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How To Turn Lookers Into Buyers

So what is the right thing to do once you've acquired a lead.

Joining me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur if you're new to this podcast, a warm welcome. I am your host habit, innocent, and today we are answering the question that we asked yesterday, what is the right thing to do. Once you have captured a lead.

So on a previous episode yesterday we talked about lead magnets and I gave a few tips on how to go about creating lead magnets so simple, without even having to build it yourself, which is the best part of all that. So if you didn't listen to that episode, I want you to go back and listen to that because, to help you create more leads so you can get all the leads of client you ever need for your small business, which is really good stuff. So now that you've done that, you have listened to that episode, we're going to continue on what to do, what's the next step that now that you have your lead magnet. Your next step is obviously going to be to build up your lead page, which is a simple page designed to capture leads right to turn prospects into buyers, and how that works, essentially, is if you go back to a previous episode where we talked about lead pages.

If you scroll down you'll hear, I gave more details in that episode, but in a nutshell, the idea here is the page is designed to simply take an email address from a prospect, somebody who is just looking around your abs, the website, and then you give them one key thing, a little product that they want that will help them get results faster, right, and this will be an introduction of them to your business. And with that, emails means you can get in touch with them. Building a relationship app, leading to a business. Right, so it takes, you know you have a lead page they have a lead magnet on the page, and what you're doing is you're asking for an email, and then you're telling them thank you got your inbox I've send you the lead magnet, the ebook, the video, the audio, whatever it is what they wanted from you in the first place.

Right. And this is how we are turning people who are looking on our website what they're just lookers. We are turning them into buyers. That's the process. So now that we've done that before, we, we can start thinking exactly what it is we are doing in this whole process. The first thing we need to do is remind ourselves what exactly is business right, and really in a nutshell, when I was talking to John, one of the few things that she mentioned was that it all comes down to the simple transaction, right. It's all about trading, right.

I'll give you this for that. That's all there ever is. That's all they ever will be. Right. And so what we are doing is we are asking them, I'll give you this when email address or give you this for $5 I'll give you this. For that, for whatever that is. And so it's a simple trading and will keep repeating over and over and over it hasn't changed, it won't change when we change the currency. We may change how we go about asking, we may change the medium, but the process is the same as when we were cavemen, right, I'll trade you this for that, and that's all there is to it.

Right. And so here what you're doing is you're asking them, you know, I'll give you this ebook that will help you, you know, be able to jump higher, if you're in the fitness market. Right, I'll give you this image kind of show you the five steps to jumping really high in exchange for an email address. Now you may not say exactly that way, but that is the essence of what you're trying to do here to capture the email address, right, so we are beginning We are initiating that trading, I'll give you this for that.

And then the next step is. Thank you so much for giving me your email address. I've send you the PDF book in that email address, so go down there and download and hope you get the best results you will, you're looking for. Right. And then when they go down in the email, you have another email. Thank you so much again for download. Here's your book as promised by the way, do you know that, right, if you want to get the results fast if you need to get fit faster if you want to be able to write more content faster. I have this whole video that will show you how to do it. Right click here, go and watch the video.

Now, what you're doing here is you're engaging them but you're also building that relationship where you're giving them value. At the same time you're introducing them to you they're getting used to you, and if they like you, if you give them enough value they'll really really like you. But if you can go a step further, and give them massive value in one go. Then you can also start making money right, if the video is a sales letter, then that's an opportunity for you to sell. Right. And that is the goal there, or you're just doing is you're building on that value, and that is the next step in what we do. Now the process may be different depending on what you're doing. For example, you may be wanting to sell consultation.

Right. And so the next step may be you know, they can schedule a call, depends on you're trying to plug in there but the process is the same transaction. I'll give you this for that.

I'll give you this for that. Watch this video which is a sales video to, you know, every step of the way, is a transaction. It's a transaction, every single step. Now this is what I am seeing what business owners and CEOs have growing some of the fastest businesses today are doing, using a simple process to turn a looker into by.

The process starts by giving something for free, it's called a lead magnet that on the next step process, says thank you introducing you to the person who's been touching the communication process, right, whoever it may be so it could be you or it could be whoever is in charge of sending those emails. Right, marketing person, and then through that process, they will not only get to know you, but they will get to know your product, they'll be expecting more emails from you. And so the more you send the more opportunities you create for yourself. But the beautiful thing here is you have a lead.


And if they get to know you enough.

And because you have an email, you'll get the opportunity to send over and over, you get the opportunity to try again. If they don't by the first time around, which is different, if you didn't have an email you wouldn't get the opportunity to try again because there were only two apps at your website once, right and once they're gone they're gone. That is why we capture the email because they don't always buy on the same on the first time around.

Think about the last time you bought a product, sometimes it takes a little more convincing. Sometimes, a friend has to have bought it first before you can buy it. You have to see some testimonials. You have to know so and so is using it. And so it's after building all this trust and understanding, then gets easier to buy, it's easier to build all that and to try again. Once we have an email, because we can always reach out to them at no cost to us at all. Right. And that is the beauty of building up of catching these emails, so that we can email them. Now there are all applications for automating this process. And I've talked about them in previous episodes where I talked about email autoresponders, if when I go and look at those, that would be the best way to start on this process. But the idea is the same.

You write up a set of emails that will talk to your visitors. Once they've given you their email address, right, first email will give them what you promised them, which is the lead magnet, second email could be asking them if they enjoyed using the lead magnet, and if they want more result, here's how to get the result, and this will be the opportunity to send them to your sales page to send them to your products to send them to your content where they can go and learn more about how to get the results. Right, this is all about them. And it's you getting opportunities to keep knocking at their door, which is the email, knock knock knock. Hey, did you get the results you want. No, okay, here's another way to try it.

I can help you here. Most people get stuck in this place. This is what I do to help them get unstuck. Another opportunity to sell. So, this is the equivalent of knocking, being able to go back and knock on the door and get someone opening the door and answering the door for you. So that's the idea here.

So now that that's said, right, the next thing becomes just selling and selling and selling, but also giving value because if you're gonna just sell and not give value, then at one point, you become that guy who's always annoying trying to sell us, they don't even understand why we didn't buy in the first place.

Right, so it could be that there was something they wanted to be fixed before they could buy, but if you just kept trying to force them to sell then you just kind of drove them away.

That's when you're thinking about it.

Right. So now that you've done that, the next thing is essentially to build a relationship and the best way to build the relationship is, I remember someone saying, give three times take once give three times take once, right, give, give, give, give value, and then take on the best way to give value it doesn't have to be your own content. It could be content that you love about that topic.

Simply ask them, Hey, I've discovered this content would you like to have access to it.

Right, please respond to an opportunity for them to say yes please. I would love that credit because to allow me to get this much value.

And that's an opportunity for you to build a relationship to build trust, so that when it comes to time to say hey, I know you enjoyed that content. I have another one over here. It was so helpful. I couldn't believe it. There you go. Another opportunity.

And the idea in doing this is to build just not just trust, but also give them the opportunity to respond and engage. Right. So when I was talking to one of our guest speaker, Brynne Tillman. One of the things that she said was, they discovered that when you ask somebody if you send them a link to content, instead of just sending them the link.

You actually boost up your engagement you boost up the engagement because you asked for permission, which is really, really good thing for us marketers. So going into that episode with Brynne Tillman it's going to give you some really good insights into social selling because email is a form of social selling people write emails to their colleagues as well as to some of their friends, they're not so very close to, or they're close to, I don't know how people who you choose to write email with. I know I write email some of my very close friends, So, it's a form of social selling.

And if you do it right, you get good results if you do it poorly you get better results and then that's when people start saying you know emails demos dead. It's not that people are just misusing it. So that's the idea there. Okay, so now that's done. In fact, just two by the way, just to say something.

I had few people on my email list who open their email every single day I was surprised.

I know I opened my email, sometimes like no Sam, but I was surprised some people have a dedication to opening the email, making sure each email was open, is open, I had colleagues who would do this they would open every single one of their email, making sure it's open, which is crazy thinking about it, I would have like 1000s of email and open because why would I open it. So, everybody's different. Some people prefer email more than other forms of communications.

Right. So, yeah, that's for you to decide there but the idea here is, you're ready to go to step, lead page lead magnet right in exchange for an email. Thank you. I've sent you a lead magnet. And by the way, and that's the first step to start selling.

Okay, so thank you so much for tuning in on this episode I hope you got value I know I kept it short, and I know, I kept it very brief, it's not our typical episode style, but we've covered a few of these content in the past which really help and we went into so much depth in the past, but I hope you got some value if you have any question about this episode reach out to me. Ask me, ask me, Hey man, I got stuck in this area, can you help me, I'll be glad to answer that on a podcast episode. You can reach out to me at my website, there's my contact details are down there. Aside from that, this episode and the notes can be found. So if you want to build your lead pages if you need help with that create getting that content done getting those words written out for you.


And from there you can get connected, we can start working on helping you with that.

Aside from that you can find the notes to this episode at habit marketing and I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

Have a wonderful evening.



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