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How to Increase Revenue without Being Eaten Alive

Have you ever wondered how do you measure the content your marketing contents influence on sales and revenue?

Well, in this episode we're going to be covering how to see your business's marketing numbers so that you can get that peace of mind that your content marketing has either positive or negative influence in sales to see b2b to see that we are going to cover on how you can essentially have somewhere to launch platform by simply considering, you know, how your content has influenced in sales.

And then the next thing is you can also cover on how you can build a mass movement around your marketing campaigns to increase that influence on sales and revenue.

Hello everyone, and join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur I am your host, Herbert innocent, and in this episode, we are going to be talking about how your content marketing has influences your sales and revenue. And the goal here is to really be able to give you a full picture of your marketing and your business in numbers, so you can understand that. Now if you're new to this podcast a very warm welcome.

And this is the go to podcast for entrepreneurs who see their business as a vehicle for change in their communities, neighbors and in the countries, and I bring you the tips the tricks in the big secrets, the success stories and success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe.

With that said, our last episode, our previous episode, we talked about how to use marketing to getting prospects to stop, and notice your products, your services and your business so they can start doing business with you. If you haven't had the chance to listen to that episode, I want you to stop.

Go back to that episode, and then have a look through him and listen to it, you're gonna get a tonne of value in terms of how to use your marketing, you know, to get the most benefits out of it. And once you're done listening to it you can come back to this episode and you will still be here we are not going anywhere.

And if you want the notes from the previous episodes, including our last episode, all you have to do is go to habit marketing help calm, you'll find the notes down there as well as a tonne of other good stuff. So with that said that is h e r v e r t marketing With that said, let's jump into today's episode, so you can learn how to essentially see a business in numbers, so you can get peace of mind that your business is either performing well or find ways to improve it.

So as I said in today's episode. What we're going to be talking about is we're going to be showing you how to see a business, and more specifically, more specifically.

The goal is going to be to go about seeing how you can find yourself a place to launch your marketing campaigns from. And then after that we're going to jump into building a mass movement around your marketing campaigns so that you can get the most results in terms of increasing your sales and revenue, we may be having all these objectives in our businesses, we may have all these things we want to do but at the end of the day, the only way for us, for our businesses to survive is to generate more sales.

And that means bring in more clients. So let's jump in with that say the first key concept we want to look at here is marketing campaign tracking, which is, if you're doing online marketing campaign tracking you may want to use something like a tracking link and these are very unique content tracking links that you can create this suggests.

And why do you use what you're doing here you are using it to get data for you to your system on your system, right and this will allow you to see how well your audience engaged with your content, are they taking action, as a result of engaging with your content, right, and if they're not taking action.

You can also try and diagnose it, to see exactly where, at what point of your content, do you lose your audience, and this can come down to if you're using videos, you can see at what point in your videos, do your users, drop off or at what point in audio do your users, or your audience drop out of the content mark of the content, but then you can try and find ways to keep them in there to improve. Right.

And then, with that said, the next point, when it comes to content marketing and tracking is being able to find and eliminate the roadblocks that are preventing your audience from engaging with your content and from taking the next call to action, and this really comes down to one or two things, and the first thing is you haven't addressed.

What's in it for them very well. And then the second thing is, you didn't tell them clearly what to do afterward and by the way if you want to learn, and you want to know how to go about doing this, then recommend just, you know, sending me an email and then we can see about how to get you to essentially find ways to tell clearly your audience, what to do, at what point in your content because by being able to do that, you're actually going to increase the engagement because the audience want to just, you know, try and consume all this content, some of them they just want a very key specific piece of content, so that they can go about tech action so if you want to email me at contact at herbert marketing

I'll be happy to sit down and have a look at with you that so we can see about increasing to make that work better than the next piece about on using my marketing campaign tracking is the ability for you to find what is helping your clients, and this could be finding what words, your clients are relating more to, as well as finding what phrases, they use to describe their products while you can Google these things.

While you can Google these things up. One of the things that I've noticed is when you really sit down and look around, to understand your audience, you can really find what's much more resonating with them. Right. That way when you reach out to them. It comes in as authentic as possible, but also allows them to take action and that is a key, and very powerful thing for you to know there are so using your content marketing, tracking to find out what is really helping your audience so you can do more of that. Right.

So with that said, the next point becomes how to build your base, what do I mean by this, right, by building your base means that you will be able to have a place to launch from right you've built the foundation you serve some somewhere to launch your marketing campaign, or your businesses from, right. And the idea here is to leverage friends, families, as well as past clients or customers to get new connections and new introductions. Now for a lot of businesses at this point, they'll be like watching, just that it doesn't make any sense.

Now, or maybe my business won't work with that, it will, it will, and the idea is we are humans, if we have enjoyed the interaction in the past, we would like to be able to maintain and keep that interaction.

And if your customers have bought from you, or they've gotten results you're reaching out and talking to them isn't far of a stretch, because they understand you, a business and you want to do business you want to help more people like you help them and if you really did do a good service for them, they'll be more than happy to recommend and even bring new clients, some of them already do it without even you asking so the goal here is to really just reach out to friends, families, as well as past quiet, is that building a base right.

And the goal is, you know, you're rekindling that relationship, igniting those flames in that relationship, or you're just reaching out to see how they're doing, do they need help. And as you do so you can also ask, by the way, do you know who else, you know, might need help from this. Right. And so that becomes a goal as a way or a method that you could use them to essentially build your base, and the next point here will be to build your base so you can get referrals, while building those strong relationships, right.

So, and the difference between this and leveraging was that the second part is you want to always keep your clients closely because you will come up with other solutions that they will probably need, and if you have them, that those are clients you don't have to spend money to go and acquire, right, and they're much more likely to buy or do business with you if they've done business with you in the past, they've already overcome that fear of mistrust, or, you know fear of feeling like you know, they don't know what, why they should act because they don't know you, you're a stranger at first. And that's the goal there.

So with that said, the next point in our last big point here is going to be giving, and following up so that you can build the big Ripper to drive up your sales, right. And what I mean by this is, this strategy, essentially involves in building a very foundation of, you know where your dream clients are and then going about finding ways to get in front of them.

Right. So it's very similar to leverage your friends, families in past class but in this case, we are trying to leverage, people who have access to the people you need and then try to get that introduction through them. The best way to go about that is giving, and giving as much value as possible until you get the introduction. And once you have the introduction, then the goal becomes you know, we can go about, you can go about studying that business conversation.

Right. And this also you know by giving a follow up, you can also come across as authentic in your marketing efforts because, since you're giving and following up, right, you're following up if they're getting results if they liked, then you're also opening it for them to see if they want to share what they've just gotten out of your book, they want to share what just gotten out of wherever the value you gave them was right.

And so this can be a very powerful way for you to, to establish and place yourself as an authentic, because in the marketplace sometimes this, we get caught up in this loop where the sermon interview, you know, we get caught up in this loop where we just want to sell, sell, sell, but really it comes down to building a relationship and then initiating those transactions. And finally, last but not least is to give and follow up so you can get people to like you, right, it's all about building a very poor but this case, so they can like you,

They may not necessarily buy from you but they may talk about you, and that is, you know publicity. So getting publicity is always useful in your business work. I hope you got value from this, and if you need help getting started just you can email me at contact at avid marketing Or

if you just want more leads, more sales and more profits you can go to habit marketing that is h e r b e r t marketing of that calm, you can have a look at the past notes of these notes, and see how you could use those to help you benefit your business and taking your marketing to the next level.

Thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

And as always, I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur. Have a wonderful evening.



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