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How To Measure Your Business Promotion Efforts

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Have you ever wondered how do you go about measuring the reach and impact of your social media marketing efforts?

Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur if you're new to this podcast a very warm welcome.

This is the go to podcast for entrepreneurs who see their business as a vehicle for change. I am your host, Herbert, innocent, and on our last episode, We talked a little bit about a few different factors in helping you with essentially allocating funding and allocating tasks to your new co workers or employees for your small business.

And then this episode we're going to focus, we're going to focus more specifically on how to measure which results for your social media marketing. So imagine if you've outsourced your marketing for your business, measure the impact and the result.

And there are two ways that you can measure the impact result. So the first method that I've seen now before we jump into the first method is what I wanted to say is, if you missed our last episode you can find the notes to that particular episode at Herbert maketing

You can also find the notes to our previous past episodes, as well as all the other episodes from, from all the other episodes and blog posts that we had created, in regards to social media and content marketing.

If you have any questions you can reach out at contact at Herbert marketing that is h e r b e RT marketing With that said, when it comes to measuring the result. There are two things you want to be conscious of. Number one is, what is the outcome that you are looking for at the end of all your efforts.

Deciding what your outcome, what outcome you want is, is very, very crucial because it dictates it this from that you can decide what are the key important factors to measure, because what you measure is what you're going to focus on is what you can improve. For example, if you want to get sales, right, then you focus will be getting more people to that page to buy rather than getting a lot of people to see what you're saying.

Now, getting more good see what you're saying, can also means that you're increasing your sales, but not necessarily always true.

You can get a million people to see your offer, and only get 10 people to buy, or you can get 1000 people to see your offer, and someone like 200 of those to buy. That was a very very possible.

And the reason why those kinds of things are possible, is simply because one of the few things that I've learned in the past few years is publishing your content out there, doesn't necessarily guarantee that people are going to buy. And what I mean by this is this, not all customers are created equal. Right.

Not all traffic to your offer to your website is equal, or here's why. Some people just want to learn. Some people are ready to buy, and even those who are ready to buy. Some people will buy them for different reasons than others.

And so as you create your offer, you need to really get good at seeing who is buying and making sure that you're refining that as you go along. So there are two ways that I've seen, you can go about measuring your marketing effort your content and social media marketing efforts.

The first is how many emails, you're getting with the content you're creating. Now, what I've seen being done with this is this you create a piece of content, and focus on increasing the number of people who see your content and convert into an email, you know, opt in to your email.

What this does is generate a pool of leads. Right, and loads and loads of leads.

And what's good about this is that as you get a lot of leads.

He also means that you acquire a tonne of traffic that you can always reach out to new products, services and offers that you can sell to.

So that's one way of measuring, and the way you'd go about measuring that is as you create pieces of content.

You can start optimising and measuring how efficient is that content, increasing the number of people who see what your, your landing pages look like. So for example, if you put a lead magnet. You can test what keywords convert better for the link for the lead magnet. You can test those words and content.

You can test different kind of content using different kinds of different URLs. These are links so you can use, you know, two pieces of content but you can adjust them a little bit just so you're getting, not so much with testing more of testing the traffic sources.

So where do you put the content in how many people saw it and actually went to the page, right, because some sites are very difficult to get people from the to come to your landing page and an example of this site includes blogging sites like medium, people on medium tend to stay on medium, and there are other blogging sites as well like a site code.

I think it's called a, it's a medium platform, sharing sites. It's called mini stories. So people on these kind of sites, they are there to read content and they'll prefer to see it there so when you publish your content, it's going to be there, they're going to prefer to stay where they are. So you need to make your offers really compelling for them to convert so you can test those things there, and see how many of those who see it, convert, which is a really good and positive thing that you can do when you have access to this kind of winning, access to this content.

Now with that said, that's one type of testing, you can do which is testing the conversion of your content.

The next type of testing, you can do is testing how many of those who converted are willing to buy. Strangely enough, some people will convert into your list, but will convert poorly into who buy, which is very very strange, but it happens and the reason being is because some people are just shopping to see.

And depending on who you target, the target market that you focused on selling, or just shopping to see what's out there.

So being able to test for purchase as well as testing for interest, right, so I believe in interest but then already make a purchase and people are ready to make a purchase, but they're not, you know, so you're gonna be able to know that these are different types of groups. Some people may also be there but for particular reasons such as pricing.

Remember these hot, warm and cold traffic. Right. And within that is also the reasons why I feel by now, not complicated him anything worse. All these just kept comes down to creating offers in making them targeted because when you building your offer online one of the few things that I've noticed is this.

You're going to target one specific type of client and if you want to target another type of client, you want to create a do the same offer but maybe reposition it differently, because people buy for different reasons that they have. Right. And so some people buy to make more money. While some will buy.

To start making money right.

For example, those who already want to make more money, or buy at a higher price than those who want to start making money right so you can see these few different things that you and addressed, and sometimes you can address a lot of them in one area, and some people will see a product and think it's just for men, or just for women. So there's all these things that you might think about, but it all comes down to two things. You can test your conversions.

And as you test your conversion you can also test your content, what are the headlines. Ultimately it comes down to testing how well your content and your traffic sources in the quality of the traffic source.

Alright, some traffic sources do not have very good high quality of clients, so you have to be very good, is reaching out, right, you have to be very good at creating content that hooks the ideal clients from where they are or the ideal prospect from where they are, and brings them to where you want them to be so you can present them with an offer that you have provided make a purchase.

So I hope that makes sense but it comes down to conversion essentially and what you want to do is you want to test how well we're converting from one place to the next and you want to keep improving that until you have the optimal setting.

Bear in mind that it may work well for one traffic source but not so well for the other traffic source. So, these things tend to work much, much better when you have a budget for testing to see what works, right, and the budget for testing from what I heard the mentor say is around 1000 euros.

Now one thing I can be 1000 euros with $1,000.

Now one thing I can say with certainty, I have tried to 600, euros. I'd say definitely 1000 2000 euros will make work especially if you are starting, it's testing is an expensive game unless you know what you're doing, and unless you have tried it before, and you're coming in with that knowledge of know-how.

With that said, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of of the entrepreneur, I hope you got some value.

I hope you got some value. If you did, this is awesome. The notes for this episode can be found at Herbert maketing And as always, I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

As always, have a wonderful evening.



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