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How To Market Your New Business and Should You

So have you ever wondered on how you could start marketing your small business to get it in front of a lot more prospect or more clients to get a lot more people interesting interested in doing more business with you.

Hello and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

If you're new to this podcast welcome this is the go to podcast for small business owners and entrepreneurs who see their business as a vehicle for change, I bring you tips the tricks and the big secrets, the how tos and the success stories. Success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe.

Thanks again for tuning in, and if you're new to this podcast you probably missed our last episode where we talked about how to promote your business to attract more clients but we talked about, much less and known methods for getting more clients to your business. So if you want to go and listen to that episodes, so that you can find something new, maybe a process that is not overused too much to start getting those high quality clients ready to do business with you.

Aside from that, today we're going to talk about things to consider to help you start promoting your business, start marketing your business because for a lot of entrepreneurs, joining in, they may not realise you know they need marketing they may not know the power of marketing on their business, or they may know it, but the main thing is optional, especially if you're coming from a very different field, and transitioning into being an entrepreneur. So I'm going to be discussing this topic by essentially answering the most frequently asked questions about marketing, about marketing your small business. So let's just, let's get started. And our first question is, Should you do this, should you market your business. And the best way to answer that question without telling you yes or no.

Is this, consider your ideal client someone who you want to do business with you, your ideal customer, right, they're probably somebody who has a problem, because that's why you want to do business, either, unless you're doing a creative business, then you need to think harder to understand what your business does to help them. Right, so they probably have a problem, and they probably need a solution to that problem. And they probably need to know where they can find that solution.

Now, For a typical customer, a typical client when they're on a journey to buying a product, we can consider them to be either hot, warm or cold client will always, always say hot, warm or cold traffic, We call them traffic because you know it's a lot of prospect, right, and they are cold, hot or warm, depending on where they are on their journey to discovering the solution to their problem and discovering where they can find the solution to that problem.

So, as you would imagine if a prospect is very hot, or if the traffic is hot. What we mean by this is we are saying that a prospect, probably knows about the problem, and they know the solution. And they also know where they might go find that solution, but they just haven't made a purchase yet.

And so when you do marketing, you go then becomes to educate them on your solution why it will really help them solve that problem, why your solution is the best for them, as opposed to the other solutions in the market because the chance, if you're in business, the chances are there's already somebody else, providing the solutions you're providing.

So, the marketing here. You go in doing marketing in this case is essentially to tell them why your solution is better for them. And you can use features, benefits and meaning, but you also can resonate to what their core objectives are so what their hopes and dreams are so for example, if a parent is buying a solution, versus if a couple who don't have a pair who don't have a child is buying a solution.

They may buy those things for two very different reasons. One of them may buy the solution, but with a mindset of protecting their child or caring for their child in you know in place for example, a couple of buying a car versus parents buying a car.

One of them is buying a castle, it's child friendly, right, because they can protect the child, you know they want to make sure that they're doing the best, and they're doing right by their child, and I know I went that way but even if you're doing coaching, if you're doing whatever it is you're doing your prospect buys your product for very specific reasons, depending on what type of Prospect they are and what their goals, dreams and hopes are.

Right. And so, that's becomes why you would do marketing, In the first place. Right. And then if you traffic, or if your prospects are warm.

What we mean is they know the problem, and they know the solution, but they don't know where to get the solution so they're just discovering that there is a solution, but they don't know where to find the solution, and then example this is usually in the health industry, but this applies to all other industries, but if we take a look at the health industry, some people may have a joint pain, and all they know is a joint pain, and then later they read a blog that tells them you know your joint pains because of arthritis, or it's because of this, and then all suddenly there's a whole world. Being open for them right. It's a problem and they can find a solution.

Right, so they've just learned that this problem. It is a problem, and has a solution. Right, so they may realise that, you know, this kind of oil they can use to soften the joint, or whatever the solution may be. Maybe it's a gadget, maybe it's a glove and it's keeping their hands warm during the winter, whatever the solution may be, I am not in the health industry, but what I mean here is they've suddenly discovered that the problem that they thought was just wrong with them, it's actually not just wrong with them. It's just a problem. And like any problem has a solution.

Right, so this is because it's considered a warm traffic, or a warm in a set of prospects. And the reason why it's warm is because they only know the problem, and they know the solution, but they don't know where to find it.

So, for you to get this prospect to buy from you will mean that you have to educate them on this problem and solution that they have, so they can buy so you want to talk about the solution to their problem because they know now that you have the solution, and then they can buy it, right. So, comparing this to the traffic, and our clients will hot when they were hot they knew the problem, the solution, and where to get it. And so all you had to talk about was the benefit because they knew who had to get it so whoever can give them the most benefits for their goals hopes and dreams.

That is the person who wins the client, not the price is whoever can really connect and resonate with what the prospect one, not the price. Okay. And then next thing is, if the prospect is one, whoever can resonate, or whoever can educate them about the solution very very well wins, right, again, not the price whoever can educate the prospect about the solution. Very well.

And then, if your prospect or you traffic is not fully aware of the solution yet. So if they're just beginning to discover that problem, then they're considered cold traffic because they don't know the solution and they don't know where to find the solution, right. All they know is the problem that's all they can think about right, they're not, you know they're their joints are bothering them that's all they can think about all the nodes the joint pain, and they may start Google something like, joint pain on the right hand, or if it was a pain on the knee joint pain on the right knee.

You know, we start Googling Google and things like this to get closer to try and understand. It's like when you go to a doctor because you don't know much about your body, and where the pay and white hurting. You just tell the doctor where the pain is, and they know exactly how to try and diagnose from there to a very specific problem that has a solution that will then offer you the benefits. Right.

And that's the beauty for the doctor you never have to know for you where your body is you know you don't know which bone is heading hurting we just go and then explain. So, in this case here, when the traffic is called, you talk about the problem because that's all they know they want know the benefits and they don't even care about your solution they just want to understand why the heck is the pain there in the first place.

Right, so you want to educate them that this pain is caused by this, and this is how you initiate it. This is how you fix it. Right, so you will educate them on that piece, and this will be, why you do market, you do marketing to educate your ideal client or prospect, depending on where they are on their journey to becoming a buyer to discovering a solution.

Right, so that's why you do marketing, that is why you'd go about finding, you know, that's why you would start doing marketing is because not all your customers are going to know exactly why you exist, or who you are in the first place, but not for them to start discovering you first they have to learn about you, but none of them are going to care about what you do, unless you've educate them upon something that they have an interest in, when a problem that is bothering them.

And if by giving them this information, you've essentially put yourself as a trusted educator advisor, mentor, who is guiding them online, whether via written content or oral content, or visual via video content. You have guided them through understanding the problem, the solution, and where to go and find that solution. And in this case to your website.

Right. So we started by asking, you know, how do you go about marketing your business. And I think, with just answering the first question, that is, first of all, you know, it's understanding where your ideal client is and then you go from there to start marketing your business. Right. And rather than trying and answering I had five questions and if I try and answer all of them, I'll probably take like 15 minutes.

So what we'll do is we'll close on this and then we'll continue later on I want to thank you so much for tuning. On this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. I hope you got value from it. I hope you, you're able to understand and think about how marketing could help your business. And aside from that, you can find the notes to this episode and all our previous episode at Herbet marketing So that is h e r b e RT marketing And if you have any questions feel free to leave me a message. Now, or you can email me at contact at habit marketing and I'll be happy to reply to you.

So thank you so much for tuning in. On this episode, I'll talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur. As always, have a wonderful evening.



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