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How To Stay Motivated In Promoting Your Business

So have you ever considering or just thoughts and wondered, how do you stay motivated in promoting your business.

Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. I am your host, Herbert Edison, and today we are going to talk about how you can stay motivated in promoting a business, even when things don't seem to be going in your way.

When the past episode we talked about how to promote your business locally and we talked about several uncommon method but very, very effective. So if you didn't get a chance to listen to that I want you to stop this episode, go back, listen to that episode, And when you're done come back, it'll give you some few tips and insight, you know, on where you could go about promoting your business locally, and quickly start taking the marketplace, building those connections and contacts so that you can essentially start turning those contacts into transactions into contracts. Right.

And, with that said, if you're new to the podcast, subscribe, this is the podcast for entrepreneurs who be who see business as a vehicle, change not just something that they will use to do good but also something that we used essentially leverage their way to freedom, because a lot of the time, entrepreneurs go into business, but a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of them end up working so many hours. Essentially they're imprisoned by the only thing that they have sought out to seek freedom, which is the business becomes the sole job that they wanted to escape.

Now in today's episode we're talking about how to stay motivated in promoting a business, and this concept is a very strange concept we talking about because a lot of the things that sometimes we don't think about is, you know you've been doing business. And as you do in business, something's come along the way and it's slow you down.

And when I first heard of this company concept is that every day you are faced with a few D motivators. Right. One of the greatest mentors that I had in business said, you know, enterpreneurs a field by momentum building up that momentum, and the best way to build momentum is to keep going, faster, faster, faster, and to only focus on things that you're not good at, and those that you know, that's, so the first thing that you're very good at.

And every time you have something that you're not good at it, you give it to someone who is good at that.

Right, you pay them to do that because what that does for you and for me, is that it keeps you going forward, it keeps you rolling, and when the tough gets going, you still have bad momentum you quickly change direction and keep going forward, right, because the minute you stop the momentum dies out and it takes so much energy tremendous amount of energy. Try and rise yourself up again.

So when I first heard about, you know, how do you stay motivation so I started paying attention to a lot of the intrapreneurs that I'm studying. Right. and a lot of my great good mentors I noticed something. They're so good at staying at a bit on their toes, they're so very good at staying.

You know with momentum.

And there's something strange about this concept and I heard, Tony Robbins say something very unique about this. One of the things he said you know, some, there are different states, and to come to solutions that we are looking for. We need to be at a different state, right, if you're at a much lower state we did not come up with solutions that we're looking for.

But if you're if you're operating at a higher state at a higher state, then we can come up with solutions, very good solution and very creative solutions to the problem that we are facing, because we have more often than not we have the answers already, we just need to take the time to look within us to come with that answer.

Right, So we started paying attention to all these intrapreneurs and noticed something all successful people, all successful entrepreneurs, very very successful ones who have really, really, you know, attained that freedom that we so desire, through intrapreneurship, have found a way to stay upbeat, and will, you know, in other words, they can get motivated and motivate someone at will.

They really can command, almost their own attention right they can get excited about anything at any time.

Now here's the one trick that I mentioned that I learned. So early on my use I learned that, you know the difference between a saying I'm stressed versus I am super excited. I am nervous, you know, this is between being nervous and being excited, is really what you tell yourself because those two are very very similar in what you tell your brain. That's how you will interpret it. Ever since that day, You know, when I'm feeling nervous, I would tell myself I'm excited.

I literally just say I be thinking I'm never so just am super excited and that was a for me I was excited.

I quickly, so I haven't said I am nervous, unless I am talking like this in a given example. So I would never say myself I'm nervous ever again under just say I'm super, I'm excited. But the strange thing is this, I would say it but I didn't know how to push it until I found one of the mentors who whenever they say they're excited, they move their whole body, almost forcing that excitement from deep within and soon.

Fair enough, you'd see them to be very, very excited talking to him with energy, you know, their words will have command, and every time the seed, you know, you'll be pulled into the conversation, right, and you'll be fully engaged. And then I noticed that grant and all these are the guys who have really done really well, they can just get excited, they can just, they can really stay with a very positive attitude, a matter of attitude right. And you know, they say when you have these kind of influence this kind of motivation, energy with you, means that it's very easy to influence another person's state.

But if you're at a much lower state it's harder to influence somebody else, because you're operating at a much lower state of energy, right, so these are some of the things that I've seen this some of the things that I've seen, and there's a little formula that is so brand talked about, and I thought was a very exciting for me said, you know, you need to be fully immersive, you need to believe in what you're doing.

First of all, right find reasons to believe in yourself while you're doing writing down in gold.

Right. You need to believe what you're doing, you need to be sold and not you're trying to sell, and by being sold. What that means is, if it's really good, as somebody saying no, you need to have the conviction to tell them look, this will be, you're making a mistake because this will benefit you that much.

I believe this and so much that I think me letting you make that mistake of thinking, That's bad for you, is me being a disservice, you know, I am not, I'm not doing you any good. Letting you make that mistake of thinking you don't need what I have for you. Right, so you need to be so immersed in what you're doing.

But you need to have dedication, you need to have very high dedication, total commitment, you know, going all inside that right. So every time you say I have to do this, no just halfway, you don't just want to, you know, throw in 10% of your efforts and hope you get the best right, you want to go all in, you know, In a sense that you know, I don't know but let's do it. Let's just do it, figure it out later commitment, right, total commitment that commit now figure the rest as you go, which is very very exciting, which is super is a very powerful way of doing things because entrepreneurs. A lot of the time machine 9080 90% of the time we don't know what you're doing.

There's so many first times. You don't know what you're doing and if you're really leaving fully you're growing.

Then there are so you're more often and don't, more often than not, you want to know what you are trying. What sorry what you are doing until you've gotten where you're going.

But, and then the next thing is going to be duty, driven by, so by being duty driven means, you know, you take responsibility for your actions for you, you know, for the results you produce but you take responsibility for everything you're doing and that means not doing great means also you're doing a disservice to yourself with the people who you want to serve.

Right, so you want to be duty driven right so those are the four things that I've seen, you know, that our mindset that we're going to use to pursue and staying motivated. So before we jump that in, I say that, but you need to know who.

Right, who can help you. By knowing those people means that if you're stuck at something you do not do you quickly throw that at them, pay them to do it, then you keep doing what you do best, right, so that's the first thing, and that means if you're not stuck trying to learn how to do something, you will not lose your momentum.

Right, you're gonna focus on doing very very good so you don't lose your momentum.

Right. And then once you've taken care of that. The next thing you want to do is you want to be completely immersed, right, believe in what you're doing right, you want to be dedicated, right, that means you don't say I'm only doing this part time, you say, I'm doing this, and I'm gonna get it done.

But the next thing is you want to be totally committed, that means you're all in. Right. You are all in.

The last thing is you have to be duty driven, right, because I had this question and they say, if you believed your child. If you believe that, you know, if your child is crossing the road and you believe it was a very harmful thing it will really hurt them. Would you really, you know, commit to stopping them.

And you know, the crowd said yes. And if that is the case then, if your client is, you know, doing something wrong with their business. Would you commit to showing them what they're doing could really hurt their business, because that is sales, that is you, giving them the best result you could, you know, and this got me thinking about some of the clients that I have, who, who are meant to be really good clients,

but unfortunately they're only good at their field, and they don't see other parts that they're not good at, you know, it's so often this is how we as entrepreneur we are good at what we, we are good at but we don't know the other areas.

Some clients think you know I don't need that because I'm good at this thing and I will help this business with these things they forget that they are in the business of building and running a business, not in a business of, you know, being the person and the business, right,

so there's so this part here so even though some clients, you know, you know, some business owner may be servicing and helping very big businesses entrepreneurs and big businesses, they themselves may not have a very good structure for their own business, which is a very sad thing but it's a reality that we have to work in and help them as well, right.

So, that is me and I want to share that with you because I believe it's a very powerful mindset, being able to stay motivated because that means you can push your business forward to you but also it means you can influence your clients and your prospects, your energy, ultimately helping them making better decisions.

Thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual interpreter, you can find the notes for this episode in our previous episode at Herbet marketing

that is h e r b e RT marketing And as always, have a wonderful evening. I'll talk to you in our next episode,

have a wonderful evening.



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