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How To Get More Clients Using This Simple But Powerful FREE Tool

Have you ever wondered how could you do more. How could you get more customers, where your business, I think slowing down, where are things failing where you're not putting your efforts, where you should be putting efforts. Hello, and joining me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

If you're new to this podcast, a very warm welcome. I am your host Herbert innocent, and welcome to this. Today's episode which is going to be on how to get more clients using free simple but powerful systems that allows you to focus your effort when needed, but we'll get more into that in a minute. Now before we jump into today's episode.

On our previous episode we talked about how to essentially go about qualifying, your clients, your leads into clients, right, and that was a very useful episode, so if you haven't had the chance to really understand how you could be qualifying your clients but also help your team members, qualify your clients where you're getting clients that have a potential to become loyal to build loyalty and have that meaningful meaningful interactions which results, not just in transactions, but multiple transactions that go beyond just the monetary gains which money.

Right, so you want, if you were the kind of entrepreneur who seeks that huge impact, go to that episode and listen to that and I hope you'll get a tonne of value. And by the way if you ever have any questions just message me on this podcast, or send me an email at contact at habit marketing And I'm always happy to respond. Aside from that we're going to jump into today's episode.

And what I want to talk about today really is how to use tools right how to use this one particular to essentially to understand how your clients are where your clients are, because as a small business owner, sometimes we get trapped in this situation where we try to do all these things, try to make sure we, we think we are doing the most important thing but we forget the most important thing because here's what I can tell you the most important things in our business sometimes are the hardest.

In fact, most of the times they are the hardest things to do. And so we tend to put them off, especially if those things are things that we need to learn our skills to perfect our skills. So we tend to push them a little bit to the side, unconsciously, and automatically, and then we start to focus on other things. These things could be sales.

These things could be generating leads, making those hard phone calls, sending those emails, even when we're not so sure. And so these things get left, and done, not because we don't want to do them but because they're the difficult tasks, and they're uncomfortable and so we leave them on the side hoping they'll get done magically as we go along, hopefully we'll get some momentum some energy to do them. And even if we do do them.

Most of the time, most businesses, big and small, right, they don't spend enough time on these tasks, and they don't track properly, and they always set their targets lower right. If you see any entrepreneur, who is really obsessed with getting their business grow, who's really pushing it, you'll see them focusing on this task and these are sales generating leads, meeting with clients pitching clients on your new product, as well as making sure that you're selling and closing those sales.

Right, so this is turning out into being a very salesy podcast but that's not the intention actually the intention is to bring you to my favourite topic, which is systems, right, I believe systems are very very powerful and fundamental in freeing you the entrepreneur to do what you love to do, right, and they don't have to be expensive and one thing I want to say is, always use the tool that you understand how to use and this is very important.

Always use the tool that you understand how to use first master it, get other results only, and when only do you feel like you can't get more results out of that tool, should you ever change, don't ever just change between tools, and this is the shiny object syndrome.

Right, so, I'll give you a very quick photography example and then we'll jump into the tool that I'm talking about today. One quick photography example so there was studying in photography, and I noticed something people would warn about photography being an expensive hobby they'll say, you know, you end up buying all these things. And then I remember meeting with this guy who was always the guy selling me equipment for my photography business. And I remember asking him, Where do I know that I need that camera, or where do I know that I need that lens, and he said something very important.

To this day, I think all business owner should be thinking about in their other businesses that may have nothing to do with photography, he said, when you want to take a photo, or if you take it for and then ask if only I had this, I could have done it better.

Then it's time to get the new equipment, the new lens the new camera body, or the new flashlight or whatever it is next hour you need, but until you feel that need, then you don't need anything else. And doing this means that you don't have too much work for yourself. Sometimes we see getting new tools as opportunities but actually sometimes they're not opportunities, because the thing is with new tools is you have to learn to use them and that's a curve, no matter how simple they advertise.

Three quick buttons to get to result, you still have to learn how to use them. Right. Those people say three clicks but how long have they used to use it in three clicks. And so this is fundamental, especially if you're a business owner and you want to make your business work. Right. And so the goal here is, if you're going to go use any tool only use it if and only if it will get you better results. And so I'm going to bring into the tool here.

So today what I want to talk to you was the idea of using CRM, right, CRM, I think it's customer relationship management, I'm not so sure. I've always used them and I never knew what they were.

I was first introduced to this when I was running my photography business and it was quite a very powerful tool because it allowed me to track how many clients I've contacted, I could set a goal and I would know if a goal have achieved it because I can see it on my tracking process, right. And the best part is the one that I use uses Gmail and it's free, which is perfect, which is really just perfect because I love GMOs I've tried other emails I was sold on the idea of using this other email, and I tried it, and I'm happy because I would send emails, and I don't know how to track them, I don't know how to add any, any additional features.

So I've ended up going paying back for another Gmail account, just so I can do what I know how to do best, right, so I can utilize the skills that I already have. And I think that's powerful because trying to learn something else may end up costing even more in the long run not but not, not just in energy, but also in motivation in momentum. And in those results that you lost that could have had a knock on or compound effect.

And this is how I'm trying to say this, so the two is streak, which is S T R EA AK streak, so you can find that it's an extension for Chrome and I think you can also use it on Mac, I don't know.

I haven't tried on AI, you can use it, you can use it on explorer, I think. And so you can download that on your extension on Chrome, Google Chrome, and then you can use that to help you with the answer fire you can have it on safari as well. You can use that to help you with, essentially, tracking the emails that you're sending from your business to your leads, and it's very, very, very powerful, it's not just for salespeople, it's powerful in so many ways and I'll go through those ways in a second.

And I wish this was a how to video that I could show you exactly how to go to. But it's really simple to use. It's that simple. And if you're looking for a video on how to do that there's a video on YouTube by a guy that I watched, just to get myself a refresher. And if you want to go and see that I would recommend to go and use that I think the guide is called steward, gold, and it's called How to use CRM free serums for software for Gmail. So if you just Google that sure to go and use that and the powerful thing about using this software is this, right. So, first thing first is this.

You can use this to track your sales and leads, which is very important because as a business owner you know your leads and sales, Translate to how likely your business is to survive is likely to survive.

Right. And we've had a lot of courses on business and sometimes they don't go through this process where they give you, you know, they force you to go through the CRM process, which is quite fundamental from the way I'm standing for my standing point. Right, so we can use that to track your sales and leads, you can use that to attract your project so if you're hiring, or you're outsourcing freelancers, this becomes a very very very powerful tool for you as a business owner, through which you see what parts of the projects are done. What are the next steps and differences as free time. What can you have asked them to do in those free times to get you more work done so that you're maximising the time, you know, sorry the results you're getting in that short time because time becomes very, very important.

Right. And so, that's how powerful that is so, and then the other thing is, it's also very good for business development so if you're not such a natural English with every single email that comes to you. This is a very powerful tool for looking for opportunities to see or how you can take a seemingly insignificant conversation into something that could result in a win win transaction for you and the person on the other side.

And so that's just how powerful it is. I mean I was looking at it after as soon as I downloaded it, I knew what I wanted to do. I've always wanted to help my hope the guests who come on my show I wanted to help them do much more spread the message, much more to people, right, for example, one of my guests wanted their message to reach 1 billion people, and they want to help them do that. But without the ability to track progress.

It's very hard to know how I can help them because there's all these other things, jumping in and so it becomes a way for you to see how you can give more to your customers to your clients to your team members to your freelancers, as well as your business partners who come in your way, but also, it opens doors for you to even find ways to include them in your sales cycle.

So, another thing that you can also use this is for investors, right, so if you are a startup that is already generating revenue but you want investors, this could be a way of tracking the investors that you've contacted, what you're saying and then, you know, even refining the messages even refining the process of how quickly you're getting from meeting the investor to getting that funding because the quicker you can shorten the process, the better as well. Right, you're getting more results faster, so you can use this for fundraising, if you are an NGO or if your business is a social enterprise.

And you can also use this to track your orders, right, so if you know clients are buying from you, You can track your orders you can track, satisfaction, you can even track if you're getting testimonial, something that I did in my last business while back, but it gets harder, because even though you can automate the process.

It gets harder without having a system that visually shows you each stage of where your clients are so for example, as soon as they've been your client they've bought from you, you could have an email that automatically sends them, asking for testimonial, but sometimes you want to do that because as soon as you think about that by the time we get to your computer, something else is on your mind, right.

So another thing to you, I mean there's so much more. There's so much much more. Another thing here, you could use equal credit, you could create a custom.

Custom experience that you want to give your clients, your leads, or your new prospects who come into your world, right, so this becomes a way for you to see everything that happening in your business and to check that it aligns with your mission and your value, and to check that you're delivering the best customer experience because it all comes with the human connection, are we maximising it or we're minimising right so you can see here there's a lot of things you can start to do with it, right, and as I said it's called strike you can edit on Chrome or Safari and then you can start using that.

And you can track how many prospects, how many leads. You can also track how many more you need to add, so you can even add a team of salespeople who can start doing this prospecting for you, which is very nice because it may free you time.

So they may collect for you leads, then it will free your time and then your job could be to contact the leads and try to convert them into clients, which will be perfect because you're now using your time more efficiently as a business owner, right, So that's what I wanted to share with you because I believe the power in this for a small business owner is it gives you control over what's happening in your business, and it's the first steps toward the first step towards scaling your business, scaling efficiently without too much money, and also seeing rooms, where you can add more team members and seeing room where you can cut time which are needed. And the best part is you can automate some of these things like the emails.

You can create a template and just plug them in and use them it becomes a very simple process where you don't have to sit down, scratch your head where everything else is. Right, so that's how powerful that is.

That is just how powerful that is it's a powerful system designed to get you the biggest results you can get. So, aside from that, I wanted to thank you and I hope you got value from this. Now the reason why I'm talking about strike and strike alone is not because they are my business partners or anything. I don't have any business relation to the company or anything but it's because I've used it and I seen the power of it.

It's what I use my first business and I've seen the power of it, and I wanted to explain that you can find whichever, like I said you can find whichever one that works for your business. But the idea is you're using a customer using a CRM that gives you the best results how you want them is the best approach to go about and if you're using struck and you have a, you're stuck. I enjoy working on systems, feel free to reach out to me and we can get started on that. Aside from that, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode.

Again, I'm hoping innocent, and I will talk to you on our next episode, the notes for this episode can be found in the description in the website, habit marketing helmet Comm, where you can find the link to in the description as well as here, we have just saved it.

So thank you again, I'll talk to you in our next episode and as always, have a wonderful evening.



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