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Landing Page: How to build your Affiliate Marketing landing page for free.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

To build your affiliate marketing landing page for free.

Join me on this episode of marketer’s secret lighthouse, I am your host Herbert innocent, and today we are talking about the landing page. More specifically, how to build your affiliate marketing landing page for free.

Now, when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Wait a minute.

So if you’re new to this podcast, and you haven’t heard about it, we’ve been talking about the past few days. We’ve been essentially talking about affiliate marketing and more importantly, how to start affiliate marketing, how affiliate marketing works. And in the previous episode we talked about how to find your niche.

So these three core markets, and we talked about how to carve yourself a space within those three core markets you can find yourself a niche.

And then we talked about the product in how to use your competition to your advantage. And then we also went and talked about traffic, how to find the perfect traffic for, you know, to generate sales for your affiliate marketing, and then in the last episode we looked at the list emailing list, and we talked about how to make more sales and profits to increase your commissions from.

Use your use your email marketing. And the idea here is that you’re going to be doing the same work promoting the same amount of time, but you’re gonna quadruple your profits and sales.

Now if you haven’t heard those episodes, I urge you to go back and listen to those before you continue. On this episode, so pause it now go back and listen to those, and come back and continue in this one. That’s it. Today we are talking about how to build a landing page for you, affiliate marketing.

And before we get into it.

What I want you to know is there are seven reasons why you would want to build an affiliate marketing landing page, and the difference between landing page and a website is that a website is designed to display information to your customers. It may capture lead, but it may also not capture lead, it is actually more distracting because there’s so many options. Some websites have options within options within options.

You go in one way and you get to last forever and ever. And so by having an affiliate marketing landing page. What it means is you have one single page, and it has one option. You either opt in, which is means you submit your emails and get a free infographic report or whatever it is the landing pages offer, or you exit the page. Those are the two options.

I learned once from someone who was teaching me, email marketing, and what they said, which was very, very important. Was that you, there is no profit in, in having your customer sit on the fence.

Basically, these yes or not and there’s no profit in the middle, and that’s how we want to keep it simple in the landing page does that, it provides your ideal prospect with the opportunity to either opt in or not, because there is no profit in the middle. And so that’s what you want to do. So, to build your affiliate marketing landing page you’ll need to capture lead.

That’s why you want to build that you will be building that to capture leads. You’ll also be building that you can build your customer base, because once you have a lot of leads. There are many, many ways to generate sales and profits, even if your leads, don’t buy the product.

So, if you wanna find out more, subscribe to this episode. And later on, I have discussed in the past episodes, And I’ll be discussing again on how you can get profits from your leads, even if they don’t buy the products you’re promoting, and the next thing is, there are also ways to generate more sales and profits. Once you have the email list. So, That said, we’re going to jump in, into how to build an affiliate marketing landing page.

Now when it comes to building a affiliate marketing landing page. Best recommended option is to use a landing page builder. There’s a lot of software’s out there that you can use to build a landing page, but the one key important thing that a landing page builder must have is the ability for you to split test, you need to be able to test between your affiliate marketing landing pages and see which page is generating more lead because generating leads cost, time, and it also costs money.

And that is why affiliate marketing exists.

Businesses want to save on how much they spend to acquire a customer. And so, they create affiliate marketing, and for you as an affiliate marketer, you are in the business of acquiring customers. So your ability to split test to see which page is generating more leads, is very very important because it means you can get more profits, faster and more effectively. The next thing is you need to be able to, you need to be able to, to have, you know, a profitable copy on your affiliate marketing landing page.

And the good thing about affiliate marketing landing pages that is very, very simple, and usually all it has a headline, a lead magnet, and an email opt in button and a submit button and that is it. So you need to ever use very powerful headline, so that your leads are compelled to opt in to your email list.

And there’s a lot of software’s that I’m going to put the link in the description that you can use to generate powerful headlines that are tailored to your ideal prospect.

And so, if you check in the description I’ll have a free.

There’s a free book, and there’s also a free software there that I’ve used in the past that you can use to create those powerful headlines for your affiliate marketing landing page.

The other thing you need is you need to create the irresistible lead magnet. And the reason why this needs to be irresistible is because the more customers, you can have, opting in the more prospect you can have an opt in, the more the chances you’re more likely to get more customers, out of those prospects.

Because, as you start to convert different register to convert your leads into customers.

You will notice that, usually about 10% of the customers will be converting, and depending on how good your sale page is the sale of the product you’re promoting ease, then that number may go higher. And so what you want to be able to do is really increase the amount of leads you’re generating.

So that 10% becomes a very big number for you.

Another thing you will need on you, affiliate marketing landing page is you need to have an autoresponder connected to it, so that as soon as your prospective opened, they’ll start receiving emails telling them about the product you are promoting. And this means that it’ll save you the hassle of trying to go back and forward, to bring the customer into the buying cycle, so that they can see the link of the product you’re promoting and make a purchase.

And so those are the biggest things that you will need and the best part is you don’t need to build all of these. If you have a partner programme. You can also get access to, you know, some of this split tested pages. Lead Magnet, a lead magnet as well as landing pages and email sequences that you can just plug in and start sending your, your ideal prospects, start promoting them.

So, if you’ve never. If you haven’t had the chance to partner with Anthony, there’s a programme there in the description I’m going to put it.

This is a programme where this is a business you’re able to partner and they will give you the landing pages they will give you the lead magnets, they will give you the email sequences, and they will give you. They will give you their recommended autoresponder as well as to give you all the tutorials to plug in and all you have to do is looking at how everything is done, you are learning as you do and you’re generating profits as you’re learning.

And I think this is the best way for anyone starting affiliate marketing to get started because it guarantees you.

I’ve seen 1000s of students go through this and start generating sales within the first few. I think three weeks, within the first three weeks you should be generating sales, because even the traffic sources and how to get the traffic sources is covered in the tutorials.

And the best part is, there are many methods but once you get the core concept of how everything is working. Once you see everything working before eyes, then it becomes much easier. The biggest reasons why a lot of beginner fears get held back is the belief. And if you haven’t done it, and you haven’t seen it, it’s hard to believe it. And so, I recommend partner with Anthony because it is essentially the one programme that I’ve seen within two three weeks to be generating sales. I, when I took it.

It took me two weeks. So, three weeks just throwing three weeks there, and if you follow this tutorial, There really isn’t a reasonable I shall fall behind on any, and it’s just $7 to try so, which is even perfect.

So, that’s how you’ll build a landing page for affiliate marketing, and I recommend testing may take costs, I recommend you partner up with someone who already has built it, so you can use their pages, and the testing costs go down much much significantly.

So that is me, and on this episode. Thank you so much for joining me on this episode of the marketer’s secret lighthouse, and I’ll talk to you on our next episode.

Good evening.



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