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How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Hello and join me on this episode of the marketer's secret lighthouse. I am home readiness and today we are talking about doing affiliate marketing without a website.

I'll be talking specifically about one particular strategy that you can use and you can apply it in different platforms, but it's going to be working great. So, as I said, we've been talking a lot about affiliate marketing if you're new to this podcast, and in the past.

In the last episode we talked about how to find the difference between offers and product and how to find high converting offers so that each time you promote them. When you make a sale, they really sell out much much better than products. Then we've also talked about niches, we talked about the three core markets and how you can go in and carve yourself a niche. Right. And then the next thing that we've talked about was how to get more clicks more sales and more customers, and we talked about customer research and all those good stuff. So if you haven't heard any of those, I recommend you go back because they will make so much sense. Building on from the on what we are talking about today. So without any delays. As I said, today we are talking about how to do affiliate marketing, without a website.

1:32 Now, before we get started into the how to.

1:38 One thing I want you to think about is I want you to think about what marketing is right. We've talked about this.

1:45 We've mentioned that marketing is about taking controlling traffic flow, right. So, taking people taking customers or prospects from wherever they are in social media groups and forums, and then bringing them to a specific website where they can make a purchase on a product they are already looking for. Right. We are not selling them anything they already looking for this product, we are just showing them where to find them. Right. That's why you don't have to do any sales video.

2:25 So if marketing is just about taking persons from social media platform blogging platform forums, and all these other places where they are already hanging out, then it means that all we have to do is take them from point A to point B. And that's our job is affiliate marketers done because it just means we are doing marketing as an affiliate, right, we are affiliated with a specific product, and we're doing marketing through that. Right. And so, if that is the case, then doing affiliate marketing, does not mean that you necessarily need a website.

3:04 Now, having a way of capturing leads means that you can always warm them up. Right, and build up a database of leads, so that you can always promote to them products in new offers that you get, right, and that becomes a very efficient way of getting more leads, because some leads will not always buy on the first time they see the offer you're promoting. Some want to see it 567 times, and they'll do this unconsciously, but that's usually how long it may take for the average person they may need to sit five or six or seven times, to then buy into the idea of trying to use that product you're promoting. Right. And so what this means is, if you're going to do it, affiliate marketing, without a website, you're still gonna need a way to capture leads.

4:05 Now, if you go to medium.

4:10 Medium is a blogging platform, anyone can just create an account it's completely free, then you can log in and start writing blogs.

4:21 Now, if you want to promote affiliate marketing without a website, what you can do is you can write a very detailed helpful blog, like a guide that has a lot of links inside ideally five, ideally 10 to 20, links, and the blog should be long enough. So, ideally 3000 words.

4:50 And what that means is you make it really helpful with infographics, charts, pictures, images, even links to videos.

4:59 And then also put the links of your, of your affiliate product inside there. Right. And you post it out, but you also need to promote that blog as much as possible. You have to promote it a lot.

5:16 And here's why.

5:19 Medium doesn't actually promote your, your blogs for you. I've tried it, they don't, maybe they do for other people. They didn't do on my case when I was trying them and I've seen other bloggers who write a lot of blogs and they've noticed that medium doesn't promote the blogs for them. However medium provides you the platform where you can write, write, and it's free. And it also means you can you can capture leads and follow up so if people really liked your blog. They can comment below, and they can also follow you. Since you don't have to create a website or a blogging website. If they're following you and medium, means that every time you post a new blog, they will see, they will look at it, right. So if you're posting and posting and posting, they're more likely going to see your content at least 567 times, they're going to click your links. And then, much more likely going to buy, right, so you're going to write several blogs. Ideally, I'd say blog, a day every single day for the next while may take the lead, it may take a good few blogs to get momentum. And even then you still need to promote in the reason being because you. Your goal is to get people get your blogs and clicking your links. You will need a way of tracking that people are clicking your link.

6:55 One way of getting to know that people are clicking your links so that you can know that it's working, is to you is to use a software online software such as pretty links. Right. And you can get some of these free for several links they're free, and all you have to do is sign up, and then you instead when you get a link from your favourite product you put in your pre link account, it gives you a new link that you can track, and you put this new link in your blog. Right. And when someone clicks it, you can see, that way you can know that your blogs are working your efforts are paying off.

7:45 Now remember, your goal is to take people from one place, such as social media forums, social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and all these other places, and take them back to that website, affiliate marketing website. So, what do you want to do now, you want to go to those social media platform and for platforms and forums, and you want that answering questions that your prospect Have you want to engage with them. And then you want to tell them by the way, I have written this blog, which is very helpful in this area that we are talking about. I think it will be useful to you, then you give them the link in the forums that you're already talking to these prospects that you're talking to.

8:39 And these are the groups that you, The people you're looking for your customers looking for solutions. So if you go to Facebook groups where your customers are really looking for solutions. Once you talk to them, and then you tell you tell them about the blog that you wrote in medium in they're going to go and medium and they're going to read it, they're going to click your links. and you can either tell them to follow you, you can tell them to subscribe, medium is an option to give you people to ask, subscribe. And since some people have already signed up on medium with a valid email. When they subscribe, they can become on your email list.

9:17 And that means you can build a list without a website so you didn't spend anything at all, in promoting your affiliate marketing. So in a nutshell. In summary, what you want to do is, First, you want to go and take your affiliate marketing link that you are promoting.

9:45 You want to go to a website that allows you to track links such as pretty links, then you want to go inside, and then put your lead magnet link, and take the new link that it gives you out. That is traceable, that is trackable. When someone clicks in it.

10:03 And then you're gonna put that in your blogs on where you're gonna write your blogs. And then from there, when someone clicks your pretty links, it takes him redirects them to the website that you're promoting the affiliate product, they are able to buy without noticing any changes, but you are able to see that they clicked your link.

10:28 You want to see who but you will see that people are clicking your links. And this means that your marketing is paying off. You are getting traffic. Right.

10:41 And then some affiliate programmes will will also tell you if you get a sale, a sale, actually all of them will because you're sending an email to tell you how much your commission is going to be. So, that's when you will know that it's converting right now, you'll need to do the math of knowing how many who clicked in how many sales you got so you can see the conversion rate. And you can also see how many are following you, as a result of reading, and how many subscribers, you've got. In that way you will know how many people you're building up on your email list. So that's the best way that I, I know.

11:15 Using medium. There are other ways again you can use YouTube.

11:20 And I think you can use Facebook as well. We'll talk about those on our next upcoming episodes. So, thank you so much for joining me on this episode, I am delighted we had that discussion. I will talk to you on our next episode. Good evening.



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