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How To Promote Your New Small Business To Attract High Paying Clients (To Get Credibility)

Have you ever wondered, let's say you were to start your business from scratch, and you're wondering, how would you go about building that credibility and attracting those clients.

With that, without any, you know, credentials, any credibility, any product, service or anything like that you're just starting from the beginning and you're barely just thinking, how am I going to do that.

So hello and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

I am your host Robert innocent, if you're new to this podcast. I want to welcome you and thank you for tuning in and joining us on this episode.

In our previous episode we talked about how to get more clients, and if you are, and the idea was how to get more clients using questions. And so, if you didn't get a chance to listen to that episode I want you to go back and listen to that. And you're gonna get a tonne of value give it good examples.

I'm there and then you come back on this episode we'll pick it up from there and by the way the notes from the episode from our last episode can be found at So if you go at Herbet marketing You can find the notes from that episode and today what we want to talk about essentially is how to promote your small business online, even if you haven't had a client yet.

And even if you don't have a budget yet and even if you do not have credibility. And the goal is you're gonna promote in a way that's more efficient, effective, and will attract high paying clients for your business, really, really fast and I think this is a really cool method that small business owners can use it, especially the finding themselves in a position where resources are constrained and at the very early stages of our businesses, usually resources are constraints, unless you have a huge down payment investment for your business.

Usually there's a very, very constraints and resources. And so, we're going to jump and talk about that, and by the end, essentially, you're going to discover the whole things that you can do, and even if your business isn't constrained by resources. This technique can still be used to really attract high paying clients and to really take it to the next level of services. In terms of your, in your marketplace.

And so, With that said, the first thing I talked about is if you're gonna go about promoting your businesses there are really three powerful things that promote your business. Very, very highly effective. Right. And the first thing is, you're either putting a tonne amount of energy and force to promote it that is you're talking to a lot of people cold calling and doing all this stuff. And for a lot of people, those are terrifying skills.

I'll be honest, cold calling and sales skills are one of the few things that I really want to master, because I believe our ability to convey our ability to sell our ideas in business and products with the high success rate is really a very important factor. And for a lot of people sales is not a very comfortable subject.

Right. They are touch or associate cells with a lot of negative past experience from sales people who may have not had mastered their sales, their sales. In the beginning, and so, sales is out of the window the moment, advertising is out of the windows, because we are looking at a limited resources, we're looking at, limited cash at the very beginning right we just starting out, and advertising takes a lot of trial and error and testing, which is a very crucial part in advertising. So testing as well.

So with that said, the only thing we are left with is how can we get more clients without advertising money without, you know, going about doing all these cold callings and all this stuff. And really it comes down to two things, sorry, three things that I really highly effective people enjoy buying physical goods. Right. So if it's a book, or if it's a physical product a phone, headphones, microphone, or whatever, these are the things I'm just looking things from my desk your keyboard and all these other stuff.

People love buying physical products. There's a very good feeling they get from having those tangible goods and touching them feeling, but when you have something like a service and you're selling online without credibility that can be quite challenging. And even if you're selling physical product. There's still a lot of many many credible sources that provide these products and so you still have to establish yourself.

But we still need to understand that people love physical product, right. Another thing is people love when they can fully understand the product, demonstrate ability, the ability to see that they can get the results from that product. Now this is not the exact definition.

If you're looking for the exact definition you can use the dictionary, but for me, I, I basically I am saying that demonstrably it is the ability to essentially show my clients, the results they desire, the payoff, they want, and the outcome, they are seeking, that's my definition of demonstrate ability. Okay, so if I can demonstrate them if I can show them the outcome, give them the result, and show them the benefit that they're looking for, then I've demonstrated that I can deliver. Right, so this demonstrates it and giving that to the client is guaranteed to get you very powerful.

You know, a very powerful report because the client will feel that you can do your job effectively, efficiently, and as promised. So demonstrable is a very powerful thing. But in some cases demonstrable it is used as a demo, which is to show how a product works. Now, that is nice but I don't think that is good. Always because in some cases, the product works and you can show a person.

But, and here's the big but, but just because it works. It doesn't mean the person can connect, how the product works with the result that they want. And this is what I'm learning guys, this is what I'm learning right. So just because a product works, it doesn't mean your client can connect, how the product work with the result that they're going to get at the end, and a very good example of this is if you take a look at, let's say for example, any product that is designed to analyse data, right. And, for example when analyzing this data.

Let's take for example, you know, product that is designed, analyse how many visitors you're getting on your website. Now that's a very good product, and when you demonstrate that somebody may get it multiple will get it why because seeing how many visitors they're getting on their website.

Allow allows them to measure the outcome, allows them to focus their efforts on things that work. However, this is a mindset that not all your clients will have. So if you're selling an analytics platform is just an example, if you're selling an analytics platform, your clients may see your solution, but they may not understand that this solution can help them just because they've tried it, it doesn't mean they understand the result they could get. And so it becomes up to you to get them the result first, and others example is coaching, right.

If you have never been coached, and received a result, then going to a coach, feels strange. Why would you go to a coach, I can think for myself, I can do that by myself, right, because you've never gone. You've never gotten the result, you've never tried it. It just is very difficult to wrap your head around that.

Right. Why should I pay 2000 a month.

Why am I going to get from it, and this mindset is not just mine this mindset.

Even people in leading positions CEOs or C executives will have this kind of mindset, it's like, hey, I can do just that. Why would I need to go and hire somebody to tell me what to do. Right.

Because there is no way that we thinking this way, it's very, very simple, in their mind, the only thing they understand is that they want this result, it could be sales could be profits, it could be improving their profit margin. It could be improving or reducing the bottom line. Right. But this is all they can think about and when you talk about coaching, helping them get better performance then they don't really understand what that means for them. They can't connect. What you talking to them and asking them questions to address the key issue they can't connect that with the result that they want which is more profits more sales and reducing the bottom line, if that makes sense.

So that's the goal there.

Right, so the monster ability is a powerful thing. But there's this thing where, in some cases the client just come see. And I'm going to address in a minute. What to do when the client can see what I'm seeing as the best thing to do when the client can't see how they're going to get that result. Remember, the result is the most important thing that the clients are paying for, they're not paying for, for whatever it is that you're saying they're paying for the results.

And then the next thing that is very powerful to consider in promoting a business is the power of word of mouth. Right, so if your client goes and tell their friend, or their business partner or whoever else.

Hey, I did this and it was incredible, you should do, I recommend that you should check you're going to, if they go, if they got the result and they feel that much proud and happy they will go and they will talk about, and that has a very strong, powerful effect, because people don't trust salespeople.

As far as they're concerned, salespeople will say anything, people don't trust websites anymore because as far as they're concerned, anybody can have a website so people don't trust claims because of all these other stories they've heard, seen be told, heard a friend of a friend of a friend say, you know, the list goes on and on.

And so the goal here becomes getting that word of mouth right, getting that recommendation from a client becomes a very powerful thing. So you can probably see where we are going with this. And so the best way for us to promote a business is small and new small business and build credibility that attract clients, high paying clients really fast, would be to first of all, we want to help one client for free. And I'm not just saying this because I think it's cute.

I've done this, and it has a really powerful effect, I have done this, it's so powerful. It's incredible, right. So, you want to help a client for free so you're not first of all, define what your service are going to be to the client, What the result you want to give them.

Right, and you want to focus on giving them the result. And then the next thing is you want to focus what kind of clients you want to work with.

Now, it may take some time to find the kind of clients when I work with, but if you've been in business a while you may know what kind of people resonate with you, right. Entrepreneurs like minded thinking people coaches, consultants, right, small business owners.

Right, whoever you enjoy thinking with. Sorry, you, whoever you enjoy working with, And then niche down to helping that type of client you just when you just need to find one and give them a result for free. And that could be the start of everything.

Now you may need to try one or two if the first one didn't work out, it happens, it happens, but the idea is you're building a portfolio of testimonial, but also, somebody is going to be an ambassador for your new business, because of the service you give them for free. And depending on how you deliver their value depends on how you deliver that benefit that pay off that outcome, then that can really have a significant effect on how they go about talking about your business.

Literally you win somebody over so powerfully that they will never go anywhere else but stay with you.

And that's the goal here, that is the goal. So, helping them get that big, big benefit that big, big results that they really, really desire. Right. And so, this is equivalent to trying before buy because the first time around, they're going to try it and you're going to give them for free.

The next time around when they come, they are more likely to be happy to offer to buy to pay they understand the power of the result that they got.

Now most people most entrepreneurs would be terrified hey, if I give them for free, they'll never want to pay, and that's not true.

That is a false assumption.

I've tried it, and that I can value, I can validly say it's a very false assumption. And here's why. When you put effort into service and give your client for free. The first time they recognise the value they learn to see that benefit.

And the best thing is the next time around when you tell them that you're charging this much.

A lot of clients, at least all the clients that I've seen have worked with the understand and they accept that and they're prepared to pay that, or even more, especially if you demonstrate the work that went into delivering the result. If you demonstrate the process that went into delivering that result then being able to charge more is even better. They will love you for charging more.

Right. And if you make it look like the result you gave him was super easy to get.

Like you didn't have to do anything to get to that result. Then overcharging when you charge your price if your price is higher. They may not understand why you're charging them higher, that's when people start saying, You are overcharging.

Right, so the result has this kind of an effect on the price, but also the process through which you want to take the result if you can demonstrate that clearly, it has an effect on the price that you can charge. Right.

So you need to be conscious of that, and that can help you also increase credibility because if you can show the process. It builds up credibility.

It allows people to understand that there is work involved in getting what you've got them.

So now that we've talked about that. One thing that I wanted to say is once you've built that testimonial that it gets easier to be able to get another testimonial, right.

This effect that we have when somebody else has tried it, it's easier for the next person to come and try because they're not taking the initial risk, and the virtual reduced you've eliminated that idea of the risk initial risk, because a lot of people, a lot of clients, customers are terrified of taking that initial risk why so many stories of misfortune events happening.

Right. So once you're getting that then it becomes easier for you to to attract more clients, but also to be able to start building up that list of clients and people prospects. Right. And if you selected your niche right if you selected your ideal first clients, right, they may bring you more clients similar to them much more likely than bringing your clients who want similar to them. Right.

And this works really well in your favour in terms of getting high paying clients. Very, very quickly, without ever spending money advertising or spending money in going about, you know, promoting it, you know, on these other places that have no effect, or takes a while for you to build that effect of effectiveness. Right.

And so, that is that, and I wanted to share that with you because I've known this method but the mom learning the most getting refined, I've actually used this in the photography business. But the more I'm learning for this method, the more it's being refined and coming into this thing where you can use it in multiple places in different ways. And it's a very it's a very powerful method it's a very very powerful method. Aside from that, I want to thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur I hope you got value.

My aim was to deliver value to you. If you did, that's good, good stuff. If you want notes for this episode, Or if you want to help with your marketing in terms of generating leads or tracking your leads, good habit marketing And we're gonna get started there today. Also the notes as I said can be found in where you can go download these and you can break down as at creating your own plans in acquiring those customers and building the testimonials.

Thank you so much for tuning in. On this episode again. And as always, I will talk to you on the next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.



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