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Profitable Niches: How to find your Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Today we are talking about niches, how to find your affiliate marketing niche. So you can start doing affiliate marketing today.

So, in the last episode, we talked about, the first step to finding or starting your affiliate marketing.

And the first step was choosing your niche, your niche that you’re going to focus on. So you can find products and everything, customers and all this good stuff. And then the second step was finding your product. And the third step was finding traffic. And then from there you put it all together and start focusing on building your list. So today we’re talking about your niche. And we mentioned that finding your niche. There are three core markets, right.

When deciding to choose your niche and the three core markets are health, wealth, and relationships, right.

So, you have these big core markets. But because there are so many different products in a single core market and so many different companies. We want to be more narrowed down, we want to target in a very specific.

Demographic and psychographic

So that you can be very effective in our marketing, it’s better to,

You know,

Dig a very narrow hole with very focused, rather than trying to go, you know 1000 miles (1,609.34 km) wide, but only

Two inches deep, right. So, once you found the three core markets, then the goal here is to narrow it down so

For example: if you take their health niche that sorry the health market,

You find that there is beauty products, there is dental health.

There are dieting and weight loss health,

Health-related product,

Exercise and fitness product,

There’s mental health,


There’s sleep and dream-related there will be people who have trouble sleeping at night, helping me those dreams,

And then there is spiritual health.

There’s, there’s also men’s health and women’s health.

So, all these are products within the health.

So, all these are essentially submarkets within the health market, and then you can even narrow it down deeper, right. So for example, if you take the wealth market as well.

You’ll find that there is career progression and profession. Submarket, there is a depth submarket that submarket, there is equity and stock submarket is economics submarket.

There are a management and leadership sub-market. There is marketing and sales. Submarket, then this outsourcing submarket is personal finance submarket, real estate submarket, and then these small businesses and entrepreneurship submarket.

Again, these are all submarkets within the wealth market, and then the goal will be to go and pick one and then focus,

So that you can get to the niches and then focus even more so that you can really be able to find your dream,

Customers who are really, who are ready for you to start helping them.

And then if we look at the relationship market, we can see that there is education submarket,

There is marriage submarket,


Pregnancy and child,

Then there are special needs,

There’s Animal Care and pets.

Then there is entertainment.

There’s also a Home Improvements wedding and home buying.

So, all these could be considered in the relationship.

Market and these could be the submarkets that you could go into.

Now I mentioned that the goal is to find one sub-market and then drill even deeper.

So if we take the example of the wealth market, then take within that wealth market.

If you look into the marketing and sales submarket

Or the entrepreneur business,

And internet marketing sub-business, sorry submarket, what we find these days.

Also, within that sub-market we can find that is affiliate marketing, that is, article marketing,

Thre is auctions,

Is blog marketing,

Classified ads,


There are copywriting is also emailed marketing these promotions, these banners ads.

And these are some Pay Per Click ads.

There is SEM and SEO and these all have to do with being discovered by search engines, right on the internet.

Then there is the social media marketing

And then there’s video marketing,

So you can see, even within the International Business and Marketing sub mark is also a lot more other submarkets.

So, and then the goal here will be to go even deeper

So for example you could go into affiliate marketing,

You could say, affiliate marketing

With organic traffic,

Something like that or you could say,

if you go into the copywriting, it will say email copywriting for small business,

And this will be a very broad niche because copywriting on its own, there’s quite a lot, is website copywriting they sales,

Copywriting these video scripts sales letter copywriting this email copywriting.

So this lot within that specific area alone, so you can really narrow it down.

For example, this ad copywriting for small businesses, and then you can even narrow it down and say, ad copywriting for small fitness businesses.

And then there, now you’re really focusing on targeting a very specific customer.

So that, that’s how you go about finding the niches that you can really target in Affiliate Marketing.

If you’re looking to find the exam. And the best way to see some of these examples would be to go to And then in the marketing. Marketing place, You would find a lot of some of these products in these niches that you can start finding and promoting if that makes sense. So, that said, that is all about. That is all for us here today, in terms of finding niches.

So you can promote affiliate marketing products. And tomorrow we’re going to look more into the products, traffic, and all the other good stuff. That can help us really understand our affiliate marketing journey and how to get started.

Aside from that, thank you so much for joining me on this episode. I’ll talk to you on our next episode of the Marketer’s Secret Lighthouse, good evening.



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