, that is the outcome for building a strong foundation for attracting business. And the second part is we will penetrate into new market segments. Right.

So, and what I mean here is very very simple. So your business is already serving these clients. It's very difficult for you to go and serve other markets, if you don't have a strong, firm grip on the market that you're already in the reason why I say that is because if you try to go to many different market segments, you'll find yourself unable to go through the other ones, for one simple reason.

And the reason is this. When you try to go to the other market segments, and you don't have a strong foundation here, then there is nothing really supporting you back as you spend money and time and energy trying to go into this place it's like trying to climb two mountains at once, just doesn't work very well.

Right, right. So with that said, the next step in building a strong foundation to attract more business will be so that you can put your systems, you know to scale so you can use your system to be able to scale up your business, right, which links back to fear to penetrate new market where you can, you can also scale, so you can scale upwards in revenue, but you can also scale wide in market share, which is really really awesome, but you can also provide more to your clients, you can also go deeper in the ground by providing much more value having much bigger back end offers, because you have a much more firm grips, a great grip over the market share that you own, right. So that's the goal there. And then with that, say, the next step is.

The next point that we wanted to cover is the key benefit on continuing marketing of your business will be make it easy for repeat business. Right. And what I mean here is, you know you're able to capture your buyers, attention, and stay in their minds, and I learned this concept is dominating your buyer's mind. So, a lot of people when talking about domination, we talk, we don't really, we misuse the concept, you know, market domination.

But, what it means, from the guys like Grant Cardone essentially it means that being able to stay in your customers' mind, long after they've made a purchase, long after they've seen a contract so whenever think of that key particular area, all they can think is you because you made a strong enough impression on them, that you become the easiest choice for them to relate the topic of, you know, the key topic, or the key needs that they have with you, and I think this is very powerful because I'm noticing that.

You know when you're studying the relationship between clients, between two people, you know, being able to associate one product, or one action with something is very powerful because it's like programming the mind to be able to go back into that place. But while this can be used for good in terms of you know overcoming bad habits like quitting smoking and all those things. It can also be used to inspire users to remember the business brand, right, like red can always be associated a little bit more color, or you know, some images may be vaguely associated with a call if they're in a certain way that makes sense.


So, with that said, the next thing becomes how to keep your clients coming back. And these links to being able to capture clients attention but also dominating it as in, you know, retaining that part of them so that they associate a very specific characteristic with you.

And that could be, you know the way businesses would use key phrases like a tagline to try and create that association. Right, So what is that for your business, but this is going on, just creating those taglines right it goes down to essentially creating a habit of creating a name association so that every time someone thinks about something they think just about your business, in relation to that thing there, and the importance of this is, you become a key dominant player in the market.

Aside from that, the next thing is becoming the most accessible choice. What, what do I mean by accessible here is, essentially, when the clients, the more you market your business, the easier is for the clients to keep finding the first time is always the hard part right they have to Google, or search or try to find you.

But the more you market your business, it becomes so much easier to find you, they don't even have to search anymore, right, because they may type a phrase or they may just look at something and then there you are because you have marketed your business that much.

You are in front of them when they need you to be there. And this can happens because your content, you know, is addressing some of the other issues that they didn't know you can help them with, or you've put enough content that they don't even need to Google you so much, as they just go into your business to go and get that answer without even thinking about searching for a business.

And what I mean here is very very simple right. Think of a particular book that you know has this specific answer. And whenever you want that answer you just go straight to that book. Now for most people, this is not common, especially if you don't read too many times but for other people who read too many times you'll just know this book is the one book that has answers. So it's not even a search anymore. It's just like there is a book that has the answer and goals, they go and they read into that book.

Okay, so that is me. On this episode of the virtual entrepreneur, I hope you enjoyed it and you got value.

If you want to start marketing a small business, and you need help with that, just go to Herbert marketing and I'll be happy to help you out. That is, h AR ve RT marketing And they'll be happy to help you out. You can also contact me at contact at a bit marketing I'll also be happy, also be happy to, you know, sit down and have a chat. With that said, I will talk to you in our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

And as always, Have a wonderful evening.



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