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How To Qualify Leads Into Loyal Clients

So how do you qualify a lead into a client.

Hello virtual entrepreneurs and join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur I am your host Herbert innocent, and if you're new to this podcast, welcome.

This is the go to podcast for entrepreneurs who see their business as a vehicle for change. Look, I bring you the tips the tricks and the big secrets, the how-tos and the success stories, and success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe.

So I hope you stay tuned and try and get as much value from this episode, and our other episodes, and again, before I jump into the topic of today, our you know our last episode we talked about ethics, how to use ethics to get more clients now, I may have put a spin on that but I literally meant what I said there. Right. What I was talking in that episode is, well, actually, I'll let you go and learn more about that.

So, this is your opportunity to go to our last episode and listen to that and when you finish, come and join us and then we'll continue on, I think you love it, I think you'll learn from it. It's something that is really positive. And I believe we should practice more often in business, right, the concept of redefining, ethics, and really using it, not just as the rules that we learned when we were younger in kindergarten in kindergarten, but really using it as a vehicle for our businesses, how we hire people how employee and how we move forward into the future because as a society we are progressing we can't keep using the same old tools that aren't working. And I believe that to be true.

I believe it's time we adapt because our technology is as is adapting much much faster. Our language is adapting much much faster. We have now new words because of apps and all these things we create. And so we need to come up with ways to redefine how we use this new technology, how we use this new information because using same old rules made many years ago may be beneficial in laying the foundation but what after the foundation that's be go.

Now, let's jump into today's episode which is how do you qualify, a lead into a client, right. So, when I came first across these, I saw it being thrown around the idea of you need to qualify your leads right lead qualifying, and it didn't make any sense. What were they doing, and I noticed that for most businesses, businesses that are very uncertain, is that they use price they use the amount that a business makes as a way of qualifying that lead, which is maybe good or bad, but I'll leave that for you to decide after I've shared my new insights what I've learned today about the process of lead qualification and really the mental, the thinking that goes behind into lead qualification. Now you're probably wondering, why would you even want to qualify a lead.

And that's a good question, Why would you not qualify a lead. Well one of the things that I've learned from one of my mentors, is this not all clients are made equal.

Not all clients and customers are made equal. And so, if not all clients or customers are made equal, then that means we have, by all means to try and understand the clients that we work best with and the clients that we don't work best with the stories, entrepreneurs realising that the clients they've been serving, have been making them unhappy, and I personally have this experience. And it's not that the client is a bad client or that they did something outrageously wrong. No it's not.

It's that as a business owner, sometimes we use language that's pressuring right we are using tactic that are manipulative without us realising sales can be a little manipulative. If it doesn't have the right cause of action if it doesn't have the right emotional direction. And what do I mean by what I'm saying here. What I mean is, if our message isn't clear as to why we are speaking to our clients and our business partner, and our teammates, then we may end up finding yourself naturally or unnaturally resolving to tactics that may put them under pressure, forcing them to make decisions that may seem like wise and good decisions. However, those decisions will not be beneficial and will prove to be damaging and even slowing the progress down, as opposed to really helping us picking up as we want to go forward without explain more what I mean by this as we go along. But the idea is this, not all customers are made equal. Not all team members are made equal.

Because everybody has a goal, everybody wants success everybody wants to win, but the goals aren't always the same. What a win for you is not always the same as what is a win for me. And that is a big secret behind this year. So, how do you know exactly how do you go about qualifying your leads Well, the biggest question that I've learned is you need to ask why. Why are you in business, why do you do what you do what gets you up in the morning.

Right. Beyond the monetary gain beyond the money to feed your family beyond the big dream house and whatever else you want to achieve, what gets you all fired up, and one of the things that one of the mentors have told me that you need to ask yourself at least four or five, six or seven times in order to understand why you get up to do what you do.

For most people, they're lucky they know why they want to do, and after being in business in the wild, I've come to realise and learn what it is that drives me what it is I am passionate about, and it's not so much, passionate, everybody's passionate but they're passionate about different thing and that's the key they're passionate about different things, and passionate for different reasons. And that's the big key thing there, right.

We all have passion but for different reasons what drives you may not necessarily drive me. And let's be gold. So when it comes to qualifying leads, then it brings us back to the belief, our core belief, what do we believe in, what do you, you know, what does your ideal clients believe in. And if you use the example of Apple they say think different. Right, challenge the status quo, right, to challenge what seems to be the norm, and that's their goal.

Think Different by challenging what seems to be the norms, right, and so this here essentially brings us to the next question which I wanted to ask which is when you're getting those clients, or those teammates, or when you're getting, you know your new employees, or your new business partner, right, what degrees of certainty. Do you have something that we don't use often, a degree of certainty, something that I think as business owners we really should adapt in our businesses. This concept of degree of certainty.

The first degree is, I feel.

The next one is I sorry the first degree is I think, then I feel, then I know, right, we want to be in the stage that we can say, I know. And if you can't say I know at least you can say, I feel it, it feels right. Right. And so this is really what I wanted to talk about. Now this seems to be something that we wouldn't really cover in business, especially since most business owners will be thinking right now. Hey, I'm a small business owner, what does this have to do with me. And it's very, very simple, as you go about in business, bring your products to the public.

I think one of the biggest thing that we really need to look at is that our business isn't just about a simple transaction, there is much more behind that those people buying that they're not just buying that because it's going to sell it's going to help their problem is also the idea of belief, right, because our products and services can really be found anywhere else. Right. You may have a shop but if you look around, somebody else with a shop, you may have an online store that sells antiques or very unique goods but if you really look around, so does somebody else not too far away from you, especially online, eBay probably has what you're trying to sell.

Right, so what I mean here is, it comes down to, why do we do what we do. Because from what I am seeing and what I'm learning, and all the mentors who have influenced me, I've noticed one thing in common they all have this one big belief and the beliefs that drove me to them.

And I was thinking, after learning this, I was thinking why haven't I adapted those what keeps me coming back to these people and have noticed something they have a belief that I believe in.

It is that belief that has made me spend money it is that belief that I'm seeing other people spend money, and it's that belief that allows them to grow. And if you cause if you believe in your cause big enough, if you believe in your cause, long enough, if you believe in your cause.

As your duty, your ethical responsibility, as well as your, your really core value, then it's something that you know you find the motivation to get up and do it right, that it comes down to all that. And so I think this is really powerful way of attracting your dream clients because you're not talking to them from a person of need. Remember if you go back to the chapter the episode we were talking about your dream clients how to identify them.

We mentioned that they have hopes and dreams. Does your core values align with their hopes and dreams because if it doesn't, you're selling to the wrong client. Clients, you are selling to the wrong customers, they will be unhappy, they will complain to you, you end up having to give them refunds and your reputation could even be on the line because you are working against nature. Right.

You are trying to work against nature. It's simple to just you know, if snow, if everything falls down due to gravity, then use that rather than trying to find. Well, unless of course you want to go to the moon then in that case it's okay, but I suppose my goal here, or my, my learning that I want to share here is this.

If people buy because they believe in that. And if that is the most profitable and the most natural way that growth happens, then it is irrational to try and go against it, especially if you need it, and depend on it.

Right, especially if you need it and depend on it. So, with that said, that is what I want to share with you, it's a system it's a process of starting with why, as you communicate your dream clients looking for why they want the services, what are they trying to achieve.

Why are they trying to achieve what they're trying to achieve, and then how you go about solving them then that becomes your way of expressing, why you want to help them in the first place.

I hope that made sense. And I hope you got value from that. My aim was for me to give you value if I did, that's a success for today.

Thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur the notes, and more. So if you want help in getting leads, sales and more profits from your marketing got hybrid marketing help that calm, and you can find the link to Herbert market In the description of this episode. And you can go there and we're going to get chat on working together if that's something that you desire.

Aside from that, I want to thank you for tuning in this episode I hope you got value and I'll talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur and as always,

have a wonderful evening.



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