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How To Use Ethics To Get More Clients!

Have you ever wondered what motivates Highly successful people. In contrast, the rest in our society.

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur I am your host, Herbert innocent and if you are new to this podcast, a very warm welcome.

Now in a previous episode.

One of the things that we talked about was, essentially, how to promote your small business by a heavier the title is a shoe, which was how to promote your small business and build credibility to attract really high paying clients. Super fast even if you don't have credibility yet. You've just set up on line.

And you don't have any testimonials, you don't have any leads and how to attract those clients superfast high paying clients. In fact, if you didn't get a chance to listen to that episode, I want you to go back and listen to that episode. And then when you're done, come back to this episode will be still here, and they still get a tonne of value.

Now, the notes from the previous episode and all the other episodes can also be found at

So if you want to go and read those while you're listening, it helps.

Sometimes, some people prefer seeing both written while this audio. So you have that as well as an option. Now, aside from that, today I wanted to talk about how to use ethics to get more client. And, essentially, this ties back to the episode where we were talking about comfort zone, and the title of that episode, I think was called How to be highly productive by staying in your comfort zone. And that might be coming to a counter intuitive for some people, and essentially, it comes down to this.

Most people have the wrong definitions of things, not just the wrong definitions, limited, definitions, and not just limited definitions, limited definitions, pointing them in the opposite directions. Right. So, if you didn't get a chance to listen to that episode, go and find that episode and listen to it, it's gonna prep you for this episode as well it's gonna really really help you get a tonne from this because I may miss some things that I mentioned from that episode.

There really is no order between that episode in this episode but they could, but the key concept here I want to touch about is, it all comes down to definitions, right, and the definitions for ethics for most people is a definition that they picked up in preschool, the definition they picked up from when the teachers was talking about, you know the 10 commandments knowing the Ark all those good old stories where you know the tale, kids in kindergarten in preschool.

And so you find, you know, grown adults we've grown up into a world in a society, and we're still using same concept that we learned, much, much earlier we never got the chance to challenge them. And we forget they blend in the background, they become the part of the norm of how we act, how we behave. And, look, I don't think it's always your fault. I don't think it's your fault.

I think this happens and I am learning this as I go. I'm also guilty of having used definitions that were given to me by my teachers, up down in preschool. And what I mean by using definition that were given in that time is, most people think ethics is just I don't cheat. I don't steal, I don't kill I didn't hurt other people I didn't you know take somebody's wife, and then that is it.

Right, so the limit those commandments as you call them in Christianity, or, I don't know what you call them in other.

It's called the golden rule. in many concepts because it's, you know, do not harm do not do to other people that did not want to be done to you. Right. And so we don't question this as entrepreneurs, this is a very bad situation to be in this is a very limited situation to be in, because it's like running with one leg, tied up, right, it limits you in terms of how much more results you could help and benefit in your community see as entrepreneurs as business owners, you're essentially a change maker, right, and using limited definitions to solve problems, big problems and achieve big goals. It just doesn't make any sense. You're already defining your goal as a wrong thing in the first place, then how can you achieve it. For example, if you have a wrong definition of success.

How can you achieve that, which you do not even yet understand.

Right. Think about that. How can you go about working to attain that which you do not even yet understand.

And this can be learned, Right. And I'll give you a very very close example here, so imagine if a child, a daughter, a son, right, and they're about three years old, two, three years old, and if you have taught them that their house back yard is how big the world is, if that is their entire worldview, if they believe that their backyard is the entire world, then guess what, they all grew up thinking they've seen the entire world, they all grew up thinking there is no where else to go. There is nothing else to do, and all these other wonders of the world have been lost, from them.

It'll be lost opportunities. Right.

And that's what I'm trying to really get about here, right.

And this is actually happening today in society, it's not like I'm making this story up I may have exaggerated here, but there's these a lot of people who believe an entire continent is a country. These are full grown adults and this happens. And these people are also in businesses there are CEOs there.

There are CEOs I can't verify that, but there are people, you know, if you have really spoken if you've travelled you know this is the common trends of the public knowledge. Right. And that is Miss Information.

Right. And this information, or misinformation, I think that's the right word there. But, and so when I want to tackle here is using the right words has a very important significance for us as entrepreneurs because we need to have the right definitions of the problems, so we can address the problems, and we need to have the right definitions of the solutions of success, full outcome.

For example, I was listening to Rowan Atkinson, right, the guy who acts in Mr Bean. He's one of my favourite actors, he's just very good comic, and he gave a speech about this idea of how governments are now coming up with articles to limit public speech, the freedom of free expression and this was in the UK from as far as I can tell, but he talked about how, you know, people have been arrested or questioned, and even sent to prison for simply saying something that was interpreted as an insult. Now, you may be thinking, you're stepping out of the realm of business here. No I am not. I am really within the realm of business. What I mean is this.

That limitations those limitations. They have a very significant impact in our lives. Because the minute we start using the wrong definition, the minute we start limiting ourselves in what we can do, then our goals diminish and nobody ever gets excited about achieving good. Sorry, but achieving an average small goal, nobody ever gets up jump out of bed, super excited to just attain an average small goal.

Everybody wants to win.

Right. So, this idea of limiting, you know, speech, and using the wrong definition is essentially very very similar to limiting your own speech. And if you limit your speech, the ability to express yourself to reach your full potential is also limited. And as a business owner if you cannot unleash your full potential in your business, guess what, you want to be so enthusiastic to communicate with your clients, you want to be in service you called for your business to help your team become the best they could be because you yourself.

And if you are limited, how could you help your team, how could you give your clients, the services that they still deserve from you that your business could deliver that you are capable of delivering over delivering. Right. And so this really ties up back into that and I'm gonna bring it down and I believe personally I believe as a business owner as an entrepreneur or a virtual entrepreneur solo-preneur mum-preneur whatever kind of preneur you think you are a man or a woman, I believe that if you're a problem solver. If you're a change maker, if you have build a business that solves a very needed problem, even if it's not needed. If it's just entertains people, that is a need, if people are paying you, that means they need your service. If they're paying you willingly. That means they need your service. Right.

If you are delivering services that you believe those services are benefiting life, making it better. Making it worth leaving making it worth.

Enjoying Lent, right.

If you're delivering services that are doing the three humanity as a whole and not hurting, then I think. And I believe to be very, very true that, then it is your duty. Your obligation and ethical responsibility to ensure that people have access to your services people have access to your product. Now, I'm going to try and refine what I mean here.


I think what I'm talking about here, fundamentally, is this.

If your products or services are not harming people in any way, if they fit into promoting the way of life, promoting life growth. Further, right, then you have a duty to your countrymen, you have a duty, obligation and ethical responsibility to your countrymen to your community to your family, to your neighbours, to give them these solutions to bring them into your business and to help them get those results.

And sometimes it takes, educating them. There are new products every day that we wouldn't have known how to use. And so yes, it's gonna be a little bit of ignorant and resistance in the market in initially, but we overcome this by realising that it's our duty, obligation ethical responsibility. And so when I say, using ethics, to get more clients what I mean is, realising that if you don't do it. That was your ethical responsibility, because you have the solution.

Because you are the problem solver, Who has solved this problem, people need that solution. Right. So, this should essentially motivate you, right, it should essentially get you up, all excited, and committed, as well as it should help you find those clients, and help them even when they don't understand at first and believe me, most clients do not understand it at first, it takes them seeing someone else take the first step and then walks, and that's why we have this cycle of the early adopters, you know, then we have the middle of the curve and then we have late adopters who wait until everybody has used it before they can jump in.


But the goal was that, so using ethics, and what I'm really learning from the business owners and highly successful entrepreneurs what I'm seeing, they're doing is they consider their ability to deliver the services as an ethical obligation, and I kept hearing them saying, This concept as an ethical obligation, and I couldn't understand why there'll be so convinced and so convicted. And so, committed, the word I'm trying to use.

And so committed to really bring their product, selling it from such a deep place of understanding that this the thing they've built can solve the problem, it's going to improve the way of life. And because it's going to do that. It is the ethical responsibility. The obligation and duty to make sure that the men, women and child families neighbourhood, communities, countries have these solutions, because it's the only way to progress forward, it is the best way to progress forward.

So, that is what I wanted to share with you in this episode, so if you're gonna use that as a way of motivating you and even communicating to your clients, you know, this is my obligation to ensure that you get this result for your clients for your customer. As a matter of fact, if you read the book Start With Why Simon Sinek, talks about starting with why.

And if this is your really. If this is your ethical.

If this is your duty, ethical obligation, and if it is your, your ethical responsibility. If it's your duty, obligation ethical responsibility, then you understand this is your why.


This is what drives you and this is what propels you and inspires you. So I hope you got value from this and I hope this inspires you to go towards those clients and giving them one more call. More and more, visit one more email explaining to them, Hey, you know, this is going to get this for you. I believe it is Miss. It's a mistake to very big, grand mistake for you not to take action.

Because your company, your team, your clients, your whole business livelihood could depend on this.

So, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur if you want more sales, more leads, more sales and more profits from your marketing, no matter where you're selling, and who you're selling it to. Just visit Herbert marketing You can get started from there. Another thing that I wanted to mention is the notes of this episode can be found as well as, as well as more notes from the previous episode on www.herbertmaketing

So got that, let's get started today. Aside from that, thank you again for tuning in and I'll talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur, and has always have a wonderful evening.



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