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How To Position Yourself As An Expert On Social Media

Have you ever wondered where else can you position yourself as an expert.

Hello and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur if you're new to this podcast a very warm welcome. This is your go to podcast for every entrepreneur who sees their business as a vehicle for change. If you have a big goal, and you think your business and you're we're gonna take you there to take you manage a better step to essentially leaving, you know, our planet, our world, our communities in a better place, then this is a go to podcast where we talk about everything that can help us improve our lives but also leave our world and our communities better than we found them, I bring you the tips the tricks in the big secrets, the how-tos and success story the success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe.

And again, if you didn't get a chance to listen to our last episode. The episode was an interview with tad on how to position yourself as an expert by writing a book, which was a simple but powerful episode and I recommend you go and listen to that episode and when you come back, we'll continue on from here. Aside from that, I'm going to go in and jumping right into today's episode but before I do that.

If you're wondering where you can get the notes for this episode just simply go to www dot Herbet marketing And then there you can find all the notes from all our past episodes, and yesterday's episode that is Herbet marketing Or if you're confused, you can just go to virtual intrapreneurs And you can find it's the same website it will direct you to the same place. So now with all that said, let's jump into today's episode which is, if you're wondering how you can position yourself as an expert on social media. That's what we're going to cover on today's episode right, it's a follow up from after you've written a book, it's a follow up on what you can do on this.

You don't need to have written a book to do this but the idea is, these are the things that you can do to position yourself as an expert in social media.

So, this will work for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and all those social media platforms that you may be using the first step to really getting into positioning yourself as a expert in social media is having something that you can give for free so if you can accumulate, or put together a list of things that you can give for free that will really help you stand out from the average person who's positioning themselves as an expert by asking people to go and purchase by asking them to click links by just having things that your audience can digest and engage in that will be very beautiful and powerful.

Step two really get started so in this step I call it the step of give, give, give, right, and this is the same with when people have opted in to emails before you start making them. I mean you can start asking them to buy but the chances are, the more you give them the more they're going to feel the report towards you and the more they will feel compelled to go and buy from you and this is not my knowledge, this is the knowledge, I'm learning from the experts in the field everybody who has been doing great and has been doing business for the past 15 years, especially in the online business space.

This, my friends, is what they're saying.

So you need to position yourself as an expert, by giving, giving, giving, and if you do not have something to give you can curate content. You can find content that your audience is going to enjoy curate it and place it in a digestible bite-size, and then ask them if they want it, then you can send it to them so you can share other people's content, but some things that you can use, or you can put together that you can share things like, you know, ebooks, you can find a lot of ebooks, and you can customize them yourself from products label lights you can customize them add your own content in them,

I wouldn't use them just by themselves, I'll add more content, add more value into everything so that when you're giving it feels much more to them than just a simple, you know, generic, something that they can find an elder online video so if a video that explains some of the problems and the roadblocks that your ideal clients are going to be facing your ideal prospects are facing so if your videos answering those questions and getting to know you, that's a very beautiful place to start.

Another thing is, answering questions that they have. So for example you can say you know you can start your email by asking have you ever been wondering this, and that's a really good way of warming up a prospect but also giving them value,

questions are their best way and they're the best methods of making sure that your clients and you, your prospect and you are on the same page because the chances are unless you know what, on where they are on their mind,

it's impossible to try and take them from a prospect turning them into a client, right, you want to know where they are in their mind, and every process and system you do build and use must address them where they are in their mind pulling them from wherever destructions may be surrounding them, and questions are a good way to start with that.

Because we are usually so automated and compelled to answer the questions. So with that said, the next thing is, now that we know what we could do the next thing is we need to be conscious of the idea that we are still in a social space, right, so we do not be too much of a salesy, or maybe we could be who am I to say we couldn't.

But one thing I would say is we are in a social space.

So if I was using it I wouldn't go about being very salesy or very preachy, I'll try and use as our I'll try and position myself as a person in a social space but at the same time, positioning myself in a way that allows me to attract those ideal clients, right, so they can gravitate towards me, as I lead them towards the sale, as a, as a lead them towards the solution that they're looking for as I positioned myself as a person who can help them who can provide them with services that can benefit them.

Right, and I use the word service here for a very particular reason right not to be self salesy, that's a word, right.

So, I put myself in a place where I can help, I can, you know, provide a service, I can be of service to them, and that's what I'm trying to image there and some of the very good examples of people using this on social media is, I've seen people say why they're doing what they're doing so the key, what's driving them, what's their motivation, and then talk about the thing that they're doing. And I'll tell I'll cover more in places where you can talk about this, but the idea is the way they talk about it, makes it compelling enough for you to click. Want to learn more.

Well, other people would say, I do these sorts of these I can do this for you, and it's not as compelling and because it's so transactional focused, that you immediately realise there's no much more benefit beyond the transactional gain, and you don't even see yourself gaining in that transaction, you only see as you being sold, which doesn't work as effective. Right. And so the goal of all this process is, is, is essentially to get an introduction, either from someone else, or them coming to you, wanting to introduce themselves and find out more. Right. The first step is trying to break that ice so they can communicate with you, so they can say, Me too, I want that. Me too, I'm interested in that space. Me too, I'm interested in attaining that kind of goal or result.

Now with that said, here are the places where you can go about positioning and editing your profile to maximize impact so the first place is obviously the description, and this is obvious, but when I say description, I also mean the description at the bottom of the signature of the email as well.

Right, so the description in all the places but also the forum and the email as well. Right. And the key formula here is why you do what you do, how can you help you, you know, I think it's the, you know, why you do what you do, how you do it, what it is that you do and who are you, right. And I think that's the key formula that I've seen work very well. Feel free to tweak and research on formula, but the why, how, what, in who you are. I've seen that work very very well.

And so that's when your description.

The other place is on your cover the back cover of your profile. That also works really well because, as you put more content there. This means every time they look at your photo, they will get the main image the main profile at the background they can see what it is that you do how he's, you know what you stand for and that's very powerful in terms of reminding your ideal clients even friends. And this becomes, you become the go-to play person, whenever they have something because they will be thinking about you. Soon as they have something to do.

The next thing is the feature photo right so if you're on a profile like Instagram or Facebook is a featured photo or featured story. It's a story, and there is also an opportunity to talk to essentially briefly talk about what you have that you could offer them for free to get started, or to address a very specific question that they may have, or to give them, you link to your book if you've written a book, or your freebie, as they call it, which is essentially an infographic and ebook, it could be a cheat sheet or all these other things that you can use as a lead magnet, it can be the place where you direct them to your website, give them this free thing, right. So, those are the core places now there are many more other places.

For example, you know there are, there are a few things you can make clickable and Ted talked about writing a blog on writing a small post on places like LinkedIn and then sharing that with your network on social media so that it shows it's from LinkedIn, which is really cool, but at the same time, it's you know positioning you as an expert, delivering those that quality content, which is excellent, an excellent way to go about doing that as well.

So there are many ways to do that, and other places where you can go and actually create a profile and help find filter and find other people interested in you could be poor, as well, so it's a place that I've seen a few people use it. And it's an excellent place where you know you have people coming in and they have questions you can answer some of their questions. And the way you answer it could also mean that you're attracting traffic from the core to your website. So that's the goal there, right.

I want to go into too much into this because it's a very simple process. But the idea is step one is you give, give, give and share other people's content if you don't have your own, so that you're creating that report.

Step two is the social place, so keep that in mind with whatever you're, you're doing to your profile. And step three is the goal is to get an introduction to get them to notice you and to come into your world.

And the best way to do that is to essentially not just give but also not to approach it from a transactional point of view, approach it from a relationship building point of view, but so I hope you got value from all of this, and that you can go ahead and build up the notes for this episode we'll be at Herbert marketing, herbert that's h e r b e r t And you can go and download those there and if you want help we getting more leads more clients and more sales, more customers to build those relationships more loyal clients will go stronger relationship, then you can also reach out to me at Herbert marketing And you can get started.

From there, aside from that, thank you so much for tuning in. On this episode, and I will talk to you in our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur. And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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