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If Success Principles Are The Same, What's Different Between Us?

So have you ever wondered how you'd go about starting your business if you were to start, what are the key business mindset that will guarantee success with your business?

If you were to start building a business.

Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur if you're new to this podcast a very warm welcome. I am your host habit innocent, and today I'll be looking at some of the key business mindsets and principles that successful business owners have used to start and build a million dollar businesses, and this has been quite an interesting learning now on our past episode we looked at a key mindset to helping you.

Getting Started in getting those buyers, and one of the key things is that really complements and really works well with very with what you may be doing in terms of building a landing page that guarantees that you get interested prospects. If you didn't get a chance to listen to that episode I want you to go back and listen to that.

Then when you fish can come back he'll also be here, and the notes to that episode can be found at Herbert Maxim, that is H ER b e r t marketing With that said, let's jump into today's episode which we're going to be focusing on some of the key business strategies and business principles that a lot of successful entrepreneurs seem to use and a lot of new entrepreneurs struggle to understand how high they will prioritise these mindsets, keep.

So one of the key mindsets I'm seeing is playing to your strengths when you starting a new business, playing to your strengths seems to be a very powerful thing in terms of helping you find people who will compliment areas of business that you don't know. And what this means is it gives you something that is very unique in terms of how you position yourself.

So there are two things, there's confidence in this certainty.

Certainty comes from when you've done something so many times that you recognise the patterns, and you can see them. So even if you may not know where you're going or where the territory, or where the vehicle you chose will lead you. But since you recognise it and patterns you can still find your way there. It's like playing a video game when you play a video game so many times.

There's only you become so good at predicting patterns and really moving forward. Competence is essentially being able to just feel boost up, which is, you know, It's something that it's an outfit that you wear for a show, and then that is it can be shaken very, very quickly, and somebody has more certainty.

This is someone who is more confidence, the person who has more certainty will always find their way forward. A very good example of her of this is Tony Robinson, referring to Christopher, Christopher Columbus, you know, having more certainty that the Queen and a king of Spain would give him their money for him to go and explore.

You know, and in the seas, without having any true clue. If you ever find the vocation, right. And so what I'm noticing is with a lot of business owners, they do their best to have certainty in not confidence, and they say confidence is for kids because with confidence.

You know, you just boosted up, then after that you're really struggling but with certainty means you're playing to the rules, or to the patterns that you understand the music so you don't know what the real, the real acts are but you understand the pattern to the beat and you can dance to it and that's the whole idea here.

So, that's a very interesting thing that I've learned, and I think it's very fundamental and playing to your strengths, give you that particular advantage. Another key thing that I'm seeing is diversity efforts. Right.

What do I mean by this, right, for a lot of businesses to succeed. We often see the main front, and that's what we think is really the only thing, but really for businesses to go beyond an Excel means they need to have multiple ways of generating revenue right so that when one area isn't working, pivoting isn't too much of a stretch.

Right. And so for a lot of businesses that we are accustomed to seeing we always see them as one thing, and for some business that is one thing, but this business is a very high risk. If the industry changes and in particular the current, the current environment with industry is changing so much.

Being able to diversify your efforts, and the sources of revenue, becomes very very very important right.

Another thing is as a founder being having that mindset that no job is beneath you when you're starting, I think that's a very powerful go getter mindset because one of the things that I've noticed a lot of successful business owners tend to ask is, I have this problem, it needs this money, I need to go get this money.

We only work towards getting what they need, because their goal is much bigger. So as they work towards that goal. They are prioritising getting to their goal, and they're only doing going by it as efficient as possible. And this is very very strange because it's, it's a game. It essentially becomes a game that can be played in very very strategically with a very interesting planning and strategy.

And what that means is, knowing the right connections and making the right connections at the right time introducing them to the business, the right time. And if it's not the right time, using the right resources and really stretching them out.

Maybe I'm stretching the mind but really extracting those values and building the map, building an asset when it's necessary, and building the credibility when you need it. And if you don't have it leveraging someone else's credibility. Right. And so this thing of business becomes a very beautiful, powerful game played with very straightforward strategy, if that makes sense. Anyway, I won't go into detail into my opinions unless they know that, of what I'm seeing.

But if you look at the overview of how successful entrepreneurs approach business. It's not so much of business but it's approached as a game with a very with it, like going to a destination they only so many ways you can get from one point to another. Right. Some ways are more efficient and more effective and much, much faster. And that's one way that I'm seeing a lot of successful intrapreneurs approaching, business, and it's strange especially, that when you look at it they're approaching any kind of business from a very similar perspective.

And the first perspective is always finding value. And then the second perspective is always meeting that value. Now in some cases it may be the opposite. You may find something, and then try to find someone who will have value who value are they found, right, but in most cases the other way, you find someone who has a need and then fulfil that need, which is very very interesting approach and we touched on that a little bit yesterday. The other thing is keeping a positive outlook, when things go wrong.

The, you know, your ability to quickly look at that and say, that's actually, you know, it's a good thing it didn't happen now have this option and this option. This option, which is very very interesting because what that means is, you don't lose momentum, which is something that, for a lot of business owners we tend to lose momentum as you're going forward you're running, you know 1000 miles an hour, you're trying to get this thing to work things are falling pieces are falling left and right.

It's all duct taped and you're dragging it as you're running around, and suddenly you hit a wall. And what I'm seeing is a lot of business owners, they hit it and they quickly bounce and turn around with a new strategy. Most cases we've been very very low amount of time, so like, okay, so this didn't work very stressful. Actually there's a better way to get around this, right, so this is a very interesting approach that I'm seeing that is having a positive outlook, No matter what, right.

So those are some of the things that I'm seeing and another thing is being able to turn essentially liabilities into assets so liability something considered that something that doesn't make you money, right.

And if you look, if you read a book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, you'd notice that like liabilities, you know, a house would be considered a liability your cars are liable because they don't make you money, at least not directly. Right. And so what that means for you is your ability to turn those into assets, also goes into getting more revenue streams,

Right, in turn by tuning those two assets means that you have more sources of income, right, getting your source of revenue, getting you in a cushion in terms of what you can do what you can play with in moving forward, which is also another very, very powerful and fundamental thing that I am seeing the another thing is being able to essentially show up no matter what happens. So you know, come rain come shine show up, you know, be the first one then be the last one there. Right.

And an example of this would be, you know, a bad weather and you're still there a little bit for the customer, right, you know, business hours are over, but you're still there calling towards the customer. And this method is very unique because sometimes you have, you know, a lot of business owner, I've been following up with clients during the weekends even holiday seasons. So this is the mindset I'm seeing it's a very positive outlook, pushing for whatever, regardless of when or how it is.

Right. Just keep moving forward, right, which is very, very, which is very very interesting it's very interesting way of approaching business. It's really pushing forward. And the other thing that I'm seeing is money is not so much anything.

It's not money doesn't have value, as much as we place the value on it, and in some cases, it's better not to ask for money it's better ask for something else instead of asking for money. And money is only as useful is only useful when you use it, which is another thing.

I mean I've been learning quite a tonne in terms of looking at how you could approach a business, so that you attain and get the maximum out of what you put in, and one example is offering a service or three, and then asking for something else. Afterwards, right, and what it could ask for. Because you've already done something for them.

The power of reciprocation, right, that could mean you get a business partner that will mean you get more business connections, so where someone else would have seen the opportunity for one transaction, but maybe because you did for free, they become your raving fans who will introduce you to all the business connections, and even a business partner who invest their own money, which is more than you could have, you could have charged for your services.

So there's a lot of opportunities in this really easy mind opener, right, to really is a mind opener.

Right. And as Grundlagen says, one last thing is to beat the sun up I which I really like that phrase and the idea is, show up early wake up early because that mindset, giving us that mindset of going forward, running with it, which is very, very powerful. I hope we got a tonne of value there in terms of seeing how you could put your mindset and use these business principles that where you are, because one of the things that I'm noticing is.

It's not so much that a lot of Intrapreneurs don't have these qualities, is that the priorities of how they place on these qualities in this business principles are different. For example, for a lot of Intrapreneurs though, They are going to prioritise money while money is a very important priority. But sometimes, not all money is created equal. And what I mean by this is, sometimes you want a contract much more than you want the cash.

sometimes you want the IOU, much more than you want the transaction. Right. And sometimes what you want is an introduction, and not the cash. So what are you willing to do for the introduction. And so, even though we think money is very very important in businesses.

One of the things that I'm seeing is, you need to know what's more important and from a lot of business successful entrepreneurs that I'm seeing one of the most important thing is not so much cash, but it's actually a connection contact is more important, because the more contacts you have, the more opportunities you can create for yourself. Right.

And so it becomes really so many doors can open in left right, front, back and centre. Right. And so that's what I'm seeing. And it's an interesting to see that we have this same, we all know the business principle, but the priorities at which we apply them is the difference as well. Right, it's like hey, we all know we're going to exercise, but one of us does exercise properly. The other one sit down and maybe walk once a day.

Thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur, look I hope you got a tonne of value. I've been learning so much understanding how successful entrepreneurs think about business and one thing I've noticed is, they think of a business from a different angle. And that makes all the difference.

So if you enjoyed this episode, I hope you got a tonne of value. You can find the notes for this episode Herbet marketing that is h e r b e RT marketing And while you're there, if you need help with copywriting, just send me a quick email we can sit down and have a chat and I'll be able to give you a quick, quick, critique. If you're happy with that. Aside from that, I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur,

And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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