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How To Set and Achieve Your Business Goal Despite Setbacks

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Have you ever wondered how do you go about reaching your goals? Despite the setbacks, and everything in your way.

Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. If you're new to this podcast, a very warm welcome. I am your host, Herbert innocent and today we'll be looking at how to set up and reach your business goals. Despite any setbacks that you may encounter.

And in this podcast we cover a lot of topics ranging from marketing setting business goals, all the way to interviewing business experts in areas of their field so that we can understand how you and I can go about setting goals and achieving the success we desire in our businesses, and in life.

Now with that said, today I'll be using an approach that I've seen Tony Robbins, talk about, and in this approach. The goal is, essentially, to set up your goal, and be able to take massive actions until you reach your desired results.

I'm also going to combine with some of the teachings from Grant, on how to set up goals.

So the first approach is, before we jump into this. Here is the summary the summary is you want to know what your outcome is, right, when to take a decision and massive actions, and then you're gonna start going towards goal. So that's the general gist but this is how it works.

When setting up a goal, you must understand that we greatly underestimate the amount of necessary action required to reach that goal and we greatly overestimate the goals that we set.

And because we underestimate the actions that we need to take. We rarely never reach the goals that we've set for ourselves.

So the trick here is you want to set up a goal that is much bigger.

So that you can take much more action, and in that case, if you're going to miss the goal, neither case, then the best option will be to miss the goal, but get to where you wanted to get in the first place.

So that is usually what you want to do there, so you want to aim higher so that you have that cushion or that buffer, should you miss the target that you had aimed for.

So that's the mindset you want the mindset is to think big, and act much much bigger take massive amount of action take so much action that it propels you forward builds momentum and motivates you towards originally goal. So that's the mindset you want to have. After the mindset the next piece you want is a strategy. Now when it comes to strategy. The first thing you want to do is and this is the attorney, this is where Tony Robbins approach to that is, you essentially want to decide what outcome, do you want to get.

You want to make a firm decision what outcome, do you want.

Right. Decide what you want, because until you've decided what you want, then you won't be aiming for anything. So for example, maybe you are deciding that you want to take your business to six figures.

Right, so you want to take it from five figures, or from just a few four figures, you want to take it to six figures, if that is your goal then you will decide that is what you want. Right.

Once you've decided what you want. Maybe you want to decide that you want to have very high profile clients so that you can charge higher and provide much better quality services.

Right, so you want to decide what you want.

After you've made the decision and this must be a very firm decision, right, that you're going to do this from now on, you're going to do this until you get it, that is essentially making a decision there right, and he used the example of a fever, you know, remember to a moment if you come back if you have if you can think of a moment when you made a decision, and said, Enough so that they only you changed how you act and how you got the result, or how you approached a particular situation.

That's the kind of mindset you want approach to and making this decision, you want to decide firmly. Right. And then once you've decided that you want to then start taking massive amount of intelligent action. Now there's a lot packed in this particular step. But the step is this you're gonna take massive amount of action.

Right. And to add a little bit of flavour from the to add to add a little bit of flavour from someone, whatever the mentor that, you know, Brian Tracy on how he approaches goal setting, you want to take massive amount of action every single day.

Right, Brian Tracy and I say take massive amount of action every single day. That leads you towards where you want to go that brings you closer towards where you want to go, but the goal here you want to take a massive, massive amount of action.

Right now the intelligent part means you want to take action that is measurable, in a sense that if you are not getting the result. Then what you want to do is you want to change your approach and continue to take massive action. If you don't get the result, change the approach, massive amount of action if you don't get the result, change the approach, take massive amount of action.

When you keep repeating that until you're getting the result, and you're improving upon that.

So I've combined this approach from all the mentors that I've learned from, right, so I've crunched, I've combined grants approach I've combined Tony Robbins approach and I've combined Brian Tracy's approach.

All these in aim of giving us a super massive, and a very good way to take massive amount of action, refocus intention, momentum, as well as intelligence, so that we get to where we want to get to.

So I wanted to share with you this because in some point in our businesses we reach a dead end, where we are not so sure of how far or where the results are how to get the result again and then momentum dies off. And when that happens we slow down, until we stop, or maybe we just say you know, it was meant to be. We can't do this, or whatever the excuse we come up with. So I wanted to share this. Right, so the summary is this.

Tony Robbins, sorry graduate grad get down and say Is that what you want to do is Grant says that what you want to do is us first take your effort set a very very big goals, very, very big goals.

In fact, they must be so big you feel like you can't reach them but they motivate you to take action right set very big goals, because the chances are you're you're overestimating your goals and you're under estimating the amount of actions required to achieve the goal you've set for yourself. So you're gonna set yourself very big goals, and when you're taking action you want to take massive amount of action, and then Tony Robbins says, so you want to decide, make a very firm decision that from now on, you're gonna work on this until you get the result. Right.

You're gonna make a decision, you're gonna write down your goal make a decision. And then you want to take massive amount of intelligent action. Now Brian Tracy says every single day.

There's a few other three pieces there that you can sneak in there, you are taking massive amount of intelligent action. And if you don't get the result change the approach, change the approach if you don't get the result keep changing the approach if you don't get the result keep changing your approach and keep doing that until you get the result. Now, another very cool sweet thing that you could add in there is.

Once you've made a decision. What you want what outcome, do you want the outcome that you want.

You want to write down all the possible ways that you could approach, you could go about getting this particular outcome. This opens the windows of possibilities that you could use to get to the end result. Right, so you could keep changing the approach, you can keep taking massive amount of actions, but now you know which approaches you haven't tried and you keep trying until you find the approach that works.

So there you go. We've just combined three very powerful strategies for setting a goal and achieving it by combining Brian Tracy's method Tony Robbins method, as well as grant cardones method. And one of the things that I can definitely say with confidence is when you use grant method. I've seen it in effect. And when you use Tony Robbins method, method, I think it's self explanatory in terms you know if you keep changing your approach, eventually you will get the result. And if you use.

So if you use Tony Robbins as well as if you use Brian Tracy's method, they both combined similar knowledge but combined and refined to Pro to help you provide the result to help you get the result that you desire in life and in business.

So thank you so much for tuning in on this episode, the notes for this particular episode can be found at Herbet marketing

So if you have any questions you can ask us over there. Other than that, I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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