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Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode.

0:12 If you're new to this podcast. I am Herbert innocent, and today we are discussing the notes of the chapter of the book, The Science of Getting Rich. By WD wattles, we had read Chapter 11 On a previous episode, and these are the notes preceding reading that chapter.

0:39 Now in a previous chapter, which was chapter 11 and the name of the chapter is called, acting a certain way. The chapter covered a lot of concepts. Right. and at the end of the chapter I introduce to you a newly released book that I have three copies for you that you can grab at Herbert's marketing hub at marketing, and from there you should access the copy. And the book is about how to build an online business from scratch.

1:22 Now, that book is very relevant because as you know, this podcast is about me, investigating how businesses are being built in today's world, online, and we have identified that the wind, the opportunity.

1:42 The winds of opportunity are facing in the online direction. Direction, because that is where you will find a tonne of customers, a tonne of people looking to solve a lot of our daily to daily problems questions roadblocks and to get better results.

2:04 So we've been reading the book and breaking it down.

2:08 And we've gotten as far as chapter 11.

2:13 So, after reading chapter 11 Some of the key things that keep coming up in the world of the Science of Getting Rich, which by the way the book was written in 1910. So this is a little over a century ago. Right. And the value and the lessons from the book are still very very much relevant today. And the first key thing that keeps coming up is the concept of vision.

2:45 The book talks about imagining what you want, having a greater vision. Don't imagine small imagined big what it is that you want.

2:58 Right. And in the world of business today. One of the biggest things that we learn when you're starting a business is have a vision.

3:07 Vision is everything. What do you hope to achieve by building a business because a business is an entity, it can shape it can transform the local communities, it can transform the environment, and create more opportunities, changing lives of everyone who interacts with it, whether it's a customer, or whether it's a partner, whether it's employees businesses change lives forward, for better or for worse, and knowing the vision of what you want, that business to do. Having a powerful clear vision is key because some businesses can hurt as much as other businesses can help in knowing what you want.

4:02 And being the voice, and being the captain, who is directing that business towards that vision, that is the goal of the entrepreneur. Right. And so, vision, in the book, Thinking of the Science of Getting Rich, we see that vision is what we are using, fueled by our purpose and fueled by our faith and action, its way.

4:33 Is everything we use to keep ourselves headed in the right direction at all times. Right.

4:44 And the next thing is right next to vision is purpose and value. In today's business if you're reading the website, you'll see they have a purpose and deliver value, and their values of some of these businesses it's to enrich lives, to transform communities to build a new level, micro, micro communities. Right. There's a lot of different values that a lot of these businesses have, but a lot of it has to do with to make life better. Right. To make life easier to make life simple, and to take the example of Apple, to think differently.

5:28 So with all these visions, then we have a purpose and the purpose for you as individual asking yourself why three or four times and each time you ask yourself why you come to the realisation that there's a deeper reasons for desiring the things you desire for wanting the thing you wanting for wanting to get rich for wanting to do more. Because somewhere inside.

5:55 I've come to realise we feel is a hunger is this thing that's waiting to be awakened.

6:03 And the thing is, we want to do more because it is by doing more do we really fully become who we are.

6:12 Right.

6:13 That is the purpose. Purpose. and right after purpose is faith.

6:21 And with faith is the idea of having a clear belief to go against the odds to swim against the tide to stand up when everybody else will rather sit.

6:38 And by having faith, we stand up for something that is much more bigger than us.

6:44 And it comes from having a vision, having a purpose, having value.

6:54 That is where our faith is strengthened.

6:58 And there's this concept I remember I was talking with a friend of mine, who we studied together in the university. Now remember the concept we talked about is blind faith. Right now, what we meant by that was there is a kind of faith that enterpreneurs get or anyone who dares to do something gets in that kind of faith can put you in a position where you completely ignore everything that goes against what you want and you focus so clearly going in the single direction not wavering to anything that might try and disturb or steal your attention from the thing that you want, and blind faith is one of those few things that can push someone to go from the impossible to the possibilities.

8:00 Right. And it is blind faith here that I think the book is really talking about.

8:09 Right.

8:11 So, now that you've looked at faith.

8:14 The next key point that keeps coming up is you must act on your vision, you know what you want, you must now act on what you want. Right. Faith without action is not really faith.

8:30 It is just wishful thinking.

8:33 You cannot have a vision, and not act on it. To do so, simply to dream.

8:42 And as intrapreneurs, the way we act is by doing the things we do daily waking up and doing the tasks, even the tasks that we know we will not like you might wear many different hats.

9:00 Right. You must do many different jobs.

9:05 Just so you can get your enterprise, from where it is, to where it needs to be.

9:13 Because action is the force that puts everything together and propels it forward.

9:20 Right. And the next thing is, you must act now.

9:25 And I think this is the most important point of all the points I've made today.

9:35 And the reason being is if I've seen one clear thing that is different between the successful people successful intrapreneurs and business owners that have seen, and those who aren't is the different that one acts now.

9:51 And the other one tries to act later.

9:57 Right.

9:59 And there's this thing about acting now that makes everything else completely irrelevant.

10:10 I have a very close friend of mine who wants said, I want to do this today. So tomorrow I can do something that nobody else can dare to try, because they didn't do what I did yesterday.

10:24 Because when we do what we're supposed to do today, we set ourselves the platform and the foundation for which we can do more tomorrow. And that is a difference that makes. Right, so the ability to act now puts us in a position where we are ready for tomorrow. To do what tomorrow, has us needs us or wants us to do.

10:54 And that is the big point there, right.

10:58 So the one thing is that do today's work today.

11:06 And you don't have to be, it doesn't have to be perfect, but it just has to be done.

11:16 But you must act now. That is the key takeaway that I got from this chapter.

11:22 So, I'm gonna finish it there. Right. And the call to action for these notes that I wanted to do is I put for you a book, which is on how to build an online business from scratch.

11:37 It's at habits, marketing Oh, I have put the link in the description. I want you to go in the description. And I want you to click that link and to get a copy of that book. Even if you don't read it today. You've done the first step, which is you've put it in your possession, because it's gone it's gone.

12:01 So I want to thank you for joining me on this episode of the virtual enterpreneur, and I will talk to you on our next episode. Have a wonderful evening.



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