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Are Other Beginner Affiliate Marketers Making More Money Than You?

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Today we are talking about products, how to find the perfect affiliate marketing products. And as you know in the past few episodes we talked about.

After that affiliate marketing, and we talked about how to find a niche and more details. So in the last few episodes.

If you haven’t heard those two episodes,

then I want you to go back and listen to those episodes because it will help you understand where we are going with these ideas.

And it will also be much easier for you to follow along, and to pick up any of the key important concepts that we mentioned in our past previous episodes. So, in this episode, we are looking at how to find a product.

Now, we first started by looking at the three core markets

and we say that when you’re choosing your niche there are three core markets which are health, wealth, and relationships.

And then you went through them, and said well if you’re looking into the wealth relation, wealth, market,

Then we can narrow it down and look at E-business and E-marketing which is essentially internet business and internet marketing.

And when you’re looking into those as an internet business and internet marketing.

Then we looked more specifically narrowing down further into Facebook ads, copywriting for small businesses in the fitness market.

So, what we have done there is we’ve taken a very big broad market, and we’ve narrowed it down.

To the point where if you want to target people we now know who you’re targeting, we’re targeting,

People who have a fitness business and want Facebook ads for their business.

And so you can see how it’s getting very, very specific.

And the reason why we want to do that first is that there’s a lot of companies, there’s a lot of affiliates marketing products.

There’s a lot of markets or submarkets within each of these submarkets, and if we try to target just wealth in general, it’s too broad. And you’re going to be competing with every single person.

and we won’t be able to reach the people who we want to make enough profit, and there’s a lot of big company,

so it’s going to be very hard to compete against those. And so what we do is we try to carve ourselves a blue ocean.

And what this means, essentially, is you target people so specifically with a very specific needs.

Which makes it, which makes it easier for you to reach to them, rather than if you just make it really broad. So, now that all that is said.

The next thing that we want to do is we want to focus on finding the product.

The way we do that is the first thing is we first find what the problems. Questions roadblocks and resumes are for the people who we are targeting.

And I’ll tell you why in a minute why you want to do that,

but you want to find 10 Problems 10 Questions 10 roadblocks and 10 results or benefits that your target audience are going to want.

And you do this,

And then you also search for Facebook ads YouTube ads, Google Ads, all kinds of ads including Quora ads, and by looking at these here.

We want to identify a few things.

First, we want to learn how competition is promoting their products,

and we want to learn how long these ads have been running because you don’t want to go, and model after somebody who has,

A product and they don’t have a test, and they’re just testing themselves. So what do I mean by modeling here?

So, you’re going to the market, the chances are you’re not the first person, and you don’t want to be the first person into that market. And the reason is very simple. If you’re the first person, there’s a lot of things you have to learn and it’s going to cost you a lot of money in testing.

So what do you want to do is you want to find somebody who is already successful in that market and you want to model the things that they do, that made them successful.

The things that we can see

For example,

Where they’re getting the traffic from how they’re writing their ads, we don’t want to copy them, we want to model them.

So what keywords they’re using, what kind of images, they’re using.

And so by modeling the style, the design and the things that they’re using. We are then going to be able to get very similar results to them. And that’s why we want to find those problems questions roadblock and results so in understand our customer, as well as model.

Our competition. Right. And so, we also look at how the offers are being structured, what is the first affiliate marketing product being offered what are the back end products.

So you need to make a purchase to understand that even when you’re finding an owner for that affiliate marketing product you need to buy it so that you know it works.

Otherwise, there is no point in promoting it, because if it doesn’t work, if it doesn’t work,

You’re going to lose your customers you’re going to lose the reputation that you’re trying to build and that trust can be broken, and we don’t want that.

So, once you find out this you go to Clickbank and then you can start searching for the affiliate marketing product that you want to promote.

And then you’re going to build your own offer around the product that you’re promoting, and all you’re going to do is going to create a page, a web page, especially if that’s what you want,

Where you’re going to drive people to that page, And you’re going to have bonuses for them so that when they click your link and make a purchase email you back to get a bonus.

And what this does are it allows you to get a lot more customer selling them easier. That makes sense selling to them becomes much, much easier because you have a lot more bonuses which makes the offer a lot more valuable,

Compared to everyone else promoting the same product.

So there’s quite a lot saved in there. But one thing that you need to be aware of is, what is the product info that we’re looking for.

So when you’re looking through your competitions, and you’re learning about the product and your customers, you want to learn about the product titles that are being used,

The keywords being used in there, because those will help you address your ideal customers,

you want to learn the copywriting keywords and phrases in that particular niche so that you can be relevant.

You also want to learn the pricing points, right, what’s the lowest pricing points are people buying the highest,

Maybe not the highest but what how the pricing points are being structured because even though you’re not creating your own offer. If you go and pick a very expensive author and try to promote it.

The chances are, you know it’s easier for someone to make a small commitment at first, and then upgrade them,

You know,

Keep upgrading, rather than trying to make someone to get a huge commitment in the first go. Even though you’re not selling.

If you want to get more audiences people to purchase from you then you’re best off having them try something use something on the front end,

Because that will make a purchasing decision later easier, a no-brainer if that makes sense.

Then the next thing is going to look at the benefits that people are buying because people are not there to buy products

they’re there to buy the benefits.

So you want to look at the benefits that people are buying in that particular affiliate niche field marketing niche.

So, and looking at these benefits allows you to create content around those benefits if that makes sense. And then you want to understand where the traffic is coming from and this becomes really important. On our next step, which we’ll talk about on our next episode.

So those are the steps in finding a product so the first thing is, you understand we have narrowed down the niche.

The second step is, we have looked for the product.

And we have looked at how our competition is selling the product, what questions, problems and roadblocks and results the app they are addressing.

And then we also have looked at the product information structure as well as copywriting along those along with the product because you want to use similar words,

Even for the product that you’re selling you want to use similar words so that your customers, and confused,

and that you can build that trust and rapport very quickly.

So, that is that for this episode on the marketer’s secret lighthouse, and tomorrow we’re going to be talking more on traffic.

So thank you so much for tuning in and this episode, and I’ll talk to you on our next episode. Good evening.



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