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How To Get Your Business To Provide For Your Family By Overcoming Invisibility

Have you ever wondered how some business owners can go about managing their business, as well as creating that lifestyle that really benefits, their children, their family, their spouse, and all this while other business owners set up the business but also struggled to take it up to the level that they want?

Well, join me on this episode of the virtual intrapreneur, I am your host, Herbert innocent, and today we are going to be talking about the subject of security in what that means to your business right, how has some people able to go into the marketplace and stay there and others aren't.

Now if you're new to this podcast, a very warm welcome.

This is the go to podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners who see their business as a vehicle for change and I took the challenge of becoming a student of success and entrepreneurship in what I bring you is the tips, the tricks in the big secrets the success stories and success knowledge and success.

You know, as this as the How to success. I messed up my script over there. So, I bring you the tips the tricks in the big secrets the success stories and the how to use the success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe.

And on today's topic we're going to be talking about job security, when our last topic.

Yesterday we talked about a different concept, which was how to essentially explain your product and services to your audience to you, prospect and to your clients in a way that means something to them, because they will biggest mistake that we make is we assume that our clients and prospect know what we are talking about.

The big problem is that even if they know, why should they care right and that is the biggest thing and so one thing that I've learned is that communications, essentially mean being able to communicate means being able to build on one hand, to build a bridge between two things right, something that we know and something that we don't know, but not just any bridge.

A bridge that means something, if you're learning something, but you don't need it and you don't care about it, you quickly forget it and it doesn't mean you lose interest you lose any kind of, you know, wanting to do have to take it to do anything about it.

And so today we're going to talk about security and before I jump into that if you want the notes for those you can go to the website, habit marketing help and you can find the notes from our past episode, and the notes for this episode also be there.

Now, when I'm talking about job security, it's a very big word but what it essentially means is, you know, not enough people know about your business or your product, right.

And what I mean by that is, you have come up with this product or service, but not a lot of people know about it, and that is problematic why.

Well, if they don't have bought it, how are they going to go about making those purchases, right. And so as business owners we assume by making one post a day, or by making, you know, making these tweets or because we've created a very beautiful product.

The clients are just gonna come flooding in ready to buy.

And that's a big mistake that we assume, and you'll be surprised that even bins that have been around for a while, they make the mistake of assuming that they are ready in the marketplace and therefore they're going to keep pushing. Getting to more clients more customers.

So this is something that I'm seeing and I'm learning right.

And I think the best person who ever quoted this and I'm using the word obscurity because it's the one that I saw from him in many places, it's just people use different words for the method of security is nice. We have one simple word for the problem. And one big example that I've seen is from Tony Robbins book.

Sorry, it's from Grant cardones book and what, what he talks about it's like the problem of obscurity is like throwing a brick in the Grand Canyon, and hoping that you'll fill it up with that one single throw, and he explains how vast, right, the internet is.

And if you think about it, it really is that vast because with all the content being created. It simply is expanding and so for enough people to come across your content, you must continually create content and allow people to essentially get the chance to connect with a content and take the next steps.

And so for us up security is essentially not enough people knowing us that's the first thing, not enough people who have the interest in our product knowing us that's the second level of that problem. And the other problem is, you know, then feel sad, even if they know enough.

If they know about acid, they know enough about the product, they know how the product will help them.

So there's so many levels that we have to overcome before we can bring them into making that purchase right so it starts from discovery, right and then it goes to understanding and connecting this bridging between problem to solution and then it goes on to well, this is the next step after you know transaction, making making that transaction.

And so the mistake here is we assume because we build it, people will come in this is a big, big problem which leads.

A lot of businesses, essentially, thinking, because the wrong business or too small or whatever other reasons but the reasons just not enough people who wanted the product know it, your message. Essentially, dies before it actually gets to that person. And in the age where information is being overloaded.

That becomes even the rate at which information basically disappears in some of these places is very, very quickly, right, and not so much disappear but becomes diluted the thing that's the right word I'm looking for it's a big word. But what I'm trying to say is, your message essentially just doesn't get to the person you're trying to get it to. Right. And so that is a big problem.

So, one of the things that I'm learning that I'm seeing other entrepreneurs recommending to do in this situation is to essentially create more of your message right creating more content so that a lot of their entrepreneurs.

So, a lot of their clients and customers can get a much higher chance of seeing it so that your message has a much higher chance of landing in front of your client, so that they can engage with it, right,

because that's the first step, I think getting the message, and sometimes it takes seven, eight or nine times before they can start engaging with that message before they can even acknowledge that it came from this particular business and this business can help them, and then it will take several more interruptions before they can even make a purchase.

So if you really want to avoid the mistake of staying obscure and overcoming obscurity, it really is about creating content, daily, and managing that and distributing that content as effectively as possible, tailored to very specific clients or customers so that they can take action.


And how do we prevent ourselves from making this mistake in the future is essentially by making sure that we create, we are continually creating more and more content and the best way is, there are many ways to actually come around and create content, and some of the best ways include just addressing the problems, the questions, the roadblocks, as well as talking about the solutions that our clients are looking for right.

So what questions they wondering, will this help me, right, does it work has it worked for someone else, or what exactly does it do, in terms of getting the result. Why should I expect to watch it up what questions should I have for the person providing the results.

These are all different kinds of questions that your clients and prospects are going to have, right, and then once the questions have been answered then these follow up problems. Now that I'm using this product, what else do I need to use. After I have it right.

So for example if you bought a drill, just as an example, then what drill bit, do I need at the front where should I get that. Do all drill bits work the same. So there's all these questions.

What happens if I use the wrong drill bit, right, so these are concerns, these are legitimate concerns, and therefore problem as well, that just because you provided a solution, doesn't mean that you've completed, you know, the process is always the next step that they have to take, which is now that I'm drilling.

Now that I have the drill.

and I want to drill. What else do I need to do, what else do I need to know right, what else should I be aware of in terms of, you know, keeping the drill safety standards and all these other things, are they going to be worried about.

So there's that. And then once you've addressed the questions and the problems, the next thing becomes, well the roadblocks. What are the things that are preventing me from drilling Well, you know if I'm going to drill is this gonna catch fire and you know there's obvious fears associated with using different products, right.

And so as business owner, we need to come to become good at creating this content that answers and address these problems and questions. And by doing that, we essentially take ourselves out of this problem which is of security right.

And then the last piece I want to talk about is the benefits of a product, I've noticed with a lot of very good business owners get so good at talking about the benefits and the meaning of their product to the point where each piece of content is actually selling, without even being a sales piece of content.

It's just so tailored towards the ideal clients, And it's very well structured in terms of content that it actually sells. So as business owners and entrepreneurs we need to get.

We need to get ourselves to that stage where the content helps bridge clients and prospects from problem that they have to the solution that we have, so that we can initiate and closes transactions. So, that is it.

On this episode, I hope I deliver real value in terms of how to overcome obscurity. There are other ways, I'm sure, such as joining in community groups and answering those questions, those are just different approaches, the same process which is to come up security you need to create content that tells your ideal customers and customers and prospects that you have the knowledge and the solution that they're looking for.


So, that is really at the end of the day, the goal is to create to help them feel good, right, to help them get the source, so they can feel good or communication leads up to be asked wanting to feel good, or our clients who are going to feel good. So we do that by many ways but the end result in the same.

So, that is it for this for this episode, I hope you got a tonne of value if you did, that's great.

That was the goal.

So, with that said, you can find the notes for this help to this episode at habit marketing help Comm, that is h e r b e r t, marketing, and other than that, I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

And as always, Have a wonderful evening. Good evening.



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