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How to Increase Email Marketing Open Rates

Here are the 5 ways to boost your email marketing open rates so you can boost more sales.

Join me on this episode of the marketer's secret lighthouse. I am your host, Herbert innocent, and today we'll be talking about email marketing and more importantly. I'll be answering the question, How can I increase open rates in my email marketing.

So, if you don't know much about me. The goal of this episode is that we tackle questions that have to do with affiliate marketing. We essentially, building businesses and sharing secrets and strategies that help get us more traffic, get more sales, and ideally get more profit.

So if you're new to this, and you want to get more secrets, tips, and strategies, as well as free resources.

subscribe to this podcast and I'll be sharing that with you as we go.

Now before we get started.

There are many ways through which, you know, you're getting traffic and to generate sales. But one of the biggest and the most important and advantageous thing in marketing is that you can create your own community.

When you have a community of customers.

It means that you can continuously, help them. You can endlessly. Have a stream of customers that will always allow you to generate more sales by solving more problems.

So, and one way of engaging your customer is by using email marketing, right, by getting in touch with them with emails. And in this podcast we are looking at the top five ways to boost your email open rates so you can increase sales.

And with that said, let's dive right in.

The first thing to do to increase my sales is to increase your email delivery.

What I mean by that is when you send your email. You want to make sure that your email lands in the inbox.

It is very important that the email lands in the inbox. Because if it doesn't land in the inbox if it lands in the spam folder.

Or if it ends in the promotion folder in the chances are, it won't be given priority. It won't be seen by your ideal customer by your ideal clients or prospects who you want to help.

And so to increase your email marketing, open rates, what you want to do is. You're going to make sure that your email lands in their inbox so that they can open it and read it.

And to do that what we need to do is we need to have the email that asks for replies.

For example, on the subject line, asking for replies, asking them to respond. Right, and asking them to essentially take an action.

So for example, if you send an email then we give it a sense of urgency, such as.

Watch this today and tell me what you think.


Then the chances are you're creating the opportunity for them to engage back with you. This is important because by increasing the engagement, the autoresponder software you will see that your marketing emails are not just spam emails being sent out to a lot of people. and so they will see those emails as important. And they're more likely to land your emails on their inbox.

On the Personal tab if that makes sense.

And it will also lower the complaints and the amount of people who unsubscribe your email list which is also very important. And so the takeaway from this is to get more your of your emails open. You need to ask for replies, you need to increase engagement, and you need to lower complaints.

The second way to do this is to increase your email open rates. Now I know, overall goals do that.

Fix your subject lines.

You need to make sure that your subject lines are relevant. So they're addressing your customer's problems, your customer's roadblocks, your customer's questions, and the results that they want.

By addressing those four things you're most likely going to, hit a bull's eye on what your customers thinking about. They're more likely to wonder, be curious and open an email to see what you have to offer for them. And you need to have valuable content in regard to the problems questions roadblocks and results.

By having valuable content you allow your ideal customers, you know, to keep coming back to you because you're always giving them value. And finally, you need to personalize your emails, right. If you can capture first names capture those first names and use them on your email subject lines.

These will make the emails more personalized. We are social creatures we prefer to look and open email that are directly personalized to us, because they're talking to us.

Step number three, or

The third way is to you from name

so your email address that you're using.

In this step,

the goal is to build a brand identity when they see the email address when they see your email name. They need to know what exactly to be expecting.

So you need to have a professional email address, and it should also match your landing page, Your website landing page domain name.

That way you're not using AOL email address or at Yahoo email address or your Gmail to send out your emails to prospects, customers, and clients.

Because that is unprofessional but also most email marketing software will not allow you to do that. If you did do that, your emails will most likely land in the spam folder.

And so you need to have a professional email address.

The fourth way to improve and boost your email open rates is to

Test the timings that you're using.

When you're sending out your email marketing campaigns, because if you're sending email marketing, very early in the morning,

when it depends on which audience you have some audiences may not respond very well, that time.

So by checking out which time, your audience will best respond to the, if their emails, then it might work better. By testing to see which times will best suit them.

So for example, if your audience is very busy working class, then chances are if you send your email during work time.

They may be at work or they may open it but may not be able to take the appropriate action.

Whereas if you send just after work 5 pm Most people are trying to get away from their emails and phones. So they may not respond.

So you might find the sweet spot so it may be that you need to send them in the morning. Because that's when most people are going to be opening their emails to check and get ready for the day. So you need to test to make sure which one works for you.

And the fifth step, or the last thing to take care of. To make sure that you boost your email marketing open rates is you need to

Have the appropriate call to action.

And what I mean here is you need to use links in a way that doesn't highlight your email as spam, email. You are promoting a product you're promoting a service, but do it in a way that isn't so in your face, that makes sense.

So for example, one of the best ways to do this is to make sure that there's enough content,

giving value, as well as an appropriate amount of links, for most people.

I have noticed that for links seems to be perfect and that is for very long email,

whereas for short emails, just one link tends to work very well.

So here are the 5 ways to boost your email marketing open rates so you can boost more sales.

  1. increasing delivery,

  2. increasing open rates by changing the subject line,

  3. changing or using the appropriate from name

  4. using the appropriate timing to send out your emails

  5. and using the right call to action.

So by the call to action we mean, what do you tell your customers to do in order to click your link.

So, that is it from me from this episode of the marketer's secret lighthouse.

If you have any questions, feel free to subscribe and email me those, and I'll reply to them as much as I can. Aside from that, thank you for joining me on this episode, and we'll talk to you tomorrow. Have a good day.

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