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Mindsets To Consider As Servant Leader For Your Small Business

So have you ever wanted to accelerate your business, but was stuck on how do you get started in accelerating your business.

Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur, today on this episode we'll be talking about how you could accelerate your business in a past episode we talked about things to consider as you promote your business. And these are the things that we had been looking at successful intrapreneurs seems to really use, and that is the mindset approach that they use to take their business from where it is at its infancy.

To get to the next level. But there are even much more mindsets behind what we discussed yesterday. And one of the things that we really considered was the idea of the principles are the same but you need to essentially approach the problem with a different mindset. Right, so the principles are the same, the laws and the rules are fundamentally the same.


But it's how you approach it, it's like everybody has two legs, but people use their legs differently. Some people dance, we become so good at it it looks wonderful and magical watch. Some people run they become so good at it, we wonder how can they accelerate so fast. Right. So these are all the things that, you know, the, the rules and fundamentally are the same, but the approach is different.

Now, if you're new to this podcast, this is the go-to podcast for entrepreneurs who see their businesses as a vehicle for change. And what I do is I essentially bring you the tips the tricks and the big secrets, how-tos, and the success stories, and the success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe, and I've been going out and learning how do you build a successful business, I took a challenge to get started on building a successful business.

We end the challenge started we, you know, no clients, no list, and a very limited budget, and the goal has been to learn what I realized very very quickly is mindset is everything. Right, problem-solving, implies that you can look at a problem and see opportunities and see ways to overcome that problem, and really excel, and what I've noticed is very good entrepreneurs are very very good at doing this right they excel at finding problems and turning them into opportunities.

Now one of the biggest mindset that I've noticed that keeps repeating with entrepreneurs who have become really successful, is the give back in order to get back right, and what I mean by this is reciprocate reciprocate. Right. There is a very fundamental human need for us to do something good to people who have done something good to us and that's why we give to charity, we think of a charity that's actually an industry, and people will donate a tonnes and tonnes of money, not because they want to but because there is the need to give back.

Right. And sometimes people want to give back so they don't feel guilty or they want to give back so they can, you know, continue to excel in other areas of life without feeling like this something nagging and holding them back. Right. And so these are some of the things that we want to consider. Another key thing, another key fundamental here is, you know, define the need and feel it right, we've talked about this before, but more important than being ready to pivot. What do I mean by this.

As you build your business, you're going to encounter a lot of problems and roadblocks along the way and being ready to simply say that didn't work, we're gonna try something else, and simply change the focus, focus as quickly as possible. One of the key principles that really really separates successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who struggle, right, because being able to pivot means that every single problem that comes in your way, has the potential to become a solution.

Right and so you want to be able to look at a problem and quickly turn it into a solution. And that is very, very important.

Another piece to really consider here is to surround yourself with experts, find people who are good at something, then surround yourself with experts, and knowing how to motivate people. Each person is different, knowing how to motivate people individually, is really really crucial for you to achieve your goal as an entrepreneur. Why, because as you find ways to motivate other entrepreneurs.

One of the things that you become really good at is you become good at creating the environment at which they can excel at the end of the day, in order for you to get excellent results. You need to be able to create that environment that offers them the opportunity to excel, because otherwise it just doesn't work. Right.

And the other thing is, people have this Fe saying where they say knowledge is power. But what I've noticed and what I've heard, which is very different is this knowledge is not power, but applied knowledge is power. Knowing is great, but if you don't know what you're doing, that knowledge, if you're not doing it if you're not using it, you have a good end-result but if you apply that knowledge than that to the fundamental of power, right.

Be prepared for setbacks and be prepared to push back, right, to really push hard far beyond this is another mindset that I'm really seeing and I thought it was very, very powerful and important. And the other thing is leveraging your rivals as revenue. When I first heard this, I thought to myself, that doesn't make any sense. But he actually does. For a lot of business owners, they look at their rivals, and they tried to find ways to turn them into revenue. And if you think about that, that is crazy smart, right, because by turning your rivals into revenue.

Not only are you solidifying your place in the marketplace, because you are not competing anymore. Right. You've created this opportunity we're now your rivals aren't competing but, you know, the theory right into you. You've just acquire them in some sense, with you, bro. You really just encompass all of them, right, which I thought was really really smart, Really really clever so leveraging rivals as revenue.

Right, identifying key players being very good to identify team players and quickly building those relationships and connections.

This is something that I'm noticing is very very powerful and keeps repeating, which is fundamental for entrepreneurs we will induce you to find those key players and build those connections because those connections those contacts become relationships. Relationships become transactions later on so which is really good.

Right. So, the other key thing that I've seen is finding a talent if you notice there's a talent, you want to find a place in your business. So you can, you want to create a place for that talent in your business.

Because the thing it's very hard to find good talent. But when you do you want to find that good place in your business, because that will provide you with a tonne of results going forward, which is essentially acknowledging that, you know, one of the most limited of resources that we have not limited by constraints, not so much with talent, good talent and with work ethics and approach to problem-solving a good mindset that approaches problem-solving in a way that's more creative but also creates much more than produces problems, which is very key, right. So sometimes less is more, being able to focus because sometimes less is more and in the world of sales. Last is usually more. Right.

So and in business you never, ever give up. And so those are the some of just a few mindsets that I'm seeing that are very, very crucial to intrapreneurs to really excel in their areas of business by leveraging what they have and dominating the marketplace, but really not so much by being too much aggressive, but by approaching every problem, as an opportunity, as well as, you know, of doing things like building report, as well as leveraging the, the psychology of reciprocation and all these other factors that influence us.

Right, really understanding human psychology and using those factors to the best of your ability, so you can build a thriving team, and, in essence, build a business because at the end of the day, the business is built by the team, not by the founder, the founder, the job is to create the environment where the business can be built. With that said, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. I'll talk to you in our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

As always, have a wonderful evening.



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