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How to build an email List for your Affiliate Marketing.

Updated: May 5, 2021

Today we’ll be talking about the list.

More importantly,

how to build an email list for your affiliate marketing, product.

So, that’s it. Let’s jump right in!

Now, if you’re new to this series of this podcast.

We have been talking about affiliate marketing and how to start affiliate marketing online. And one of the few things that we’ve been talking about is about niches.

We talked about how to find yourself a highly profitable Niche...

And how to carve yourself a niche so you can find yourself a perfect blue ocean where there isn’t too much competition. So that you can start getting those customers.

We also talked about how to find your highly converting perfect affiliate product and where to get your Fast hot traffic.

Now, if you haven’t heard those episodes, I encourage you to go back and listen to those because this episode will make much more sense.

And give you much more value. Once you’ve heard the last few episodes.

by the way if you want to get more leads, more sales, more subscribers, and more fans... from your content no matter what you are sell and who are selling to. Then watch this video

So, that said.

Why Building an emailing List for your Affiliate Marketing.

Well, the reason is quite self-explanatory really.

What I mean here is, if you’re going to be promoting an affiliate marketing product, you’re going to want to increase those commissions, later on, you’re going to want to make sure that you can increase, and get the most out of every single minute of time you spend out of every single customer that you get.

So the best way to do that is by having an affiliate marketing email list.

And what this will do is it will allow you to increase your sales and increase your profits, as well as increase the number of customers data you have.

It will also allow you to build the most profitable asset, any business can have. If you’ve seen any big businesses, you’ll notice that they’re capturing email list, right and left, back and forth front and centre, they’re trying to do it with every opportunity they get so that they can build those customers.

Just as an example.

Any big company that has a website, you’ll find that they’re trying to get you to submit information so they can get that email.

Another thing is, once you have an email list, you can promote other products.

And that way you can start getting more from reoccurring commissions, and even very very high end for the high end, or back end offers that you can have in your business. Now, the good thing.

I suppose what I wanted to say here was that when you have an email list that you can continue using it for as long as you want, as long as it’s easy, and many, many products, and most people get stuck on the idea that they only need to promote one product.

While this is true that he should have one core product that you’re focusing on. But once you have that product that you’re focusing on, you need to start promoting other products that feed off of that.

And the best way to think about this is, every single solution, creates a new problem.

So for example,

if people want to connect, they want to talk to other people around the world, they need a phone, but having a phone creates new problems, right, it creates the problem that you’re in charge it creates a problem that you need to top up to make a call it creates a lot of other problems that are associated with that comes with it.

For example

headsets when you’re busy, or when you’re driving.

So there are all these other new products you can sell as a result of just that one solution if that makes sense. So affiliate marketing is no different, whatever product it is to promote the chances are it also creates problems.

Now, once you have a list, you can start solving those additional problems by finding other affiliates Products and selling them to your existing email list of people who have already bought the product that you’re promoting that you’ve been focusing on.

Now that you’ve explained why and it’s very important. Let’s dig deeper into how you can build your favourite email marketing list.

Very, very simple, very very effectively.

So the first thing you’ll need to build a mailing list, you’ll need an affiliate marketing lead page builder.

And this is just a simple one-page builder. It’s like one of those website builders except it’s designed to build a landing page, and the difference between a landing page and a website is because, is that a landing page can have one or two pages, but it also has the capability to split test, which of your pages is performing very very well.

And this ability to test which page is performing well, allows you to make sure that you’re maximising your efforts in getting those lists, building up that list, because as soon as you can get your list 1000, then it becomes an unstoppable rock that’s coming down heels getting momentum as it goes.

And the second thing that you need to keep in mind is, you will need to build your affiliate marketing lead magnet.

So whatever niche you chose to promote. You will need your own lead magnet. You did not, you did not have to build this lead magnet, it could be something that you can find or you can hire someone else to build.

You can also use PLR products.

These are private label lights product can use videos you can create, cheat sheets, and you can also create info-graphic products that you can give for free in exchange for an email in the future episode, I’ll talk more details on how to get these, but these don’t have to be very complicated you can hire someone on to create graph graphics for that.

And you can go on Freelancer and get someone to build you on one of those lead magnets, as long as you’ve seen what your competition is using, you can build a similar lead magnet and just go with that.

Keep it simple and effective and use what’s already working, rather than try to reinvent the wheel. That way you won’t spend so much time split testing.

The next thing you’ll need is you’ll need to build an affiliate marketing, opt-in email sequence.

What is this, these will be the list of emails sequences. So you write five or six emails, they don’t have to be very long, but these are emails that you’ll be onboarding people into email sequence.

So this is where you’re going to be promoting your product, allowing your ideal prospects to see your product,

five or six times or seven times means that they’re much more likely to buy because they’ve seen you. You’ve given them value some ends with the infographic and your free lead magnet.

And then they’ve gotten a few emails from you, they’re much more likely to look at the link that you’re promoting and see what the offer is made if you’re promoting a free product that allows for a 30-day free trial, then it’s even easier because we’ve set up an account and started using that.

So having a very nice email sequence allows you to start promoting products on autopilot, all you are focusing on is sending people to the opt-in page, and then everything else is being taken care of by the email that you’ve read that you’ve written once, and they will keep going on forever and ever.

As long as you have an email writing programme in the background running. So these are like getting a response, or our website, or any of these email marketing software.

So I mentioned, a lot of things there, and I wanted to explain some of the terminologies that I use. So when I say affiliate marketing, emailing list.

What I mean is,

this is a list of prospects who have an interest in the product in your niche. So if your niche is Facebook ads, that is, you’re providing Facebook ads services, or if you want to provide DIY home services or DIY home, tutorials, then this would be a list of people who have an interest in that area.


And you want to build a list, an email list of those people because they’re much more likely to buy, they already have an interest, affiliate marketing landing page.

So when we say a landing page you just mean a very simple page, ideally with very minimal content that is designed to capture an email address from someone from us prospect.

And these pages very very simple but it’s very powerful because it allows you to turn somebody who’s just looking at your website into someone who could potentially buy from you.

And I mentioned the terminology, affiliate marketing lead magnet, buy a lead magnet we just mean any a product and a product that you can give for free in exchange for an email, we call it a lead magnet because it’s designed to attract leads.

And then I mentioned affiliate marketing, email sequence by email sequence we just been simple emails, designed to be sent on autopilot, to your dream prospects to convert them from prospects into customers and clients.

So, I hope you enjoyed that episode on the marketer’s secret lighthouse.

That is all from me today. Thank you so much for tuning in, and I will talk to you on our next episode of The Virtual Entrepreneur.



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