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Have you ever wondered how do you find the most profitable niche or what product would be trending this year, or what is the most sold thing, Amazon in 2021 Hello virtual intrapreneurs.

Today we are talking about profitable niches. We were taught, we are talking about maternities And the big question is, are opportunities monopolised. So, if you've been thinking about how to find Profitable Blog niches, or how to find profitable YouTube niches, or how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing, tune in today and develop discussing more in the minutes.

0:53 Now before we jump into that. In the previous episode we had been reading the book called The Science of Getting Rich by w d WB Wallace are going back correctly. And what we are doing is we are continuing that book and with what we usually do the same way we usually do that is we read the chapter and then we discuss with keynotes, edit at the end. And the goal in doing that is that we try to make sure that we take the lessons from the book, and we act upon them. So, this is the book The Science of Getting Rich by WD Wallace. And we have, we had read the first chapter and we had read the second chapter, yesterday, and so today we are going to be looking at chapter three, which is a chapter, asking the question is opportunity monopolised in the previous chapters. The chapters deal with, you know your right to be reached. You know, and what they said was you need to make use to be fully develop yourself you need to make use of yourself of your talents in both in all body, mind and soul. And in order to do that you need to use things right and things, because of the way society is organised today to get anything you need money. So, besides being rich really become the fundamental of everything. No, the book went in as far as to say for a man who cannot like to call it exactly. The man who has nothing to give cannot fulfil his place as it has been as a father, as a citizen or as a man. And really, if you think about it, is quite a powerful thing because what it's saying is money may not be everything but it is the basis for what it is today, you need to build a life, and then in chapter two, we talked a little bit about passion, dealing with people and doing things in a certain way and that was the key secret formula, doing things in a certain way. Now, the reason why we use that there we say doing things in a certain way is that, let me pose a question for you Have you ever wondered why all bicycles have a round wheel, Right, or most bicycles him around, will you don't walk around and see bicycles with four wheels people driving them around. And the reason is because there are things just that work. And by just modelling the things that work you're guaranteed to get the same result. Right. And so in today's society, we use the concept of modelling or works, but back when the book was written, what the author refers to as doing things in a certain way and that way is the way that work right. And so that's what we talked about in chapter two, and so we started to in the call to action was that you were going to go there and start looking at how things have been done. And we're going to start modelling and doing things in a certain way, right modelling things that work. So, that going too much into that we're going to start reading chapter. And then once you've done reading can have a very key point, Strong key points on my own personal note added on to that, then going to finalise the call to action, which is why you will be doing. So if you haven't listened to any of the previous chapters I want you to go back and listen to them, then come back to this and it will make so much more sense. Other than that, stay tuned so just put your feet up on the sofa and I'm gonna start reading for you now.

4:36 So chapter three of the science of getting rich. By WD Wallace chapter three is opportunity monopolised.

4:52 No man is kept poor because opportunity has been taken away from him, because other people have monopolised the wealth and have put a fence around it.

5:03 You may be shadow from engaging in a business in a certain line by the other channels open to you, probably it will be hard for you to get in control of all the great railroad rail road systems. That field is pretty well monopolised by the electrical railway business is still in its infancy, and offers plenty of scope for entertainment, it will be, but a very short, very few years until traffic and transportation through the air will become a great industry.

5:39 And in all its branches will give employment to hundreds of 1000s, perhaps, to millions of people.

5:48 Why not turn your attention to the development of the area of transportation, instead of competing with JJ Hill, and other the same chance in the steam railroad rail world.

6:04 It is quite true that if you are a workman in an employment for steel trust, you have very little chance of becoming the owner of that plant, in which you work. But it is also true that if you will commence to act in a certain way, you will very soon leave the employment of that steel trust, and you can buy a farm, from 10 to 40 acres and engage in the business of production, producer, School of foodstuff.

6:37 The these great opportunity. At this time for men will leave upon a small tract of land and cultivate the same intensively. Such men will suddenly getting rich.

6:53 You may say that it is impossible for you to get the land, but I am going to prove to you that it is not impossible, and that you can certainly get a farm, if you're willing to work in a certain way, at different periods, the tide of opportunity is set in a different direction, according to the needs of the whole. And articular and the particular stage of social evolution which has been reached.

7:23 At present, in America, it is setting towards agriculture and the Allied industry and professions.

7:32 Today, opportunities open before the farmer is in his line, more than before the factory worker is in his line. It is open before the businessman who supplies the farmers more than before the man who supplies the factory worker. And before the professionals, professional men wait on the farmer more than the one who serves the working class, there is abundance in opportunity for the man who will go to the tide, instead of trying to swim against IgE, so the factory workers, either as individual or as a class are not deprived of opportunity.

8:17 The worker, are not being kept down by the masters, they are being they are not being grounded by the trust and the combination of capital as a class. The way they are because they do not do things in a certain way.

8:39 If the Workers of America choose to do so, they called follow the example of them brothers in Belgium, and other countries, and establish great department stores and cooperative industries.

8:54 They could elect men of their own class, to Office, and pass laws furthering the development of such cooperative industry.

9:05 It is a few years. The code is in a few years.

9:13 And in a few years. They could take, peaceful, possession of the industrial field.

9:22 The working class may be the master class. Whenever they will begin to do things in a certain way. A lot of work is the same for them, as it is for all others. This. They must learn.

9:37 And they will remain where they are, as long as they continue to do so. The individual worker, however, is not held down by the ignorance of the mental

9:51 lawfulness of the class, they can follow the tide of opportunity to riches, and this book will tell him how no one is Captain poverty by the shortness of supplies, reaches there is more than enough for all palaces largest capital, capital of Washington, might be built for every family on eat on earth, from the building materials in the United States alone.

10:25 And under the intensive cultivation, the cultural produce wool, cotton, linen, silk, enough to cloth. Each person in the world finer than someone was arrayed in all his glory.

10:42 Together with food enough to feed all of them luxuriously invisible supply is practically inexhaustible. And they're invisible supplies, really, is inexhaustible, everything you see on Earth is made from original substance, out of which all things proceed, new forms are constantly being made, and old ones are destroyed, dissolving, but all our shapes assumed by one thing.

11:18 There is no limit to the supply of the formless stuff or original substance. The universe is made out of it. But it was not all used in the making of the universe.

11:32 This space in through the between of the forms of the visible universe permitted and filled with the original substance with the formless stuff with the raw material, of all things 10,000 times as much has been made, might still be made. And even then, we could not, we should not have exhausted the supply the universal raw material, no man therefore is poor because nature is poor, or because there is not enough to go around.

12:10 Nature is inexhaustible storehouse, riches. The supplies have never been short. Original Substance is alive within creative energy, and it is constantly producing more forms when the supply, building materials exhausted, more will be produced. When the soil is exhausted. So for the foodstuff, the material for the clothing will no longer grow upon it, it will be renewed, or more soil will be made. When all gold and silver has been dug from the earth. If men still is in such a stage of social development that it needs. Gold and silver, more will be produced from the formulas, the formulas staff respond to the needs of men.

13:03 It will not let him go without any good thing.

13:07 This is true of men collectively, the race as a whole is always abundantly rich, and if individuals are poor, it is because they do not follow the law.

13:19 They do not follow a certain way of doing things, which makes the individual men, rich, the formless stuff is intelligent. It is stuff which thinks it is alive, and is always impaled towards more life.

13:38 It is the natural and in parent impulse of life to seek to leave more is the nature of intelligence to enlarge itself. And, of consciousness, to seek to extend its boundaries to find fullier expressions.

13:59 The universe of forms, has been made by formless living substance, throwing stuff into forms in order to express itself more fully. The universe is a great living presence. always moving inheritor towards more live and fuller functioning.

14:20 Nature is formed for the advancement of life. It is in impelling motive is to increase life. For this cause everything which can cause simply be ministered to life is bountiful provided. There can be no lack unless God is to contradict himself and know find his own books. You are not kept poor by lack of supplies or of riches is effect which I shall demonstrate later, either on that, even resources of the form of supplies. I in constant buy in command of the man and woman who will act and think in a certain way and have chapter three.

15:10 The Science of Getting Rich. Okay, so now we have just read that there, And I'm going to try and add a few points of my own there I think from all that there's quite a lot to take but I'm just going to take one point and expand upon it, and I'm gonna try and act on this one point. So the one point here that I think is more cogent is the tide of opportunities, and the reason why I think this is the biggest point is because if you look at the soil, right. Today we do something called crop rotation. Right. That means for three months you plant set a specific type of plant. And then for the next three months, that follows first initial three months, plant something else. And then the next three months of the duchy then plant something else you rotate right, you give it a new opportunity. And so this idea of opportunities coming the tide means changing direction. I think it goes back, and it's visible in every single area, and the more we discuss this, it's going to become much more apparent, but to add on to that there is something else that seems to be quite.

16:29 I think very, very common in our society right, you'll find that it's easier for people to just do things because everyone is already doing them. And sometimes, even if the thing being done is not working. And I think the book mentioned something along the lines of, why would you do, you know, while you, if you're gonna keep remaining and doing things the way that you're doing, then you can't really expect to get different results. Right. I think there was a quote that going back that says, you know, stupid, I think it was a it was it. It said something along the line of doing the same thing and expecting a different result is, you know, it's not really a good sign of showing measuring and wanting to really get that changes that you're looking for, right, because if you're looking to get changed to get a better result than if you did something once and you didn't get the results you're looking for, then you should have noticed that you didn't get a different result. And that calls for you to change how you did that, and, and this is why we are proposing, doing things a certain way because this new certain way, is a way that has been shown to work, and therefore it is guaranteed to work and to give you an example from my own past experiences when I first started doing photography, I noticed something very interesting that is there is. There's a concept that was mentioned to me that, you know, if you're building a business you're on the fast lane or on the slow lane. Right. It's like if you're in a pool if you ever notice, if you're learning how to swim. There's the fast lane and there's a slowly. Right.

18:11 Can't expect to go faster. When in the slow lane in business.

18:16 And this is because the way things work. This is because the way you know the way we give value to other people. Really depends on a lot of stuff. And when you break it down, it really comes down to two things.

18:36 There is product type of businesses, and this service type of businesses right product type businesses require that you take raw material and turn them into product and sell those as a finished product, service type business require that you performance service, So, it's a transaction based on you, doing something on an exchange for money. Both of those solve problems, right.

19:03 For example, if you're buying weights, right, to LEED for fitness. That is a product. And the goal is exercise is better help. That is the same on the other hand, if you are a coach, physical exercise coach, you're giving your time to train someone. One of them is a service. One of them is a product that goes solving the same problem, right, and if you own the gym to do the same you're providing a service, and the difference here is one is trading is trading raw materials and the other is trading time. Right. But, bring it back to the type of opportunities.

19:44 And if you look at when the book was written the book was written when the agricultural is just starting to do and they early on in the, basically it was written in 1910 Right. During the Industrial Revolution. I will cultural still really improving the railroads is still, you know, we're just being finished up and today they accomplished we really just taken over nobody really talking to go into the railroad, run business to make a fortune. And what this says is, things are improving, right. We were in the Bronze Age Iron Age, and you know we went into the digital.

20:20 So agricultural, industrial and now we're in the digital age, right, and the digital age is really known as the information age. So the tide has shifted to information. Now, what we mean here is, if we look at the businesses are doing for businesses where either you sell a physical product, or you sell a service based product. Either you sell a raw material, or you sell your time. And if you look at information age, you can still sell the same products, but now you can sell them in the form of information, right, selling books right books is a physical product book it has information in it.

21:01 But now, instead of trading, raw material which is US selling with a weight, which was, you know, a physical role, heavy material. Now you're selling information within that book, and the value can change drastically. Right.

21:18 Same book, same weight, same raw material, but the information it could be worth much more different values right.

21:26 There are books have seen that are being sold for hundreds, and there are those which have been sold for 1000s There are those that nobody will buy, even if they are one.

21:36 One door. So the idea here is, now we are using the same raw material, but these very huge increase in leverage in advantage, because now you're selling information. And if you look at a service based business, used to be that, you know, you have to trade your time, but now you could do the same Coaching By recording, mentioned by providing the same services, and instead of trading your time, you are trading your packaging services as a product. So you know, for example, buying an online class, that is a service being packaged as a product, and some online classes like master classes, sell up 400,030k 30k A year or something like that. And some Jeff amount per month. And the idea here is now your packaging things very very different. Now if you look at this, you notice that you're selling raw and raw material product. Usually you're in the slow lane.

22:41 Right, if you're trading time, you're also in the slow lane, but if you're selling information now you're in the fast lane. And now the opportunities have shifted the tide of opportunity has shifted towards the information age, and that is where everything is that, right.

22:59 So, instead of me going too much into that detail I'm gonna let you digest that because, as we were talking about mentioned that, you know, the types of opportunities keep changing and you need to change with them rather rather than remain with the right opportunities not monopolised by the tides of change, and you have to change with time. And today it's mostly to look around, you can sell to these to anywhere in the world. You can sell information. Right, translate and sell it. And it's all accessible by the Internet. Right. And so when we look at that, it really concludes the idea that today it has come to the point where you need to have everyone, you know, everyone has this access to these mobile devices so they can have information it has become the key, important, important part of our daily lives, right. And so, What I wanted to conclude with that was that.

24:04 When it comes to opportunities.

24:07 It's really about looking at where the tide is heading.

24:11 And then to sail in that direction.

24:15 Now before I ramble any further. As you can see, I've kind of already covered all those points. I'm going to leave within them and I say thank you for tuning in. The call to action for today is I want you to learn more about

24:33 the profitable niches right where to find the opportunities. There's plenty of them. And I made an episode on profitable niches, how to find your affiliate marketing profitable niche. Now you can use that to find profitable niche for business. You can also find a lot within that area I made a full episode, but I wanted to do is I want you to go and to listen to that it's going to give you more content on how to find your profitable niche.

25:02 How to find that opportunity you've been looking for. Right. So, aside from that, thank you so much for tuning in this episode, and I'll see you on our next episode of the virtual intrapreneur. Good evening.



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