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How To Set Your Mind For Success

Updated: May 17, 2021

Train yourself to think of and to look upon the world as something which has become, which is growing and regard sin, evil, as it being only done which is underdeveloped.

Always speak in terms of advancement. Do not otherwise to do otherwise, is to deny your faith, and to deny your faith is to lose it.

Hello, virtual entrepreneurs. Thank you so much for joining in on this episode of The Virtual Entrepreneur.

Today, we are reading chapter 16 of the book, The Science of Getting Rich by W D. Wattles, the book was written in 1910. And if you had been listening to the previous episode you've noticed that we are we recording last, the last episode and the reason being is because even though I have a very good microphone.

I had to use the wrong software to record the audio on the computer. And what this means is the software was allowing me to produce the notes for each episode. And what this means is, even though I would use everything to create as very good quality audio at the end, the audio couldn't be as good.

So if you're ever recording. Always double-check the software and the hardware. The hardware alone is not enough. You need to have both working properly. That's a.

The episode before that this chapter, we had talked about, it had to do with the idea and concept of advancing, right, and request yourself as entrepreneurs and as business owners who have a goal to build something good in the world, to go and have a positive impact in the world. And we asked ourselves, given the goals that we want, and dreams that we have the vision that we envision ourselves, creating.

Are we on the fast track, or are we on the slow track? What that means is, through our businesses and be able to provide us with all the resources we need to go. Can we get there on time?

Can we get we have enough time with our business provides us with all the resources we need the manpower we need with the finances, we need with the connections to other people that we need? And if the businesses we're building cannot do that. That is a very strong sign that businesses on a slow track, compared to what we need.

2:50 Right, and being able to identify this is just as simple as asking the question of why do you want, how much it's going to cost, how much effort it's going to require, And what will be different. Once you have what you want versus what you have right now.

And by looking at the difference in the question Can what we are building today, where we are putting our efforts today, can they bring us to where we want to be. And if not, they need to make some changes to get there. Right. So that was the idea, the previous chapter, in this chapter which is chapter 16 Besides getting rich. We're going to look at it, read it properly, and then discuss the notes at the end of the chapter. So let's dig right into the chapter.

Chapter 16 some caution and conclusion, concluding observations.

Many people will scoff at the idea that there is an exact science of getting rich. Holding the impression that the supply of wealth is limited. They will insist that social and government tuition, must be changed before even any considerable number of people can acquire a competence. but this is not true.

It is true that the existing government, keep the masses in poverty, but it is because the master did not think and act in a certain way, the masses began to move forward as suggested in this book, neither government nor industrial systems can keep check of them.

Both systems must be modified to accommodate the forward movement. If the people have the advancing mind. Have the faith that they become rich, and move forward with a fixed PURPOSE to become rich, nothing can possibly keep them in poverty.

Individuals may enter upon a certain way, at any time. And, and, in government, and make themselves rich.

And when we are considerable.

And when any considerable number of individuals do so under any government, they will cause the system to be so verified as to open the way for others.

The more men who get rich from the competitive play, the worse for others. The more who get rich on the creatively, the better for others. Economic salvation of the masses can only be accomplished by getting a large number of people to practice the scientific method set down in this book, and become rich.

They will show others the way, and inspire them desire for real life with the faith that it, it can be attained. And with the purpose pertain it for the present. However, it is enough to know that either the government, neither the government, under which you leave. No the capitalistic or competitive system of industry can keep you from getting rich. When you end up on a competitive plane of thought. You will rise above those things, and become assistance of a citizen of another kingdom.

But remember that your thoughts must be held upon a creative play.

You are never for an instant, to be betrayed into regarding the supply is limited or acting on a moral level of competition.

Whether you fail, whether you fall. Whenever you fall in all the ways of thought, correct yourself instantly for when you are in a competitive mind, you lose the cooperation of the mind, as the whole did not spend any time in planning as to how you will meet possible emergencies in the future, accept as a necessary policy.

And as necessary policies may affect your actions today, you are concerned with doing today's work in a perfectly sexual manner, and not with emergencies, which may arise. Tomorrow, you can attend to them as they come. Look concern yourself with questions as to how you shall smiled, obstacles, which may move upon your business horizon, Unless you can see plainly that you cause must be altered. Today, in order to avoid how tremendous and obstruction appear at a distance, you find that if you go in a certain way, it will disappear as you approach it, or that way.

Over, through all around it will appear.

No possible combination of circumstances can affect a man or woman who is proceeding to get rich along the strict scientific lines, no man or woman who obeys the law can fail to get rich, and in more than one can multiply two by two and fail to get full.

Go on, give no anxious thought possible disasters obstacles panics, or unfavourable combinations of the circumstances.

It is time enough to meet such things, where they present themselves before you in the immediate present.

You'll find that every difficulties carries with it to withdraw for each one of our curly.

God your speech, never speak of yourself, your affairs, anything else in the discouraging. Oh, disregarding way, never admit the possibility of failure, or failure or speak in a way that in fears failure is a possibility.

Never speak of the time that's been hard.

Oh, of business conditions and being doubtful. Times may be hard in business doubtful. For those who are under competitive play, but they can never be so for you. You can create whatever you want.

And you about fear in others, having hard times in poor business, you'll find your greatest opportunities. Train yourself to think of.

And to look upon the world as something which is becoming, which is growing into regards seeming evil is being only that which is underdeveloped.

Always speak in terms of transmit to do otherwise is to deny they deny your faith and to deny your faith is to lose it. Never allow yourself to feel disappointed. You may expect to have certain things at a certain time.

And to get at that time. And this will appear to you like a failure, and to not get at it. At that time, this will appear to you like a failure. But if you hold to faith, you'll find that failure is only a period or in the Certain Way.

If you do not receive the thing you receive something so much better that you will see that the seeming failure was really a great success. A student of this science had set his mind or made a certain business combination, which seemed to him at the time, very desirable.

And he worked for some weeks to bring about.

When the crucial time came, the thing failed in a perfectly inextricable way. It was as if some unseen influence had been working simply against him. He was not disappointed. On the contrary, he thanked God that He is desire and been overruled, and worked steadily on with a grateful mind. In a few weeks and opportunity. So much better came his way that you will not have made the first deal from em account, and he saw that in mind, which knew more than he knew and prevented him from losing the greater good. By entangling himself with the lesson.

That is the way every single failure will work out for you. If you keep your faith, holds on to purpose, have gratitude and do every day, all that can be done that day, doing each separate act in a successful manner.

When you make a failure is because you have not asked for enough people, and a larger thing than you were seeking will suddenly come to you. Remember this.

You will not fail because you lack necess necessary talent to do what you wish to do.

If you go on as as directed to develop all the talent that is necessary to the doing of your work. It is not within the scope of this book to deal with the size, cultivating talent, but it is a certain as this as a simple as a process of getting rich. However, do not hesitate or weigh the river for fear that when you come to a certain place, you will fail for the lack of ability, keep right on in. When you come to that place, the ability to be true.

Through finished for you. The same source of ability will enable you

the same soft ability which enabled the taught Lincoln to do the great work in government ever accomplished by a single man is open to you. You may draw upon all the lines that introduce them to us in meeting their responsibility, which is laid upon you. Go on, in full faith study this book, make it your constant companion until you master all the ideas contained in it while you're getting firmly established in your feet in this faith, you will do well to give at most recreational and purchase.

And to stay away from places where ideas completing these advanced lectures or seminars.

Do not read pessimistic or completing literature's or get into arguments upon the measure do various reading outside the writers mentioned in the preface, spend most of your leisure time contemplating your vision and cultivating your gratitude. And in reading this book. It contains all you need to know, besides getting rich. And you will find all essentials summed up in the following chapter.

The End of Chapter 16 The Science of Getting Rich.

Now, as you can see from that chapter that

now that it's very, very clear, we can see that the ease, a lot of points but really building from the point that we had discussed in our previous chapters. And one of the biggest thing that this chapter, I find, is looking at that I took, and try and won't focus on the keynote is the power of words that we tell ourselves

when we're entrepreneurial. That means you've been taken an ambitious goal to do something much more than you to do something bigger, to bring about the creation of something very, very big, and has a lot of impacts.

And when we are in the journey. The words we tell ourselves, the words we tell our team members. The words we tell our customers, our clients, our prospects, and our business partners are very, very important. And the reason why they're very important is because we are dealing with problems that people are facing.

And when someone has a problem, they are vulnerable, again in a situation where they have come to better their health and better their wealth, better their well being and better their relationships. And so when we say to them become very, very fundamental. Very, very important, but that is not the only thing that we say to ourselves as well, becomes so important in our ability to give them a solution.

One of the greatest thing that I've learned in the world of business is people don't buy what they need. They buy what they want, make people buy what they want, then people are trying to buy hope and happiness.

Something a little better, a little warmer, something a little more confident.

Right. That is what it seems to be, from my perspective, if people are buying what they want, They're buying things as close to hope and happiness as possible.

Right. And so, to bring that to my notes, one of them.

In the book, this is getting rich. Oh, they have a book that I mentioned by Simon Sinek, which is the infinite game.

In one of those books, Simon Sinek talks about the difference that children in different countries, versus in developing countries versus in developed countries and their mindset. And one of the key things mentioned is that children in the developing countries, wake up every day knowing what they have is that it right, the chances of jumping from whining is what it could be, is not there, the idea of dreaming bigger is not there, but in the developed world.

Most children wake up knowing if they can apply themselves in the right way, they can transform their circumstances.

And this mindset has a very significant influence in how we develop, how we leave, and the actions that we take upon ourselves, and upon others.

So, if you want to read more, those books I highly recommend, because as an intrapreneur as a business owner, it really opens up your mind, other world leaders, how their thoughts, work, and how they were able to accomplish things using a very simple approach in terms of mindset right approaching problems from a very different mindset.

Another note that I want to discuss from this chapter is the concept of focus. We had talked about focus before he talked about focus in terms, where we are focusing our attention.

Right. So, the content that we are consuming that you're feeding our mind is very important, because if you're focusing on things that are distracting us from our goal they may never get to a goal.


And so, this concept of focus is important, and there's the concept of shiny object syndrome which is becoming a very popular word, but the idea is, when you don't have a clear goal it's very easy to jump from one shiny object to another to another to another, in hope it will get you to where you want to go, but because you have no idea of where you want to go. The end goal becomes just jumping from one place to another, endlessly. Like a dog chasing its tail, essentially, and focus can also be placed in words, right.

So, the words, we are communicating. If we can focus on building improving those, we can also significantly improve the results we're getting in the world of online businesses. The words you say, are more important than anything else you ever do for your own business, literally, they're the first thing that your customers decide whether to engage with you or not. And being able to improve those words is really important.

Now I won't go into too much detail about how to improve them.

Because if you go back to a previous episode, the episode of building a landing page, we talked about how your split test. And what we talked about in there was essentially how you could test the different words you're using for the headlines in your website and in your landing pages are just testing those key things you can dramatically improve the results that you're getting, right, and then focus can also be applied on to action right action.

The action is not just the action that we take, while the action that we take is really really important. The action that we asked our customers to take is also very, very important. For example, we want them to buy.

We want them to buy. We need to tell them that we need to ask them, that we want them to by this point, it's going to give them x y and z. Right. Now that is a very simple example, but the idea here is, there's something called quote action. And if you're not using a call to action. It's something that you need to look into using your own business because it's the only way you can ask a customer to do a very specific act.

Take a very specific action so that they can get the result that they want, and you can get the result that you want.

Right. So, where we are focusing on our actions, where we are focusing on our words, and where we are focusing our attention. And we want to bring it back when we talk about attention right.

One of the things that we've learned is if you want to generate more sales, then you have to do sales-generating activities. that means focusing our attention on activities that bring more sales, focusing on customers. Because nothing really happens until the customer has made a purchase. Right. And so, this concept of focus is touched a little bit in the book.

But the idea here is that saying that when you're putting the focus.

That's where we are putting our energy, and that's where the results come from. So if the focus is not on the thing that you want me to shift it as soon as possible.

So, to conclude here, I'm going to go with my call to action to you, which is what I want you to do. Right. I want you to go and start looking at the words that you're using in your business online or offline.

And if you don't know what words to use have resources for you on my website,

I want you to really also listen to a previous episode on landing pages. I also give a lot of tips on how to change those words, how you can test them.

It's a very simple test that you can do to improve those words, and they make significant improvements on how you can get your message to more people to more customers, and even attract new partners.

So, that is us on this episode.

Thank you for tuning in and joining us on this episode of inventory. And don't talk to you or not our next episode. And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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