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Positioning Your Business Profile As a Resource Center

positioning yourself as a resource centre.

Hello, and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. If you're new to this podcast, a warm welcome. I am your host Herbert innocent and today we are talking about how to position yourself as a resource centre positioning your profile as a resource centre. Now, if you're new to this podcast on a previous episode what we talked about was an interview with brain Tillman, right, and Brynne Tillman talked about social selling, and that is what she does for a living, and that is where her expertise lies, and she talked about a lot of things she'd really dropped down a lot of value that you can take and can use that to accelerate your growth to get that one more prospect to learn that new clients and to even grow your team of experts working on your business.

So now that I mentioned to you about Brian Tillman and social selling. If you haven't heard about that episode if you haven't listened to it. I want you to go back and listen to that when you come back, what we're talking about today, will make so much sense because it's a build on from what happened so just pause, go back and listen to that and then come back, we'll still be here.

And now that other way. One thing I wanted to talk today about studying conversation from a place of value. This is one of the key things that bring to him and talked about yesterday, and she talked about starting conversations from a place of value, and one thing that you know, she mentioned was the results that they, she had that surprised her by studying, you know, conversations differently. And what I wanted to dive into deeply today was, you know, positioning, not just your profile as a resource centre, but more on the mindset, right, and the mindset that is involved in this process.

And I'll tell you quick quickly how I learned about this a while back, but the mindset that is involved, which is a mindset of, you know, I can do. Can you do it, instead of saying can you do this for me, It's a mindset of I can do this for you in exchange for this, which is a business mindset versus a, you know, a bagging takers mindset, right. So it's a giving over a transactional mindset versus begging and tacking. You have to realise that everyone that we come into contact with. They're busy with their own personal projects, whether it's with family, friends, you know they're busy doing something that we may never know about, or even think about.

They have a goal, they have something they want to achieve, whether it's getting more sales, or whether it's lending clients, or whether it's just getting their child better through a, you know, a bad period of illness, and so you have to realise that everybody is busy and they have a lot of things going on for them just like that you have a lot of things going on for you. And so when you want to interrupt someone to get their attention to progress their into doing business, you must understand that they may not be at the same place where you are in your mind when you approach them, and so you need to bring them back to where you were, where you can start making meaningful meaningful conversations, right, and we're gonna go a bit into that but a little bit into that but one of the things that I've noticed is, people will even ask.

I want to do this.

They will jump into you saying I want to do this and remember my mentor said something along the lines where, you know, he will get people wanting to promote their stuff, and they'll be very aggressive about it, with very poor value proposition.

I think those are the words I wanted to use there. I really can't find any better kind of words to say, it was just a very poor value proposition and it's the same with XM. People even experts in their field. They will approach you wanting to be a guest on the show, or somewhere else. With a mindset of not being conscious that you have an objective that you have, you want to do this right, it really is a very poor value proposition and to me.

When I first came across this mindset, the two different types of mindsets, it was back when I owned a photography business. And what happened was, I've been building business generating sales getting landing clients. And one thing I noticed was that, you know, I was at this point where I wanted to scale it to go from the clients I have to getting more clients. And I also wanted to reduce the time. And so I was trying to learn how other business owners had done it, or how other photographers done it.

Now I didn't consider myself as a photographer, even though I did corporate photography, I saw myself as building a business and I was building all these systems. I had just started learning about business systems and was really into that.

And then in my research, I came across this blog, on which a photographer talked about how he had to hire a virtual assistant on Fiverr, to do a post production on photo shoot taken, and she had done the same thing by giving, she tried two different vendors, and she wasn't very happy with the result. Right. And she said, Really, you're paying for the money and everything, and that was my introduction to the, to the platform.

Fiverr If you haven't used it it's a freelancing platform where you can hire a lot of different of different types of freelance lenses from all different types of fields.

So, I want quickly to go and check what Fiverr is.

And as I looked around, I noticed something very, very unique compared to everything that I had seen previously.

Every single vendor on Fiverr stats, has a post or a gig, as they call it, that says, I will do this for you, right. So I will do this for you, like, I'll do your sales letter for you. I will do you. Marketing YouTube marketing for you or I will do you email marketing sequence for you, or I'll do your customer research for you. And always, but they always say I will do this for you.

And that was a very interesting approach to doing business because it starts with what I can do for you rather than you know what I wrote. Instead of what I want, which is, I tried to give you, it's a business transaction. It's a marketplace conversation. And it really makes it easier for someone to approach and to learn more. Right. And so every single vendor does like that and that is the platform's default, and I'm guessing they may have tested and found out that works better, but it was an interesting mindset.

And I began looking into that and became very, very, very conscious of that. Right.

The idea of saying, I will do this for you instead of just talking about what it is that you do, or talking about what you're interested in, or talking about what you want. It focuses on the customer. And that was the key takeaway. And so, I begin finding ways to adapt that logic into what I do.

I began because I saw that as a conversation that wins. Because, by saying, I'll do this for you, you filter out anyone who isn't interested, but also for the ones who are interested, you've just piqued their interest in terms of oh, what else will I get with that.

And that is a very interesting way and the simplest way of saying of starting a business transaction, should we say. And so that became something that to be conscious of. So, when starting conversations, or your profile, or in talking about yourself and all these things. I've come to realise that I'm seeing this as a pattern.

All business owners who know what they're doing. They all have a very unique way of saying, talking about themselves, they talk about themselves from a place that communicates, how they can benefit you, rather than what they have or what they do, or what they achieved. Right. And when I say what they do.

You may be, whatever it is that you do a photographer videographer. People may not necessarily be interested in the form in you being a photographer, but they may want to reach more social media, or they may want to get more visual exposure.

Right. And so instead of saying, I am a photographer, became a competition of saying, I can make you stand out in the social media marketplace on social media, social media platforms. Right. And so that's a much more value driven rather than I am a photographer and all these things. So that became the mindsets adaption there. And that's what I wanted to touch here, right, even when you're asking to be just a simple guest on blog blogging platform, or on platforms such as Why do you call this the words escaping my mind today, such as, What am I doing not podcasting,

such as podcasting, one of the things that you noticed is, it's the same, it's the same process, you ask from a, from a place of value, right, and when someone, and when you ask someone from a place value.

It's, it's not even a question anymore of yes or no. The only thing that would say no, is if the timing doesn't suit.

In most cases the answer is always definitely yes, because you're adding. It's from the place of abundance. And it's not, it's not from a place of competition, right, because the goal is people want to do business with you, but you've got to be willing to position yourself in a way that makes it easier, because sometimes you, you just read, and then you're like wow selfish, selfish, selfish, because that's what it screams out when you read some of these requests, or when you.

You know when you approach someone from a place of me me me. Right. And so that's one of the few things that I've noticed that Brett briny Tillman talked about it, but I've also noticed that a lot of really good entrepreneurs who know what they're doing, they position themselves from a place of value. And so for you today if you want to take away something from this episode. What I would take away from you. For what I'll say the takeaway is, go back to your, you know, all these profiles on LinkedIn and position yourself in a way that opens up this conversation. Right. Who are your target audience.

Maybe they're business owners who want to grow their businesses, or maybe they want to start their businesses. Rather than saying, I do this, perhaps say how you could help them get that one resort because it narrows down. People are always looking for those profiles profiles. It narrows down, and allows them to filter, and if they need that it's easier for them to initiate the conversation.

One last thing that I've noticed is, it's easier for people to come to you and for you to decide if their message fits with yours, that it is, then it is harder for you to go to every single person trying to see if your message fits with theirs. And so by positioning yourself in a place of value you attract more people, and that means you won't spend as much time going, trying to see, confirming if your message fits. Because at the end of the day, you only have 24 hours. You only have 24 hours and you get tired.

You get really tired very very quickly.

So how you spend your energy, your attention and your time really matters as an entrepreneur, especially if you're a solo entrepreneur, small business owner, or just a virtual entrepreneur trying to make it work. Right, so you want to focus on what matters. What gives you the best impact. And the best way to maximise it is by starting from a place of value, people who give gets much, much more than people who just take, like, they get so much much. And it's surprising. It's really surprising.

That is me from this episode of the virtual entrepreneur I hope you enjoyed it and you got value. If you did, that means the mission has been accomplished for today. Thank you so much for joining and tuning in this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. As always, I will talk to you on our next episode, and have a wonderful evening.



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