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How To Get Your Way In Business and In Life

So today I learned something very, very important but very different.

I learned that people are more likely to buy. If they fear that they're going to lose something in not buying than if they feel they're just going to get something extra, something good, something nice, whatever it is.

I'm gonna explain a lot more about this in a minute. Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur if you're new to this podcast. A very warm welcome. So yesterday we on this podcast we had a guest who was Ja Cavelle, Jan Cavelle talked about scaling your business using systems. And if you haven't heard, or listened to that interview with her. I want you to go back and listen to that interview, because it's gonna make so much sense it's gonna be so much fun, understanding what we're going to talk about today, which is very, very important. So thank you again for tuning in, and just sit back, relax, and enjoy hopefully you have a pen and paper cause I'm going to be dropping down some of the few things that I've learned and how you can apply them into your daily life and business. so you can get the most out of it. So, as I said, John talked about systems in how to scale your business using systems, which is very, very important, especially in the world where you may or may not want to retire later on, or you want. At one point, finish, all these things to do with business maybe start a new business, maybe jump into other career, or maybe just take a very long break, so that you can have someone in there, running the business and you're doing minimal work in the background, whatever you want to do systems are the best way to go about that, and she has cool resources so if you wanna go and learn more what she does that, that'd be one way to go check out the interview and then learn more about that. Now, about today.

I want to talk about the one thing that every single person always has at the back of their mind.

What's in it for me. We know this phrase, and at some point we have become almost the word I'm looking for. We have become almost ignorant of the fact that it's a very unique thinking method, right. So, understands that this is what the person you're talking to is most likely thinking, but sometimes we get caught, we are caught up in this scenario where we ignore what we know. And that can be detrimental in stopping us from our progress, slowing us down, and even robbing us of the results that we rightfully deserve and have been working really hard to get.

So, this idea of what's in it for me is really fundamental and everything, and it has become much more relevant recently because you'd be, I'd be getting a lot of requests to bring guests on the show. And it's not so much of what's in it for me but the requests are coming away that didn't make much sense. And it brought me back to the time when I was learning on how to create a message that resonates with the customers, right. So when you're a business owner, whatever, whatever service that you provide, you always feel that your service have this unique value, or this unique feature of the thing that will really help a customer.

However, before you can even get the chance to talk to the customer about your most beautiful product that you've invented or that you've created. The customer is already thinking I'm gonna give you my attention. I have limited time, what's in it for me. They already thinking that because we each have 24 hours, and how we spend those 24 hours matters, right. And so, well, at least to some of us it matters. And so, what happens here is that we are faced with a wall that prevents us from initiating that meaningful transaction that could benefit both our lives. And that's a really big problem in business and it has been for years and continue to continue to be so until we master, our ability to make our message with a client.

Someone said once that you know, sales is not about product, it's about people. And until we were able to understand that it's people first and then product. Second, there's always going to be a struggle. And I can remember exactly say that, but there's always gonna be a misfit, right where you are talking to someone trying to explain to them what it is that you have that you are, your message is not getting across.

Right. And so, what I wanted to cover here was the five things that allows you to get what it is that you want to get.

So, what I mean is, sales isn't always about getting transaction between money and product, right, some transactions are much more meaningful, and they're much more diverse than just exchange of currency.

There's a lot of different types of currency and introduction can be a type of currency. So, you're getting introduced to somebody who can dance, business, or another way to put it.

A small open of new relationships, right. So when you try to develop a new relationship between two business partners, it may not end in exchange of goods, but maybe it may, and in collaboration and selling each other's products as the back end of the business. And so there's all these other opportunities depending on what your goal is especially if you want to scale, depending on what you're looking for.

At the end of the day, your ability to initiate that conversation in a way that will end up in the sale is much much critical, right. And so, there are five reasons that I keep seeing that come over and over, and they are the reasons why people buy, but knowing the reasons alone isn't. Everybody's going to use the same reasons, right, we've all you've probably heard this right, save money, save time, better health, escape pain.

Avoid effort, and all these other things, right, this, all these are the reasons, and I've spoke about them in the past episode. But what I wanted to dive deeper into is something called the hot Buy button, if you've heard of it. Congratulations, if you haven't, stick. Stay tuned and uncovered as we go along. So a customer may be wanting to buy a product because they want to save money. Right. Banking is an example. They want to save money, and they want all they want to make more money. So either they're buying sales training team for their sales training for the sales team in order to be able to generate more revenue for the business. Right. But notice that I already explained why they won more money, or why they want to save more money, for most people and most business owner, we tend to get stuck on this idea where we just say this will help you make money.

The end. But yeah, so we have a million other things.

So what.

Right. And so, the conversations ends there. Because, how does that tie in with me. It could help anyone make more money, but how does that tie in with me, and this becomes the questions in the customers mind that follow up.

How does this apply to me. And it's funny, because I remember my mentor, talking about one thing and what he said was, you know, people tend to say, that's cool and all but I don't think it will work for me.

And we are so good at saying that we say it unconsciously. Whenever you see someone has done something, you say that's really good and all but how that worked for me will not work for my case.

And it's not that we don't think will work in our case, it's that our mind is avoiding to think any extra it's avoiding that extra work of thinking. And so, as a business owner, solo entrepreneurs or virtual entrepreneur, what we need to be very good at doing is saying, how this connects with you specifically as our ideal clients.

And as an example here is, if I use my own example of copywriting, right. So I can write for you a really good copy. Very good sales message after training for years and years, six years, seven years, I can't remember exactly how many years I think it's six years, or , and I've gotten really good at understanding this patterns that allows us to buy the emotional trigger the words and all this logic. And so, I've used it to land a lot of clients, big business clients I was surprised it bought for me. Right. So I can write all this beautiful sales message for you.

And it doesn't matter what you sell, so you may be selling services to other agencies. So you're an agent that sells to other agencies. I can help you create a sales message that speaks to your ideal clients of agents. Now, the idea here is you need, we need to be good at pivoting, or focusing our message that it speaks not just to I do clients, but to their heart, because our ideal clients are people and at the end of the day, they buy for emotional reasons. Saving money is a logical reason. What's the emotion behind it.


Is it because you want have more time with your family, spending more time with the friends and kids and spouse, or is it because there is something in mind. For some people, there is something else a project that they're working on and how much is what they're working on worth to them, because that's the real reason why they're buying.

Snap about the big white house by the beach that they want. There's always more behind the happy memories created in that White House by the beach when the sun is setting down running down the keys. Right. It's those happy memories, it's those happy moments, or it's the beer called beer in the hand.

As you sit outside to catch the sun. After a day of work.

Right. So, these these emotional reasons that people buy, and so we need to be very good at addressing them. And so one way is by asking so what or why, right at the end of these benefits which is you know, save money, get better health, Improve status, get better security, those good things that people buy.

So they buy for these logical. They buy for emotional reasons and justify by this logical reasons, right, so saving money is a logical reason. But the emotional reason is, So I have more money to spend with family and friends, and kids, right. So those are the reasons why we take action. And what I wanted to really wrap around. Today's topic is using these in every little conversations we have with business partners, and as well as potential business partners and clients, because these are what opens up doors of opportunity, because these are speaking not, not just to the clients, but to their hearts to their reasons for taking action.

And, you know, these, as you said a quick short story that I just remembered here.

So in my last business. One of the things that I discovered, Or I learned was how to really make my message resonate so that it's speaking directly to the heart of not just your clients, but also your team members. And there is something to be said about how and who we choose to work with us. All right, you can. And I think there are really only two ways to get your team members to work with you and for you, and one is you can bribe them promise them a bigger salary promise them bigger bonuses. They may not be really interested in your company at all but if they will get something bigger, they may do it for the time being. And another is to inspire them by something they're passionate about something that they love.

And funnily enough, the same reason, team members to work with you is the same reason you get your clients to buy from you. Now here's a story. So I was working and we were developing this app and I needed to edit a little feature. So I decided to host a competition to get a developer to just design a tunnel feature in the app, it's a user interface design, and instead of going about asking someone to design this I decided to explain exactly what my goal is right.

I explained that, you know, we're building this device to help people save energy so that they can leave their communities a better place. It's something that I've been passionate about for a long time. I believe that our communities are not built at once, I believe they're built one person at a time. And one action at a time contributes to the better. So I explained my vision of what I wanted to do and we had built this lovely beautiful product called the Lady Bird.

Right, and so we needed help in just fixing a title feature in the app. And I got tonnes of requests. I mean, the, The contest was underfunded, it was, and really there wasn't that big of a budget for the people to work with to work on that. But I remember this one lady.

I'm not going to go ahead and blurt out their name, but I remember she reached out and she redesigned the entire app.

And then she reached out and say you know, I've worked the demographic of the people you're trying to reach out to, you know, their parents, they're busy, they don't fully understand all this technical stuff. For most of them.

And, you know, it's gonna be something are centred around family because that is what we were. And so she redesigned this entire app made it super simple, but she did have the entire app.

And she didn't ask anything for you turn.

And I asked her, you know, I reached out and asked you. You did all this. I don't understand why, what is it that it is, and she explained, you know, I believe in your message, she said, right. And if I can get my work to more people like that, then I think I've done my part in giving the world a better place.

Right, if my designs can help people take action then I've done my part. and I was surprised by the respond but it's resonated so much, and we worked really really well. And the funny thing is, that wasn't just the first person I had several I built, I was able to build a team working entirely on passion.

Based on this simple idea of communicate why it is that you are doing what you're doing, what's in it for me.

And funnily enough, what's in it for me or for you is not something that I can give you, but it's something that I can help you get to it. And that is why people buy. They want to get something that they want and what you give them doesn't do much for them as much as it just allows them to reach for what they want, essentially, people buy if they want to buy. They must want to buy in order to buy, they must want to want to buy.

So that was the answers of what I learned there and I discovered that when you communicate through your message. You can inspire beyond the gain that comes with cash, if that makes sense.

So as I said there are five key benefits. Why, of the logic that people use to explain why they buy in the first one, which is most common is actually make more money, or save more money, and then the next one, there will be get better health, or hygiene. And then there is the idea is to avoid pain and escape pain emotionally or physically. And then the ease status and prestige, and these two avoid effort as well. So those are the five reasons. Five logical reasons, sorry, five emotional reasons. So those would be the emotional reasons, and the logical reasons will be to make money. Then you ask why to get the emotional reason of making money.

Right. And then getting better health will be logical. But so they can spend more time with people they care about. Right, then that will be the emotional part status is the logical reason why people buy right.

But it's because they want to feel important, don't feel valued, they want to feel respected. They want to feel like they matter.

Right. And then the next reason is, security, which is a very common logical reason why people buy.

But the really emotional reason behind security is to avoid any potential, emotional or physical pain, right, to avoid any loss of either resources or hurt being hurt.

And then there's praise and recognition, which comes from the people that we care about, we want to impress. Right. And this I think really applies in the relationship, industry in the relationship.

Market call market. Right. And so the whole idea here to summarise everything that we've just talked about is our services and product need to speak to our clients but also to our team members and partners, they need to speak, and explain to them how it's going to leave their life better off, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Because those key things are valuable, and they matter to our ideal clients, prospects and team members and to explain what I mean by the hot button is even though there's all these key things, each and every one of us has that one big button, right, that is so valuable that we really want that we dream and daydream and think about that we work towards that inspires us day in and day out.

And if we can get very close to using that emotional reason that it becomes much easier to make a sale. Now, what I've said here is very beautiful and it's very simple in nature, but it can be very powerful source for change in terms of inspiring, but also in terms of motivating.


So to summarise what I mean by the hot Buy button.

All the type of clients that you have.

Right, the 80/20 rule, that apply if you apply the 80/20 rule, you'll find that all by for very similar reasons. And if you dig deeper, you'll find that this very core reason, right, if you apply the 80/20 rule to the 80/20 rule, you'll find that there's a very simple core reason why they all buy.

Right. And by using that very simple core reason.

You speak to them at a much more fundamental level than if you just say, or make more money, or save time, right. So, that is what I wanted to cover on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. I hope you got value and the call to action for today. I would give you as a business owner is write down the key emotional reasons why your ideal clients buy from you. And if you don't know what they are. Ask them, Ask them of all the people that have all businesses that you could have done business with, why did you choose us. What did you get from us. And those become your testimonial.

Right, I've seen salespeople use these to even get more sales by talking to new clients and telling them, by the way.

Most of our clients buy for this reason is that the same for you because our product is really good at helping you get this right, and not just a key benefit feature, but more of a fundamental core value that they're buying.

So an example here would be if most people are buying so that they can save money to buy or to pay for the mortgage or to buy that new home.

Right, in some political use right most of our new customers, clients buy, so they can save money and buy for that new house.

And our programme, or our services has really helped them with that. Are you buying for the same reason, because we can really help you save for your new dream house. Now, I am making this up on the spot as we go, but the idea is, I'm not making all the content I meant that little example.

That example but the core fundamental is the same, right, it's the same fundamentals. So, that's what I learned today and I hope you enjoyed this episode and if you got value from it.

Your call to action is create the five reasons why people buy and then right why exactly do they buy, what do they get from that.

And then, that's it for me. On this episode of the virtual entrepreneur, and as always I'll talk to you in our next episode. Have a wonderful evening.



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