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How To Set Your Goals Like Brian Tracy

So have you ever wondered how to set goals so that you can achieve them?

And, you know, setting goals so that you can reach objectives, whether it's success or writing as many books, or just, you know, taking your business to the next level.

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur, I am your host tavernas and if you are new to this podcast, a very warm welcome and if you're new from, you know, Facebook Live, then a very warm welcome there. And this is my first time trying this on Facebook Live, but I've been, you know, essentially, I set up a podcast I usually run a lot of podcast episodes but I thought to do try it out live, and what I wanted to share today was how to set up your goals.

They brought the Brian Tracy method, so that you can reach objectives. And with that said, so if you're new to this podcast a very warm welcome.

And on this podcast, this is essentially the go-to podcast for entrepreneurs who see their business as a vehicle for change, and, and what I do is I've taken the opportunity to bring myself to the level of a student who is learning about successful entrepreneurship so that I can bring you the how-tos and the success stories, and the tips the tricks in the big secrets as well as the success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe.

And today, essentially I was lucky enough to be in a room down clubhouse with all these great entrepreneurs and Brian Tracy was on them, as well as a few other really well known, entrepreneurs and business owners like Les Brown, and John Les Brown and a few, a lot of other entrepreneurs in the room.

But one thing that was the topic was how to set your goals so you can achieve them, and the opportunity to essentially get on the stage and ask the question, how do you set your goals so that you can achieve them in order to bring you what I learned what I, what the answers were in terms of how do you go about setting your goals so that you can achieve them. And this is the Brian Tracy method of setting your goals.

So this is how he described himself as in how he would go to Settings go. So, the first. So this is essentially the strategy for setting a goal so that you can achieve them in the first thing that he shared was you know, you need to decide what your goal is, right.

So number one, decide what your goal is and one thing I want you to pay attention to this is it uses the word decide what your goal is, right, and that is not to say you know you should just know what you want or anything that but you have to make a decision,

Right, so that is something you could actually do so make a decision, what your goal is, and this is also linked back to something that I learned in the past which is you know, you need to know what is your outcome, to have your goal so if you imagine the complete goal it's done dusted, what is the exact outcome you're looking for because usually a lot of the times you know we create tasks, and we think our taxes,

our tasks are the goals that we're setting for ourselves, but they're two different things, right. So that's one thing, so that we have to be conscious of so decide what you want, right, decide what you want to decide what your goals are, And then the second step is you want to write it down right. So you mentioned you always must write it down right. And one of the things that I'm seeing all these great intrapreneurs talking about is you need to write down your goals.

And one of the guys that I think heavily talks and emphasizes on this point is Grant Gadon that, you know, He says, you know, he writes before going to bed and as soon as you wake, wake wakes up in the morning, you know, he writes down his goal as well. So I thought that was very, very very cool to hear that this consistency. If you want to go the first thing is you need to make a decision. And then you need to write it down.

Then the third step is you need to set a deadline, right so you need to decide when do you want that goal to be done right so you want to give yourself enough time so that you can get a goal, done, but he also wants to make sure that, you know, it's the goal is ambitious enough that it inspires you, so these are some of the key things that I picked up when you know the, these legends we're talking about setting up goals so you decide on your goal, right and then you want to write it down and then you want to set a deadline that you will use to complete your goal and then the next step from that is you want to make sure that you know you go, it's.

You want to make your goal, measurable, so it may be a goal that isn't measurable but now you want to make it measurable, right, and now without trying to break it down into the way I would do it but one of the things that I've noticed is that for a lot of people usually they'll, they'll tie their goal to something else as well,

so that, you know, they know that when they're choosing their goal is not just for personal gains only, but it's also related to some other cause that really inspires them propels them, and keeps them going, but one of the things that I've learned from Brian Tracy is you know you want to make your goal measurable, and then step number five, what you want to do is you want to collect a list of anything that you can do,

you know,

to help you achieve your goal, anything you can do to achieve your goal, right, and what he says is you're gonna write down everything really really quick just take a paper start writing down without any random order, or anything of that nature, you just want to take your paper, you know, take the time and just scribbling those things are done and

I think this, this will be the equivalent of a brain dump right so you want to take everything that's coming up all these ideas in your mind and you want to keep adding on to that list every single thing that you can do to take you from where you are to where you want to be which is a place where you've accomplished.

The goal and you've attained this particular outcome that you want to attain. Right, so that's step number five, so you want to essentially write down anything that we see can help us achieve that particular outcome.

Then step number six becomes organize your list in the order of priority, right. So, this is a step where we go about you know start putting everything together in things that we can do. I think that's very very pretty expert explanatory and I thought that was very very cool that you know you don't have brain depth or you went to organize this, but one thing that I forgot to mention about number five is, I think it really allows you to see the opportunities that are available and you know in all the previous goal-setting experiences.

I had never really considered that equal use your goal as an, you know, a place to find opportunities for areas that you could contribute so I thought that was a very very cool that was in there. Then step number six is organise your list.

You know by prioritising what you want to do first, and then step number seven is going to be, you essentially taking an action every day that will bring you closer to your goal.

Now, this is very very similar to what I'm seeing other greats talk about for example, I think Tony Robbins, talks about, you know, you need to decide what your outcome is the outcome you want. And then Step number two is you need to, essentially, so you need to decide what you want and then step number two is you need to decide that you want it, right.

So, know what you want and then decide what you want it. And then step number three Tony Robbins, usually refer to ease. You must then, you know, take massive action, right, massive intelligent action and I think what you mean by that is, you know if something doesn't work in action, you're pivoting, going forward, keeping pivoting but going forward.

So it's nice to see that this this list here, and comparing it to our others who have achieved really good things are doing very very very similar. And so that's number one is you know, decide what you want.

And that is a decision day right decide what you want. Number two is, write it down, right. So that's the first action we're doing is writing it down. Step number three is setting a very concrete deadline right very specific deadline and then step number four is making it measurable.

Tip number five is making a list of anything that you can do essentially to help you achieve your goal. And step number five is sorry step number five is organising the list of all the things that can help you. So that's step number six. Step number four is make it measurable step number five is a good brain dump. Putting everything down on lists that can help you achieve your goal. Step number six, organise your list. Step number seven is take action every day, that brings you closer to your goal, right, so one decide on what you want to write it down. Three, set a deadline for, make a MEK, you know you go make a make it measurable.

Five is you know, make a list of anything that can help you achieve your goal. And then six is organise your list in a priority, and five is taking massive action every single day to bring you closer to your goal. And I think if you're doing this on your list on your, on your, on your, on your goal setting, you're really gonna, there really is nothing holding you back, right. I don't think there's anything holding you back right.

But one thing I noticed is that, you know, when I was talking the Les Brown shirts something else they said you know in life, things are gonna happen, right, things are gonna happen to you that you didn't plan for. So even though you've set your goal down, things are going to happen. You never plan for. And so one of the powerful things that he said was, you need a strategy for helping you handle whatever that comes in your way.

Nothing that's very very powerful for us intrapreneurs because every day you're faced with objections and challenges, and things that we didn't plan for, in our, in our day and in our goal setting, we were setting the goals, whatever it is that the goal may have been, but things happen in this step in our way, and he shared a very powerful personal story.

I want to go into the personal story, but one thing that I noticed was that you know when something happens, you need a strategy to handle whatever that setback was so that you can overcome those. So, that is me and thank you so much for tuning in. On this episode, the notes for this episode can be found in COVID marketing that is h e r b e r t marketing So aside from that, thank you so much for tuning in and I will talk to you on our next episode of virtual entrepreneur I hope you enjoyed this live, I was trying everything about this.

So much fun. And so she was doing everything right, but okay. So that is it, and I'm gonna, I'm gonna close this now.



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