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How To Promote Your Business Locally Faster, Less Common Methods

So have you ever wondered what are some of the ways that you can go about promoting your business and make sure that you're getting clients, high-quality clients, but more effectively and locally?

Join me on this episode of the virtual intrapreneur. I am your host Herbet innocent, and if you're new to this podcast. A very warm welcome.

This is the go-to podcast for entrepreneurs who see their business as a vehicle for change. And in our last episode, we talked about ways that you can increase the value of your business, the way you can build value into your business by tackling different distribution and revenue methods.

If you didn't get a chance to listen to that episode I want you to stop, go back to that episode and have a quick listen and then when you're finished, come back, we'll still be here, and today we're going to jump very quickly, and talk about how to promote your business locally, faster, give the client, much more reliably and this is the most is the least one of the least common ways methods, I'm going to share with you three methods.

Now before I jump into this I want you to consider the following social media came along, and it's still great and everything is there but as soon as it's there, a lot of people are flocking into these places. And what happens is the defenses go up. Right, and you can still get clients it's not like there is barriers entries or anything like that, you can still get to the client.

But what happens is for a lot of people, they are all just focusing on this method and that becomes the average or the go to method that everybody just thinks about. But when that happens, it causes two other things to happen. Right, we think about it.

If every single person is going in that area, then it becomes easier for people to ignore messages coming in those platforms. It also becomes a little bit it require another be requiring extra work to get that traction of clients to get to build that loyalty to build that trust and to get moving in the reason very very simple.

That is what everybody's doing, and that is what everyone is expecting. Right. It's like cold calling people, you know, they're so used to cold calling. So when you do it, They're like, Oh God no, right, it's, they know that they know what to expect so they try to walk away, get away from the phone right telemarketing, is when it's cold, right.

So, as you go into these methods of getting clients you need to realize that other people also tried to get there, and so you want to separate yourself from those methods. So, these are the methods that are the good old-fashioned ways and this will work and you may want to try and visit those because the shift has gone from those methods to these new methods, which requires you going to those businesses and trying to get those clients.

So with that said, one of the key benefits of going this method is that there is less focus on them. But also, if you think about the curve right there, they adapt the product life cycle, right, when a new product is introduced in the marketplace these early adopters, these are the people who jump towards the product as soon as possible.

And then there's the mature stage and then there are the late adopters, right, so the early adopters will just jump at it and take the risk, you know, even if it's not fully functional, even if it's just a prototype, they'll just jump in, just to have edit and study using the product and services.

This is so true with clients right. Some clients want to jump onto platforms, they'll stick to the old types of platforms.

Right, so they may know about technology, but they still prefer the old and true and tried methods, right, so as you're segmenting and trying to focus on a very type of a very specific type of ideal client. You may ask yourself, Do I want to target the early adopters.

Can I target the later adopters, or can I target them with the mature stage and what you usually want to do is you want to target the early adopters, but in some cases, over time, you may want to target the late adopters, right?

And the reason why you may want to do that is because maybe the product has been in the market for a very long time. And now it's time to go there. Or maybe the concept of the product has been in the marketplace for a long time.

So you want to go back and go to your ideal clients where they are, and start helping them, you know, based on where they are, and it's not that they won't buy, it's that, you know, they will buy into it, but they just didn't, you know, they haven't fully been exposed, they know the concepts work, or just been sitting on the fence before by, so this might be another method to go about trying them.

Right, so maybe like I know social media but I don't get it. So this may be places where you want to go and find those. So these may be mature clients so you're targeting mature clients, and so on and things like that.

So with that said the first method is your Local Business Listing. Right. And now, when you're targeting these you want, storage and this could be place where you find a strategic partner, where you love with the contact that you get and leverage credibility and all those things that come with that content and you leverage it by asking for referrals to other clients and what this does for you is it actually introduces you rather than you trying to introduce yourself to the other clients.

So right, so it may be that you're not getting direct business from the first contact that you have. But because you're introducing it to the other clients.

It may be way worth it in the long run because what that means is you are introduced. Right, so you quickly skip that part where you need to build rapport credibility and all these things.

You've quickly skipped that line and gone to the front, where you can quickly start working right, and they may even be more tolerant of mistakes because you were introduced, and that's the whole concept of how you leverage one of these methods, and the other place could be the golden pages, but some golden pages with these big books, if you don't know about them.

Now, just because you know print has gone less those businesses, some of them just moved online, right, your local listings just mean some businesses that are focusing on serving the local markets just gone and just went online, so it's not necessary that the late adopters, it could be a good place to find late adopters, but it could be also a good place to find local businesses, and what this allows you to do is just leverage that idea of local, which is very, very powerful.

Remember, people always respond better to people with who they feel they have something in common with them. There is bazillions of businesses online. Right.

But when you're doing business with someone who's local, there is this feeling of credibility these this feeling of a shared, you know, landscape, a geographical location, but these also which gives actually extra security in terms of trustworthiness, because some people you know, it may be like well, it's not like I'm just talking to someone from somewhere very far and they just, you know, they decide to go with the refund I can't reach out to them, but if you're local is the feeling that if problems arise you resolve them. Right.

So these all these you know everybody has a certain amount of trust and expectations from their local environment. So this essentially builds upon you and your ability to leverage that relationship, and the expectation that they have the local, local, which is really really awesome compared to just a business in line, right, being just another business in line, there's less trust because you know people.

Some businesses in line exist but they you know they tarnish, you know, the, the repeatability of a business being right, right.

So, by leveraging that local need this idea that you are local, you come with this credibility and this certainty and this expectation that you can deliver. Because you're delivering to your fellow local men or women, right, so there's that. And then there's the local directory.

Now the best way of using these E, whether it's the local listings. The Golden pages, or your local directories.

The best way of using these is essentially to build contacts and then leveraging those contacts to get introductions. Right. And this is counter to just going online and start buying ads, and the reason why this method may be much more effective and faster without spending money, is because chances are local listings, chances are they know someone else on that page.

So you could ask for introduction, but also you could offer your service just as a way to help in exchange for introduction. So there are many ways to leverage that creatively, and if you are genuinely offering services, where you find these you can definitely get your, your, you know, your local businesses on board because you've just given them something so wonderful, they'll feel the need to reciprocate and since you're local, it's even better.

Right. So there's a whole lot there to consider to think about and to see how can you use that to build quickly credibility, and to start getting clients but also to start getting referrals, because if you ask him for introductions.

Right from these kind of methods, what happens is that introduction is a warm introduction.

That's the first thing. And so you have a much much higher chance, an opportunity to sit with the client, and see how you can go forward without risking, you know, they might just get up and leave, they may not be interested, you know, because he will try to pass you off if they feel like you're just trying to sell them, but because it's a woman production, then they feel like you're trying to genuinely help them which is a world of difference.

And I should know this because I've done cold calling, and I should know this because I've also you know, gone the route where you are getting into duck introduced new clients. So I hope you got value from that and you'd leverage this, not just as a way of getting clients, but also the method of listing your businesses to get it to give you exposure locally, especially if you're providing services.

This works incredibly. It also works for E-commerce and it works for any type of business really, as long as there's enough clients, even if there isn't enough clients, it will just send more local traffic towards your business, and who knows this. If your service, or if your business does solve a problem, the chances are they are people locally who might need it as well.

They may not be big businesses, but they may know maybe big business or a friend, you know, it's all about connection so but who you know, right, so remember you know contact tends to contract, right. So if you want to build up your contact first, so you can get those contracts.

This is just one of the few methods that you could go about using so I hope you find value in that. And thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of virtual entrepreneur, you can find the notes for this episode at the virtual entrepreneurs Or you can just go to permit marketing that is h e r b e r t marketing And you can find the notes for this episode. Aside from that, I will talk to you in our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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