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Lead Magnet: How to build a powerful Affiliate Marketing Lead Magnet for your Affiliate products.

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Join me on this episode of the marketer’s secret lighthouse. Today we are talking about lead magnets, and more specifically how to build a powerful affiliate marketing lead magnet for you, affiliate products.

Now, if you’re new to this channel and you don’t want to be we’ve been talking about if you’ve been talking about affiliate marketing as a whole, we’ve been answering a few questions about affiliate marketing.

While this is not an exactly step by step how to video, or sorry, how to podcast. It is still gonna help you get a general overview of what is required what you need to do to get yourself started.

So that said, So in the previous episodes, we’ve been doing, we talked about the niche, right, we talked about the three core markets and how to go in there and carve yourself a space within those three core markets so if you haven’t heard of that, I want you to go back on our past episodes and look for that episode, and start listening to that episode and then come back and finish it.

And then we also talked about the product we talked about how to use your competition to your advantage. You know, finding those really good selling products so you don’t have to spend money and time testing them out. We also talked about traffic right how to find your perfect traffic that is guaranteed to buy from you right now,


Again, if you haven’t heard that episode, go back, I was gonna come back and listen to this now. Then we talked about emailing list.

We talked about how to set up how to, you know, start building up your list because as you know the man is in the list. And then, in our last episode we talked about the landing page. And the goal here was how you can start building a landing page that’s guaranteed to convert for you, affiliate marketing.

So today, what you’re doing is you’re focusing on the, on the lead magnet. And what a lead magnet is essentially this is gonna be the thing that you’re gonna give your customers for free.

In order for them to give you your email, their email address, and this is how you collect email address.

Usually, most common affiliate marketing lead magnets are video tutorials, infographic product sheets.

And in fact I was built several cheat sheets for photography when I was first starting photography business. And then there is infographics there is, you know, ebooks, there’s a lot you can do with affiliate marketing lead magnets.

Now, the reason why these are really really important is because this is how you attract your dream customers, your dream clients, because when they see that lead magnet, it needs to tell them that it has the answers to the questions that they have the problems that they’re facing, and the roadblocks that they keep waking up to every single day, and the results that they’re dreaming about right. And so it’s attract your ideal customer to provide them with value, helping them understand their problems, their questions and their roadblocks, and the result that they want.

But also, as I said, this is what you use to start building up your email list and that is why it is really really important.

So, to build up, your affiliate marketing lead magnet, How do you go about doing that is first you need to look at your competition, right, you need to see what kind of lead magnets your competition is doing, if they’re giving out videos, then that means you need to give out a video, maybe make it better, but as soon as you give up videos, if they’re giving out infographics and it’s best to give out infographics.

There’s no point in giving up for graphics if all your ideal competitions are giving out videos because they’ve probably tested this out, and if you have big competition that means they’ve spent a lot of money testing this out already, so they know what works and what doesn’t. And this, and this is why this is good, you’re gonna see your competition. What lead magnets are doing in your model those.

So what do you want to do is you’re in a draft out the key thing is that you’re going to put in your affiliate marketing lead magnet, you want to go to Fiverr and you want to hire a freelancer who specialises in building these lead magnets so if it’s an ebook. You have to either write it out and then you want to give someone on Fiverr to format it right.

Either you write it out by recording audio and then you transcribe it, you know, you do the post edits or you give someone on Fiverr, to do the edits, and then you want to give pay someone money on Fiverr, to do the graphics for you, for you, a affiliate marketing lead magnet, because if you try to do it yourself, the chances are you’re going to be doing it for the first time ever, and if you’re not an expert, it’s going to be a mediocre kind of design in media, kind of writing and editing, and it’s not the best first impression,


because your affiliate marketing lead magnet has to be so good because the more leads you can get, the higher the chances of getting a lot of customers within those leads. The higher the chances. A lot of people will convert, and so you and I really really really get as many as possible. And so that’s why you want to go and hire a freelancer with specialise give them 20 bucks and then they build for you that affiliate marketing lead magnet, that’s going to help you convert those leads.

So that’s the best way to really go about building an affiliate marketing lead magnet without having to spend every single waking minute of the day trying to do it all yourself. As a matter of fact, if you do it right, it should just take you less than a week, a few days.

And that is all for this episode.

So, thank you so much for tuning in and listening to us on. On this episode of the marketer’s secret lighthouse. So the goal here has been building, you know, understanding affiliate marketing going about building it, you don’t need it, you don’t necessarily need to start but it is a very good way to to, you know to start thinking about it if it’s something that you’ve seen but wasn’t sure about. So I hope that it makes sense.

And by the way,

if you check out on my links in the description there’s a course in there where if you join the course, it’s called partner with Anthony program where you learn affiliate marketing more in detail. And the best part is, we will be giving you an landing page and we’ll be giving you lead magnets that you can use for your landing page to learn more about affiliate marketing, and you can use this to promote as well.

So these are really, really saves you on the cost because if I was tell you I think I remember building cheat sheets and it took me It cost me around something along the lines of easily $200

So, if you have an interest in setting affiliate marketing and you don’t invest too much time, money and effort.

I recommend you know having a program that will give you all the resources that you need, and partner with Anthony’s basically designed to teach you about affiliate marketing business, about how to build a business online and best part is you get all the resources that you need for free within there.

So if you wanna check that out in the on the with the link in the description. That should be very useful for you. Again, thanks so much for tuning in and I’ll talk to you in our next episode of the marketer’s secret lighthouse, good evening.



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